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Your gardening photos

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    Whether it's a competition rose or a wonderful weed, post it here. Fruit, veg, blooms, landscaping or just something pretty you noticed growing in the crack of a wall on a country lane. Share it with the forum.
    Please try to keep comments to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves. A brief description is helpful and show your appreciation by using the Thanks button.

    To embed your photo instead of attaching it ... go to Choose 'Message Board' or '15" Screen' or '17" screen' from the 'Resize' drop-down menu. Click 'Choose file' and navigate to your file. Choose 'UPLOAD NOW'. Copy the contents of the 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards' field. Back at the Photo thread, in your new post paste in the IMG Code. You're done. If you are not happy with the image size on the page, try again with a different resize option listed above (Message Board, 15 or 17).