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I Love Punting , Providing Selections & Chatting Gibberish ; & I Intend To Do So On Hyah



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    if me gets arounde tae it 'nd La Muse helpethe out , then on t'morrow me may tekk guud luuk at 5,24 , 7.o'c , 8.o'c and le 8.30 at Wolverhampton Saturday....

    them 4 races jumped off page as being worthy of a look.... early doors cases made for @Belle Fourche 16s, Bush Rose ~33s and Mintana ~12s - nothinge jumping off in wide openne 7 o'clocke race.... yep, will endeavour to peruse dem four races...


    ....enuffe for nigh 😃


    nite stan , nite j@u 😁 and everybody else as well 😁😁😁

    #Artistry #SomeDay


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    had a luuk..

    nowt solid pickerage wise - apart from ye Nappe 😊

    Wolverhampton, Sat 22 Sept

    5,24 BELLE FOURCHE ~ 25/1 EW... plenty of winners in this and lots of 'em they be sliding down hcap. nothing obvious for me as far as current form goes... looks like i be hoping for Belle Fourche to be staying on late to nick a place - hard to see her win, but has form to be thereabouts.. is CD winner from lst yr - that were race prominent run, but has been mainly held up lately.. will do at ye prices

    7,o'c PUNTARELLE ~ 4/1 WIN. towards top of market, has a lto 3rd to her name, so obvious enough one.. I think Benoit'll need to get this one into a prominent possy (but not leading) early on, and not hit front too soon - simple enough so 🙂

    8,o'c BUSH ROSE  25/1 EW NAP. basing this one on untapped potential.. could go v well. me hopes

    8,30 2 agin t'field here:

    MINTANA ~ 14/1 EW , REBEL REDEMPTION ~ 15/4 WIN - Scott Dixon, could well make all, already shortening (ws 10s!!! few mins ago...)... did i mention Scott Dixon? 😂 me only gots short price on RR , humbugge :(

    that is me Sat'dee work did 😂



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    David Simcock , at least for t'nonce (Lightning Spark would say hello; that's if she could speak/read and/or followes Irish social media 🙂)

    anyhow, one o' his won a race in times recente (Folk Star in 7,30 Kempton Wednesday of lst week) , where Lightning Spark were entered - but not declared.....

    Lightning Spark aint declared, but Simcock does have another one in this very open looking Cl5 ~1m. 3f. contest. his Folk Star ~11/4, sets standard here and looks likeliest to get her 3yo noggin in front where it matteres... a surefire contender but will look elsewhere here:

    Wednesday, 13 Sept

    Kempton - Standard to slow


    very wide open this. can't pick likely winner here.. go with an outsider


    (this will be the 3yo maiden's sixth ever run and only the second for her latest trainer, Phil McEntee. will ignore her latest run at Bath as wasn't at all fancied on stable debut..

    on July 1 she come 3rd of eight in a Lingfield Turf/AW fixture. race was ran on AW (best i can tell) track there and she acquitted herself well enough then in a run which was her first go on the AW, and it was in a race where she was also significantly stepped up in trippe, so that's noteworthy

    that Lingfield race was over ~1m 4f , and the 1f shorter trip tomorrow should be fine. the first and the fourth in that Lingfield race have won since

    deserves nap on account of price mainly.. could well touch 16s or shorter at some stage imo

    good enuffe for me



    ...... tomorrow, Sat Sept 23, 8,o'c Wolverhampton ........

    in that race (Kempton, Sep 13) me also had a pick: us tmoro NAP, BUSH ROSE.. not a bad race she ran when coming 5th then at 125/1 - from hold-up ride then; that were change of tactics so maybe not trying too hard as she was 33s or 40s early doors (nd me thought that were good value then)

    anyhooo , a horse (Alpha Female - mmmhh, Alpha Female oofff 😂) what came seconde then, to Simcocke winner) won yday when she won at Ayr @11/4 jolly... shorter trippe that were at Ayr (but not by muche) , so will upgrade the 5th's finishing possy in that Kempton race and believe that Bush Rose has a lotte goinge for her in second lasdte at Wolves 2moro for MrMcEntee and Josie Gordon

    yep, feelinge a smidgeen confident ahbite @Bush Rose winninge chances tomorrow @ye Dunces'Park venhuee😃

