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150KTubs - future career in Virgin Radio and other soulful pursuits **Mod: Read OP**



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    Have a good look folks…..

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    Hey Bobson

    Please don't take this the wrong way. I can see you spend a of time replying to posters and posting pictures of your dinner.

    But what are you thoughts on the podcast.

    Have you listened?

    Do you think the format works for him?

    What are your thoughts on the guests and the books they have chosen?

    Do you think the bookman is brining anything new to the table with the podcast. In terms of what he is finding out about his guests or do you think it is just the LLS with books?

    What do you think.

    I would love an indept post on your thoughts.

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    Nobody is biting??

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    Leave the poor man alone. He was born looking like that. He can't do anything about it. Truth is, he is probably in better shape then most men his age. The joke got old a long time ago.

    I am more intrested in his financial ties to the GAA and how he is supposed to be objective regarding them.

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    Marty was born and raised in America. He looks very American.

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    All I’m saying is that politicians, celebrities, sport stars etc tend not to read online criticism of them. Most of it is just the usual hate-filled venom spouted by lads who have achieved nothing themselves in life. The criticism of Tubs around here is very mild in comparison. Tbh, it’s just quite low effort and imagination most of the time. The column is crap, the podcast is crap, the show is crap. It needs more bite.

    Nothing like the stuff you read on twitter though. Some of the lads who spend all day on that are quite obviously profoundly mentally ill.

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    That doesnt explain your obsession with this thread.

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    Marty must wake up every morning and ask himself: " how am I still getting away with this?". A likeable character, no doubt, but an absolute spoofer and despite what he says, an awful lot of the personal appearances he makes are certainly not free

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    3 posts maybe in the last week? It was very enjoyable at the start, but now it has become rather like what Tubs is often accused of - slightly boring and lacking in any effort or imagination.

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    Marty is way over qualified for spoofery. He has the knack of not displaying his erudition when with the common people.

    "Morrissey went on to study at St Flannan's College in Ennis and then University College Cork (UCC) in Cork where he studied medicine for three years before switching to microbiology and physics. He then did a master's in education at NUI Galway to become a teacher."

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    When is the money (including lost growth) Michael Noonan took in the Pension Levy going to be paid back?

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    I didn’t care for the first one, as I don’t like the guest. I enjoyed the Ahern one. He seemed more relaxed. The premise is fine , and, as a voracious reader myself, I will pop in and out depending on the guest.

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    Cool. Thank you for the reply.

    I know you get a lot of stick for constantly defending Tubs. I am not a fan. But I know many people are. I would like to try and look at the show through your eyes and to maybe better understand Tubs appeal to some people.

    As a voracious read. Do you think it works as a stand alone literay podcast. Or is it just the LLS lite with books as a jumping off point for intervews.

    What did you enjoy about the Ahern one?

    Do you think the show is adding anything to an already overly satuared market?

    Have you any guests in mind that you would like to have on the show?

    As a follow up, why do you think the above guests would work well with the format?

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    Tubs' diary today.

    Half about Guinness and how "It looks like Guinness has become ‘trendywhich in modern parlance means it’s Insta-friendly" and that when "When the pint finally lands on the beer mat, there’s the eminently Instagram-able, final settling of the pint, that lunar movement that fades to pitch black and ultimately the first sip that leads to more photo-friendly images of freshly arrived creamy moustaches smiling into cameras and setting off a ripple effect of FOMO for the unfortunate friends at home who feel left out and stout-less!", accompanied by pic of Piers Morgan and Tubs with Guinness.

    Then onto Chris Evans and how healthy he is with doing marathons etc. and asking Tubs to get healthy too, with pic of Tubs and Chris. (Maybe this is just Evoke, is the Telegraph putting these same photos up?)

    Then a review of Baby Reindeer.


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,220 ✭✭✭yagan

    Aside from maybe his 200 daily YouTube viewers I don't think theres many who feel fomo for a pint with barter account boy.

