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Clerical Officer 2023 (Nationwide)



  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,646 ✭✭✭Cape Clear

    You're the Jimmy Magee of interview questions.

  • Registered Users Posts: 16 Mick001

    Hi I've been assigned Dept of social Protection Bray anyone know what is like to work in? Thanks

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    Received this email an hour ago, getting quite anxious and nervous..

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8   DanialDonegal

    Hi all,

    Is anyone currently working as CO in DSP? I'm wondering about the take home pay and the current working hours also has anyone with dyslexia in the Civil Service?

  • Registered Users Posts: 5 kildare2024

    they move quiet quick! I had my medical Monday and was asked the Tuesday for a start date and given my department. They were sending contract out then straight away to sign and send back asap

  • Moderators, Arts Moderators Posts: 23,931 Mod ✭✭✭✭TICKLE_ME_ELMO

    I'm a CO, only in it a few months. As of this week my take home pay is €520 a week. No idea about dyslexia but there seems to be a fair bit of effort made in regard to accessibility.

  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭Sweetpea90

  • Registered Users Posts: 832 ✭✭✭crinkley

    no it’s not I’m not on that take home and I’m on point 2. 480 is probably more realistic. I’m taking just over 500 with the recent pay rise. No extra tax credits etc

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  • Registered Users Posts: 131 ✭✭Gympodie

    Anyone hear anything back yet about their N.S.S.O 2024 Clerical Officer application yet? The deadline was Friday 24th May. When would you expect to hear back?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,725 ✭✭✭shmeee

    On point 1?

    That is not possible on normal TC's & TB's for a normal worker on standard credits.

    Gross pay is €555.90 p/w, net pay is a max of €480-ish and thats before any deductions for pensions, income protection or unions etc. which could be €20-40 p/w. This is on normal/single person or even joint assessed and both working.

    Yes, you may get €520, but that's if you've excess Tax Credits to use or other Tax Credits to add to your record. And if not worked for a number of months this year too, you'll have excess TC's to use.

    I would recommend to use a online Net Pay Calculator and do the sums and your own personal information to see net pay.

    Ps. It's gonna be poor starting off TBH and a shock.

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    So the council asked my references the following information yesterday :


    Candidate’s Name:

    Applying for position of: Clerical Officer

    How long have you known this person?

    Please describe how you know the person above.

    Have you worked directly with this person?

    ☐ Yes ☐ No

    How would you describe this person’s general work ethic?

    How would you describe this person’s ability to perform duties as assigned?

    Would you recommend the candidate as a suitable person for employment?


    Current Job Title:


    Buzzing now and not long to go! Medical tomorrow and council should get results of that early next week and then I hand in my notice!

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    Medical for nurse was a urine sample, check height, what i weight i was, blood pressure, reading the letters on the wall with one eye covered each time, colour eye numbers test can I make out the numbers.

    Medical for doctor checking my breathing in my back and front upper body, check my neck from bottom to up near jaw, checked my ears, stretch my down to my toes but had bit strain but he said I could improve on that, checked my head move by looking left and right, leaning on my left ear, leaning on my right ear,moving my head around, checked my my mouth, asked if I ever had a drink or drug problem.

    Between them took about 40 minutes all together, nurse saw me straight away, took 20 wait for doctor.

    I said was everything to him and he said everything is okay and they'd send it off to council.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5 kildare2024

    you should get an email by tomorrow afternoon asking what notice you have to hand in, they don’t rush start date I gave 4 weeks to start

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    Well considering I got the email on may 27th stating (see attachment) a 28th of June is a proposed date to start if all going well! They will probably receive the results of my medical today and put everything together and hopefully get back to me tomorrow or Wednesday at latest as I found out from my current job I just have to give a weeks notice so Id give them that this Friday, work up until next Friday and have a week off before I start then 😀!

  • Registered Users Posts: 5 kildare2024

    that’s great, I have July 1st as my start date give myself enough time to prepare 😂

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    Haha happy days! Won't be long coming around! I kind of wish I was starting in the middle of July as I have something booked for the first weekend abroad but I'm going to cut my losses on the flights as I feel I couldn't exactly tell them on first day (28th June) that I'd be going away the following Friday to Tuesday and need that time off..I don't think it would come across well just after getting in the door.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4 Curiousity20

    Any one hear update on extending current CO 2023 campaign? Its due to close end of June as per info booklet. Alot of civil service departments seem to be doing their own recruitment?

  • Registered Users Posts: 25 Newbie12345The

    asked them while I’m being vetted and they said it ends this month - I’m wondering that too as most departments are doing their own hiring now

    the 2024 campaign is just advertised to start this Friday

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  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    I'm starting today week in the council..finally light at end of the tunnel!

  • Registered Users Posts: 105 ✭✭2021_AP

  • Registered Users Posts: 132 ✭✭Pamelabeasley

    does anyone who scored highly on the initial assessment have any advice on doing the SJT portion? Always seems to hard to gauge the right way to answer

  • Registered Users Posts: 363 ✭✭Phantasos

    Question for anyone that secured a job from this campaign… what are your WFH options in the new role?

  • Registered Users Posts: 30 rachel867

    @Phantasos none at the moment hopefully 1 day by the end of the year

  • Registered Users Posts: 44 eyeheartcapybara

    I’m in the office 5 days a week, but I think that’s not the norm.

  • Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭slick_rick88

    I only started in the council yesterday, I was on a permanent panel but they offered me temporary job offer but it wouldn't effect my permanent position in the panel (as i was number 1 to get next permanent contract) so I accepted it. Received my contract at the start of the week I originally thought it be 1 year temporary contract and through the next few weeks or months or 1 year they would eventually offer me the permanent contract. This is what it said in the contract: "Commencement Your employment as temporary Clerical Officer with … County Council commences on 28th June 2024 and will cease on 27th June 2026, both dates inclusive. This is a fixed term contract of employment and therefore the provisions of the Unfair Dismissals Acts, 1977-1993, will not apply to the termination of this contract where such termination is by reason only of the expiry of this fixed term".

    But after few hours of starting HR called and asked me to go up to them and I was wondering why.

    They spoke to me and told me that I would have been offered a permanent contract in the next few weeks but they spoke to their supervisor and they both agreed to give me the permanent contract so they had to scrap the old temporary one and give me the new permanent contract!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 65 ✭✭Totally Red

    Anyone know when this panel closes ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,725 ✭✭✭shmeee

    DSP in a customer facing position have 1 year in the office FT before any WFH options may even come about. This was for a main Intero office in the south east. Easy see why these positions are hard to fill now on mobility at present. Many rather a one day per week commute (4 days WFH) with otter departments than a 5 day office week with the DSP.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3 LoserNEET

    Are the aptitude tests online more difficult than the ones in real life? I've done the practice tests and performed very badly on them. I scraped a bare pass on verbal and mathematical reasoning and failed the categorising information and error checking ones. I tried the error checking one a few times with only an incremental increase in the score. I have a PhD
    (in arts and humanities) and an MSc but have always done terribly on aptitude tests. Are the actual tests like these and does it require a more rational, facts and figures type mind to pass them?