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Women Have the Hots for Vlodomyr Zelensky

  • 09-05-2022 11:22pm
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    So it seems that the women of the West have a collective crush on the heroic President of Ukraine, Vlodomyr Zelensky. 😁

    I would see the man as a hero and role model for sure, standing up as the underdog to the bully of Putin and the Russian army. He seems to have a very masculine vibe about him, to be a "man's man" and not capitulate or run away when his beloved country is invaded and reduced to rubble. I wonder how many of our own leaders would do that?

    But surely women in the West are sick and tired of so-called "toxic masculinity" - Well, the media seems to think so - but yet at the same time they have the hots for Zelensky, voted Sexiest Man Of The Year. I missing something here? How is that apparent contradiction explained? 🤔



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    Just wait until BongBong Marcos gets elected!


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    Must be that beard he grew for the war. Who's cutting his hair though?

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    Billions were mentioned but probably exaggerated. In the Pandora papers he was shown to have ~180 million in Cypriot bank accounts..

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    Things seemed to be going well for Ukraine under Zelensky, but by March 2020 everything changed. Zelensky appointed as his new chief of staff Andriy Yermak, a person rumored to have business connections to Russia. Zelensky sacked his cabinet of ministers, and Denys Shmyhal, a former governor who had ties to oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, became the new prime minister. The Verkhovna Rada also voted to remove prosecutor general Ruslan Ryaboshapka, a decision that concerned the West. In selecting his new cabinet, Zelensky appointed numerous figures who had ties to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. Zelensky, it seemed, was surrounding himself with Ukraine’s old faces.

    Beyond the internal government turmoil, there also were problems within Servant of the People. Some reports claim the party is fragmenting. Other reports state that the party lacks a sense of direction. As a result, support for the party has significantly declined. According to a poll conducted by the Sociological Group Rating, support for Servant of the People has waned to 34 percent. Zelensky’s personal popularity has also declined. During the presidential election, Zelensky won 73.2 percent of the popular vote. By September 2020, his popularity dropped to 31.8 percent. This sharp decline demonstrates that voters have started to lose faith in their government.

    Ukrainians expressed their frustrations with Zelensky and Servant of the People during the recent local elections, and the Ukrainian president and his party experienced their first major political loss since their historic presidential and parliamentary victories in 2019. According to Ukrainian exit polls, Servant of the People did not perform well in any of the prominent mayoral races. The party is also not expected to perform well in any of the runoff elections.

    The results of Ukraine’s local elections illustrate the drastic decline of Servant of the People. What was once viewed as a potential reform party has now become a group synonymous with Ukraine’s corruption crisis. It is no wonder why Zelensky’s popularity and the popularity of his party have faded. Zelensky and his team will now regroup as they try to formulate a strategy on how they can maintain their influence despite this significant political loss.

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    I dont want to beat Zelensky with a stick at all. I think he has handled the situation he has found himself in, exceptionally well.

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    I don't recall that ordinary women were asked if they wanted the waffly concept of "toxic masculinity" inserted into culture in the first place.

    People are more usually told what to think by mainstream culture rather than asked.

    In any case Zelensky is a pretty-faced actor, much softer-looking than most political/military leaders past or present.

    I know nothing about him and don't really have much opinion. I don't want to see Russia gain territory though.

    I feel sorry for people who transfer their savings to an IBAN in Ukraine that has been 'verified' as 'legitimate'.

    Newsflash: your money is being embezzled, it's not being used to buy grenades

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    I've a few extra hatchets lying around if you'd like to borrow and deploy them btw

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    What was that about being head of a corrupt nation, then? Some sort of attempt at throwing mud at the wall and hoping it'll stick?

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    I can say that Zelensky has handled the situation he has found himself in remarkably well and still acknowledge that he is the leader of a nation which, up until the Russian invasion, was considered a far-right corrupt nation.

    That's not throwing mud.

    Why do you think it is?