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Transgender man wins women's 100 yd and 400 yd freestyle races.

  • 09-01-2022 1:12pm
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    We hear a lot how allowing transgender women compete in woman's competitions will result in biological (cis) women being disadvantaged to the point of destroying women's sport.

    Yet, in a a swim meet between Yale, Penn State, and Dartmouth where two transgender athletes competed directly against each other the clear winner was biologically female who identifies as male but hasn't started any hormone treatment yet.

    Iszac Henig is transitioning from female to male but apart from having a double mastectomy has not taken any other surgical or hormonal steps yet and is therefore allowed to compete in women's events. Hormonally Henig is still 'female' - her body is no different biologically from any other cis woman's - yet she beat a transgender woman, Lia Thomas, who began HRT in 2019.

    The issue of transgender people in sport need to be discussed and all factors considered -but it does seem that the warning of the death of "women's (ie cis women only) sport" are premature.







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    There is a clear advantage if a competitive Male athlete moves to the female event.

    Say a 2:09 male runner becomes a woman and completes in female marathon, their time wont drop much from 2:08 if at all.

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    Thanks for that!

    I was confused about the whole 'OP' / article.. very confusing these terms..

    First I thought it was a bloke masquerading as a female that defeated a bunch of females.. later I thought it was a bloke masquerading as a female that defeated a bunch of males.. then I read your post, and a mere 13 words summed the whole #rambling mess up..

    #It takes a lot of brainpower/concentration to get the gist of these; almost 'doublespeak' articles; almost like reading a sentence with multiple negatives eg "I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to not refrain from declining the offer to turn down the offer of the invitation I didn't particularly want to receive in the first place"

    I'd say others were confused to; maybe not as confused as me, but confused nonetheless, from reading the OP. And no, I don't know if my sentence example makes any sense at all, but I aint wasting my time trying to find out, and I'd advise others not to try either.. smiley;)face

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    I’m sure this thread will be totally different to all the previous trans threads.

    You even know who will be threadbanned.

    Well, have fun everyone.

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    Yet a competitive male athletic transitioned and was beaten in two female events.

    Not seeing the clear advantage tbh.

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    As far as i can tell, one swimmer, Thomas, was originally a man, and has gone through HRT therapy, while the other, originally female and still regarded as such as she hasn't undergone treatment, only a double mastectomy.

    Does that surgery naturally lead to a reduction in oestrogen production anyway though?

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    I think once a top golfer or tennis player comes out as transgender thats when things will get very interesting as these are by far the most lucrative female sports.

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    To add to this, briefly, what a bizarre form of argument the OP makes.

    The argument seems to be something like, "Trans women are always losing, so that's why we need more of them".

    I mean, really?

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ Jake Ashy Prism

    Katie Taylor or Kellie Harrington would likely hand 17/20 blokes on this whole forum their ass in a boxing match. Likely giving away, on average, over 3 stone to their opponents in the process..

    As for the other 3 out of the twenty, they may have some training, so #they'd probably more than hold their own..

    #Most likely they would be a lot heavier, so the weight difference would be an unfair advantage.. Out of a bigger pool, in keeping with the same ratio, making it 17,000 out of 20,000 (if there's even that many members of Boards) , then perhaps 829 out of those 17,000 blokes would be in Katie's or Kellie's weight category, and maybe 178 out of that 829 would be young/healthy enough to get in a ring with anybody..

    I reckon there's at least 115 blokes on this site that fall within Taylor's and Harrington's weight category that would easily beat them..

    Out of those 115, I'd hazard a guess that 90 of them are nobodies that very few people have heard of, and, out of the other twenty five, maybe they have a few provincial or national belts between them; but still, nowhere near as famous as the two female boxers..

    TLdr a trained/fit female is going to get the better of an untrained/out of shape bloke in 80%+ of athletic endeavours.. A female secondary school student beating males at a swimming meet is merely a statistical aberration,,, How she would fare on a National level against her fellow male competitors is a far better barometer than beating kids in the same school/town..

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    A transgender man is someone who has transitioned from female to male....

    Do NOT ask me how I define the terms "man", "woman", "male" or "female" when you reply to this post. You know the answer and it's probably irrelevant to the discussion :)

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