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Competition Discussion

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    As the competition thread is just for posting links, starting a thread for related discussions/questions.

    As per the post that opened the original thread, it is for posting competition links. Recently, there's been more chats than links making it difficult to check if a competition has been shared already. This results in duplicate competitions being posted and way too many email notifications.

    The likes of Gormal and others very kindly put in a lot of time and effort collecting, checking and sharing competitions. We don't want to make it harder.

    Most seem to be happy with posts saying thanks to OP if you win. Nothing stopping you adding a link to a competition with it though :) Afterall, it doesn't work unless ppl contribute.

    It'd be great if we could keep questions on delivery of prizes/t&cs/answers and chats here. Only share links and wins on the original post.

    Hope this works for everyone!

    I love winning stuff so always up for a chat about what's been working and what's not.