    #NoInspo #StudyHubbes#LaMuse 😊😊


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    In 7 o'clock Wolves - Sail On Silverbird is in my notebook, I can pinpoint a few of others with live chances in this too, and on top of that I see Punterelle has been mentioned to complicate the things further... Sail On Silverbird nearly got up over CD when challenging wide on opposite side of the eventual winner back in August...

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    Good luck with Sail On Silverbird missus j 😊

    can't rule out - has good draw tbs and has a second and thirde CD finish to her name

    should be bang there - going wide over CD on penultimate outing a bit off-putting

    would have similar claims atc to us own pick, Puntarelle, imo


    no joye with us 1st pick, Belle Fourche - finished down t'fielde :(


    in ll , ye 8,30, there be some serious coin for El Hibri - who's at around evs-6/5 mark atm.... looks waay short, and has a poor draw an' all

    try laying this one for three and four places @ ~1/3 & ~1/4.... had good win for current trainer on her first go for trainer Ian Williams (from make all/most ride) , but that ws at Kempton..

    ... a decent second ye 4yo gelding had for previous trainer, Tony Carroll (horse still in same ownership) , over 6fs at Windsor; from a hold-up ride then... might need luuk and lots of it -if held up- and mayn't get his own way if tryna make all...

    on the improve and possibly well handicapped, but has plenty questions to answer here , for me... either way, 6/5 looks waay skimpy - regardless of lto winning Kempton run and previous decent Windsor 2nd


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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    no joye for none of us in 7,o'c :(


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    Muse telling us Ireland is certs 😁😁

    see they're 11/10

    me'd lump on if me had decent balance, but tis low, so no bettee 🙂😋🤣

    #Muse #GutFeelinges


    hon Ireland !!

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Ya, I didn't like Sail On S action today, that long stride isn't for AW imho. no more bets for me today, not watching rugby either.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    on anudder off-topic (but by a deal less) concerning what me's always on about, to wit: Study Hubs; me see some chap o'er in horsey forum put up solid reasonage for #his pickes

    #or some other tipster type dude...


    anyroad, whether he won or lost, 'taint the point; it's the obvious level of discipline/study involv'd , then tis surely obvious that there's blokes/blokettess oot thar puttin' in ye hard study yards....

    ....which is exactly what me could do with assistance of ye 'Study Hubs' - what with them and how they <would> be having environment and faciliteez, plus likeminded folke 😃yay , for to encourage in us our #'artistry'

    #StudyHubsNOW ! #Artistry


    hup Eire

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    hope ya has a good one j@utissee.. 😊😊😊

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    nap no good today 😢

    Bush Rose prominent early , but finished last methinkes 😴


    hup Ireland :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    Mintana winns 8,30 , yay !! 😁

    othere four pickes no good tho - not even an e/w dble 😢

    unfortunately , about 5/10 mins too late for :

    Muse telling us Ireland is certs 😁😁

    see they're 11/10

    me'd lump on if me had decent balance, but tis low, so no bettee 🙂😋🤣

    #Muse #GutFeelinges


    hon Ireland !!

    they was abaht 7/4 - 15/8 on exchanges for mosta first half ... went to ~5/4 few mins before us bet come in :(... when me gots me Mintana coin, was #2late - odds on nigh ☹️

    anyroad, winnere's a winner 🙂🙂


    hup Irelande 😊 #NoInspo #LaMuse #Discipline #StudyHubbes

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Hugh Taylor is tipping one from my notebook today :D

    It's obviously not that price anymore but let's chip in anyway.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Some fun cards in wolves tonight, loads of to work on but I have no time for it, still gotta go to work to make $ for living (my pocket money).