    Plus how many of the 200 viewers are rubby neckers?

    Edit to add we'll never know with comments switched off.

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    Salman Rushdie is on the circuit at present promoting his new book.

    Been prolific on rte and bbc.

    Will Tubs have him on? Or is it too high brow for him and his audience?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,855 ✭✭✭Bobson Dugnutt

    The dude is obviously enjoying his time in London. Great city in fairness.

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    Funny I don't get that impression at all, though I always felt that he feigned all most all of his excitement about his work, I always felt as soon as he took over on TLLS it was beneath him in someway. Perhaps it was!


    Just one more thing .... when did they return that car


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    Salman Rushdie is published by Simon and Schuster. Probably a bit outside Tubridy's target demographic. Publishers want interviews that will convert to sales. Tubridy's podcast with about 300 views on Youtube a day might be at the very low end of the spectrum for the volume of publicity that Rushdie's publisher would want. The standard promotion would be TV, Radio, high brow newspaper interviews and large book club podcasts. If he was a guest on Tubridy's podcast, Tubridy would probably ask him about Aero.


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,855 ✭✭✭Bobson Dugnutt

    people don’t go to YouTube to watch podcasts, dude. The real metrics are on Apple Podcasts etc. Obsession rarely leads to objectivity.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,220 ✭✭✭yagan

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,855 ✭✭✭Bobson Dugnutt

    The dude is one of the best known broadcasters in Ireland. He was hardly going to take the Golden Oldies slot on Nursing Home FM.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,831 ✭✭✭podgeandrodge

    According to the New York Times:

    A surge of interest in podcasts on YouTube, which added features making them easier to play and discover last year, has made video hard to resist for a wider range of podcasters. It is now the top platform for podcast consumption in the United States, overtaking both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. According to a survey published last fall, 28 percent of podcast consumers now do so on YouTube most frequently, compared to 15 percent who use Spotify and 12 percent who use Apple Podcasts. Those results are the reverse of five years ago, when 29 percent of consumers used Apple Podcasts and just 15 percent preferred YouTube.

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    Some would argue that rte is nursing home fair. I didn't have a tv for nearly twenty years until the pandemic when we had to take in an elderly who needed her "murder she wrote" and "heartbeat" fix.

    Once we helped her find navigate her smartphone she actually ended on that more with live streamed daily mass and rosaries from Lourdes and knock.

    I will say tg4 is great, Contractors is the best program on Irish tv at preset.

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    he’s not really integrating. Seems to be living in a work bubble and sustained by trips home or relatives coming to visit him

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,410 ✭✭✭jmcc

    Joe Rogan: 16.4 million subscribers and 3.49 Billion views.

    Ryan Tubridy: 32 likes and 959 views over 5 days (approximately 200 a day).

    NK Productions has 1.88K subscribers for its podcasts.

    Podcasting seems to be a highly competitive market and without the promotional engine of RTE to drive awareness for Tubridy and the lack of a slot on an Irish national broadcaster (Radio or TV), it seems hard for Turbidy to make an impact. I suppose that a few hundred views a day on Youtube for a relative newcomer to the podcasting scene is good and there may be a few from iTunes and Spotify to boost that number.

    Fame seems to have its own half life. For people who listen to the 09:00 slot on RTE, Oliver Callan has replaced Tubridy. Patrick Kielty has replaced Tubridy on the LLS. Tubridy has been off Irish national radio the best part of a year. The longer Tubridy remains off national Irish radio and TV, the more difficult it will be to get him a job in Irish national broadcasting. People may only remember him for the payments scandal. Even Gerry Ryan was forgiven for the Lambo incident. Shouldn't Tubridy's fans be hoping for a bit of the same forgiveness for Gerry Ryan's tea boy?


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    Probably best not to have Rushdie on. If he finds Larkin obscure. No chance he will recognise any of Rushdies picks.