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    DR - Heavy

    think this one only concernes the top two in the hcap and what doth also top ye markette here...

    4,10 Down Royal

    QUEENIE ST CLAIR 3/1 WIN. yet to win but from only seven rides.. is capable of going close off hold-up ride based on her third on Soft/Heavy at Cork in April... ran an okay race lto an' all when coming a staying on third over a f shorter at Fairyhouse... lightly raced + Fast Company sire fir ye hvy goinge = good denuffe four me 😊

    Cavallo Pazzo 11/8 is a winner on heavy going but at ye 6furlongge trippe... probably is most likely to win in fairness, but looks fair skimpy here.. Joey's jolly can go close over five/six furlonges from a hold-up ride - was close to pace when winning over six at Naas in November (different trainer then) , but not sure how he'll cope with a hold up (if he is held up) ride at 7 on Heavy Going, or if he'll stay the slog if he's close to pace... has enough ?s and is well short an' all.

    be surprised if summat else won this - nothing jumping out bar the favs




  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    no good - Queenie found nowt but trouble and more trouble.. finishes dahn field :(

    jolly wins



  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    unlucky j@u , ran into one there with your @City House 😴😢

    a good spot tho 😊 #has2besaid

    wouldn't have spotted his potential meselfe... 🤣

    see Cosa Sara has entry at Hamilton on Monday - deffo opposable on rain-softened ground, if she lines up over the extended mile on the Good to soft-soft in places, going

    she ran 2day with no joy. come 4th on good to soft (soft in places) ground over ye extende mile in firste a @Hamilton

    #rubbishquotefunctiononhere #seriouslyclem #ye'@'functionisfkallbetter 😄 nd not least cos it discriminates against us good and gr8 m8, @j@utis 😊😊😊

    #disgracefulle#smh 😩

    nowt else to say......

    that's all

    #Finlandwasrobbed #StudyHubs


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    Beverley - Good to soft-soft in places. looks like a lotta precipitation promised anyroad

    dunno why sometimes they use ye '-' and sometimes ye '()' arter the 'main going bit' on ye @racecarde , wen dey be describing the 'in places' bit re Going - sometimes there be brackets 'nd sometimese d)re a(nt

    #MakeNoteas#cudbesummattoitinsofaraspossibly#worse(goinge)#expectedwith#onewayand/or#viceversawith#t'other###isconfuseddeus#selffe 😊

    so, on tomorrow (well, today now) for tae keep studying eye (#NEEDWANT#StudyHubs) in ; but, hopefully, and mainly for coinmaking purpose/s, me'll tekk strong view on jolly hyahhe, for potensiallê havin' a ye#resulte 😊

    Tuesday, 26th Sept

    3,25 Beverley

    firstly, me likee that there's ye bigge fielde here, so plenty o potentialle pour ye applecarte 4tae be uppsetteddee 😂 that's firstly, but onta secondlee, whereuponne me thinks ye jolly is waay too shorte... Ziggy's Condor of Fahey's heads ye markette here, but me's thinkin, if they (ye layeres) consider Ziggy's the price he is and for the likely reasons they have him as da jolly, then me's thinkin' , why aint he an 8/11-4/5 poke instead??...

    anyhoo, dat's justte me.. think the second fav, Circus Lion 11/4, has a bit to prove to win this but is probably priced about right tho' . his sire, Aclaim, can get them to win with cut in ground, even if Circus Lion is as yet untested on soft going....

    either way, I think jolly is too big or too short.... might go orf shorter yette, but me thinks jolly is underpriced (as has, imo, more to prove than favourite's tag doth suggeste) .

    Ziggy's Condor has excellent and very good runs so far. altho Bevs is a stiff five furlonges, still and all, all this fav's form has been over 6f's... As well as that, am not so sure about his sire, Havana Grey's, progeny over 5furlongs or over fivefurlonges on soft ground, esp.

    with a big fielde (as well as droppe in trippe) here, I'm not so sure Ziggy's will get to lead here (CD seems to favour frontrunners heere... suppose most tracks' minimum trip races favour them <ye frontrunneres> an' all, but anyhoo.....) , although he might not need to cos just mighte be too good.. but regardless, the drop in trip as well as ye soft grounde would surely give most short odds punteres pause afore laying downe their hardearnede on one with this one's o'eralle profille - likely dem shawt odds backeres know more'n me tho heh heh 😃

    Circus Lion is priced about right at 11/4. is a frontrunner and has experience of two runs, so that's two boxes ticked.. has never ran on soft before, but looking at his sire (Aclaim) , methinkes the soft ground should make no neverminde to @Bryan Smart's 2yo Grey's claims... might have small win on this one,,,,,, Wanted to go with one picke in this, but, no1, this race seems to be overall dominatede by those at top of markette, plus, numero deux, Bryan Smart is in crackinge forme.. definitely favouring this one o'er t'jolly also, both at prices and overalle claimes in gen..

    all things #equalle (price o' jolly , plus main market leadere/s going to ye#poste) , me#'ll try #lay Ziggy's Condor for three and four places so i will, at about 1/3 and ~1/5

    #reallyhopefavfinisheswelldoonet'fieldehee' 😛

    Pals Battalion, of O'Meara's is currently a ~6/1 shotte.. has place claimes... is experienced with two runs, and can race close to @Pace.. on flip side, them Invincible Army types might prefer closer to 'Good' esp at minimum trip.. place claimes, but will leave orffe 😋

    Gladly Ever After aint exactly got awe-inspiring forme for a Burlington Bertie polke.. always think them Kodiacs want 6furlonges or AW -smt like that- or proper heavy goinge.. can't make case and deffo nt for me

    me main picke here is one what's likely to finishe down fielde, but methinkes Declan Carroll's (who's trebly represented here ) EMERALD ARMY 25/1 EW , might be @o'erpricedde here...... looks more e a 14 to one shotte to me... wasn't overly gone on @Invincible Army's (sire of Emerald Army) progenies' claimes when me practically drew line thru Pals Battalion, above; but it's ye Kyllachy on dam's side of pick what mekks us like this one of DC's - justte a #smidge 🤣🙂 think them Kyllachy's like soft /hvy going.. also, horse is an entire, so p'rhaps Dec thinks this one's ok an' all - so there's dat too yippee...

    nt2sure if be held up or go close to pace - lookes to have sounde place claimes at least. was far from a huge price fto, but that latest 7th of 13 at Redcar, when going off three figure price then and not beaten a substantial amount, distance wise, from a holdup ride when staying on late o'er a sharpish trippe there -might fare even betr today, and the softer going, possibly, but deffo the stiffer trip, can see the son of Sonnet gi'e some #judgetroublingproblemos to ye hashtaggejudge😆- sure appeales to m , m & i 🙂 🙂


    dat'll do for tomorrow/today - am hopeful of, but not expecting to make summe daysint coinneridge :paxc:




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    Nottingham - Soft-good to soft in places


    think Zainabb is a nice price @ 7/2, but the softerre going here is a worry.. is 'paigejumpa' for sure, but I thinke ye two above her in bettinge have stronger claimes... be annoyed if she wins, but am still leavinge off... there'll be better looking 7/2 propositions what I'll no backe in races upcoming, and be more annoyed -after ye facte 😂- of having left them unbacked than I would be with this one / can't be backinge too many shawties in t'wun race nohow 😃

    WHERE I WANNA BE ~9/4 WIN NB.. ran a good 4th at Kempton fto... she came 4th then and fared best from those that ran from off the pace. Nottingham, esp on soft/heavy, is tracke what favours come from behind types... She goes from AW to ye turfe, but with Camelot as being the sire, she should relishe ye @Soft conditions, imo, and won't worry about surface and whether she handles it. price is fair atm, but be no surprise should it dip below 2/1

    Times Edition, the ~11/8 fav, is by Kingman - am generally against these on soft ground - and also ran a decent holdup race fto when cominge thirde of nine over 7furlonges at Salisbury.. extra distance will likely suit, but have to be against at ye flimsy prices

    all these (current top three in betting) could be 2/1 shots I suppose, and Where I Wanna Be would still be us pick in this.

    hard to be overly bullishe here about any of top three winning here, nor is it easy to poke many holes on the forme they've shown thus farre -far as ruling em out goes .. won't be going o'erboarde on us picke anyhoo, esp as it's no certainty one of market principals will prevail...

    prediction: 1st Where I Wanna Be , 2nd Zainabb , 3rd Times Edition. just the one bette for me tho - no interest in any kinda f'casts/combi f'csts here


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    5,35 Notts

    EQUION 9/2 WIN

    has live claims as any in a very wide open race.. CD win Cl5 lto - was on hvy goinge then, and the going is currently getting ever close to heavy, so even tho higher grade, has chances

    could possibly be a 10/3 - 7/2 shotte come ye orf....

    fancied about half the fielde in this when me looked late lasdt night (when goinge ws merely soft-good to soft) 😂, but now that the goinge has worsened, easy enough to just go for one hyahhe....that August CD affaire was a race ran in fast time for the conditions, horse has less weight on back today, plus Equion gets T. Marquand assistance. sounds easy enough anyhoo 🙂🤣



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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Congrats on picking one winner so far today! Where I Wanna Be went off as 6/5fav at the end, WD!

    I fancy God Of Fire 3/1fav in the last in Lingers, not a strong fancy, just a wee bit.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    ta very much j@u 😊😊

    nice to get , even if short shorty... pity the nons in 3,25 Bevs - me fav plce-lay potentialle plus one (2nd fav there) o' us two pickes, were both nons :(

    no joy with main EW pick there

    no good today - only 9th at drifting 5/1 :rolleyes:

    out of me six 'potential pickes' , no' even one manag'd top two finnisshe 😏

    G'lucke with God Of Fire missusse! 😊 race on nigh - no bettee me here


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    Newcastle - Standard


    last race me bettee on today, looks poor field..

    O'Meara's SHOWMETHEWAYHOME 13/2 EW , is having 2nd run.. stepping up a furlonge from debut outinge when 6th of 7 o'er 6f on Leicester turf on ye soffte goinge

    hard to make a case for him - nor for owt else there neither

    perhaps Rising Rhosea might try mekk all, but don't look to be a lot of out and out pace here...

    Blenheim Star is deserving fav here.. 13/8 a fair looking price in contexte of the lineuppe on show here - certainly a lot friendlier than skimpy early price of ~11/10.. if she wins, then she wins, but i'd rather be against her - perhaps wants further

    A lot of money for joint fav, Arantes Nascimento ~13/8, but not gone on that one neither





  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    no joy there neithere :(

    rubbishe today 😒


    #Artistry #StudyHubs



  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    onefer tomorrow

    Wednesday, 27th Sept, '23

    Kempton - Standard to slow


    Dunston ~ 15/8 win NAP , sets standarde here, and will likely win.. price looks v tasty; can't fault his lto 2nd which ws over CD. was well supported then.. might have been a bit unlucky late on... race was ran in slowish time, which is only a small negative,,, prediction: winns @ 6/5 ! 😃 looks value, but still a shawtie - couldn't 'not back' @15/8 tho 🙂 🙂

    NO MISCHIEF ~ 15/2 EW. finished thirde o'er CD when sent off unfancied on first outing.. might strippe fitterre tomorrow, and is drawn well enoughe in box 5 to run similar close to pace run,, French sire unknown factor an' all

    KALKAROO ~ 80/1 EW. drifted from 20s to 100/1 at the offe on first start. that was CD affaire. ran no kind of race then - ws slow away and ran green- and perhappes wants further anyhow, but might be capable of running into a place tomorrow at a massive price...

    ..... apart from fav, am not seeing any with solid place claimes here... hopefully at least one outsider'll go close ☺️



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    Friday, 29th Sept, the year of Our Lord, 2023


    #surefeelslikeit 😒

    q: howcan a feller/fellette be "in Rome" w/o actually leaving they country of origin, or being in or from Italy?

    a: by dinte of being a honkey in pretty much any European country what used ta be predominantly white - that's how!

    yep, ye "guests" can seemingly dictate to us how to behave in good ole eire 😓


    sez Good-good to soft in places on ye racecarde as me's currently perusing it @ ~20.55GMT, on this day, Wednesday 27th


    yup, me's expecting a goodly and properrre amount of 'softe' in ye @Going description, on a day what's no better or worse for havinge a frye up than any otherre


    Chess Player cannae be ruled out @ odds approx 9/4

    two with squeajks/chances 'nd one pour le combi trycaste perchance:

    VINNIE THE HODDIE ~20/1 22/1 EW. seems to be one absente ye compasse - has lost his 9yo way a smidge in timese recente. two time chase winner, has CD third as well from July gone, is capable of running well on softe - what withe his NA March win so he is

    CHESTNUT PETE ~ 6/1 EW. two seconds from juste three chase runs (yet to win any race from 16 runs in total tho). goes well after absence and soft grahnndd shud b fyne

    Mutual Respect ~ 5/1 7/2, has soliddde plce clms, nt 2 sure about how he'll act on (likely) soft going.

    Haydock - Soft-heavy in places

    narrowed it down to two pickes in this un


    YOUNG FIRE ~11/2 15/2 EW , HARSWELL DUKE ~20/1 9/1 EW

    seems a bit of pace on - hard to assess.. will it collapse or will winner come from front ranke is ye dilemma here. Young Fire is CD wunner on Good to firme what also actes on softe.... good enough pour moi

    Harswell Duke is out of form lately, but can have excuses. goes v v welle on soft/heavy goinge.. has never ran at course, but i'll no minde. trainer and jock both in fine form recently an' all

    the 3yo Shahbaz ~6/1 5/1 , looks well handicapped and is hard to draw line thru... mebbe stick ye grey in ye#'castes


    now it's today, Thursday; and me not sure what going like at Worcester (still has Gd-gd to soft on cairde, but me's assuming rain anyolehow) but will assume ground deterioration as wthr f'cste sez lotsa rain there about now -best i can tell

    prices about the same as ye predictedde sp, with main exception, Harswell Duke (20/1 on tissue) what opened 14/1 and is now 9s; Chestnut Pete opened a nice enoughe price of 8/1, but ws trimmed shortly ayfter


    2picks in each them two races'll do me



  • Registered Users Posts: 2,165 ✭✭✭hayrabit

    sez Good-good to soft in places on ye racecarde as me's currently perusing it @ ~20.55GMT, on this day, Wednesday 27th


    yup, me's expecting a goodly and properrre amount of 'softe' in ye @Going description, on a day what's no better or worse for havinge a frye up than any otherre

    tharte were ye goinge @Worcester on Wednesday, and when me looked lst night. according to me carde-de-race it's still the same there..... best i can tell, it's sunny out there this morn - or will be

    but me thinks it lashed there last night; see two are already out, so going musta changed somewhat.. Chess Player and Iron Heart are out, so guessing ground's gahrn softe

    enough for nigh..

    #ProjecteRighteousMayheme #Mayo8


    #Grossviolation #ANF



    #CrossDresssing #Course/Distance



    #Hardontheweak#RzrScKumm #LongOverdueTariffes #MaximumSatisfaction #FUPM




    .................... no moreinspo 2day... if am up in time ltr, might tekk lukk at 2moro cairddes, but likely no

    that is all

    g'l, fare we well


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Hiya! I like the Silver Nightfall in 4:55 Newcastle - 2 out 2 on this track, winner over this distance too, 4/1.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,057 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Nothing there. Racing is on in Newcastle tonight again, maybe I should have a look. I've totally fallen off the racing wagon lately, I have no motivation or energy to put into form study...

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