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Climate Bolloxolgy.

  • 23-10-2021 12:13pm
    Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 2,771 Mod ✭✭✭✭K.G.

    Listened to an interview on matt Cooper with a fella from the was billed as the carbon reeduction due to covid but turned quickly 8nto an attack on of biggest load of bollocks was the fact that international Air fuel is not counted in countries carbon but is allocated international and as far as I can basically not counted. The big problem with climate change is the counting of it and the way its allocated and currently the system is stacked against irish farming.there is no account taken of the fact alot of agriculture emissions could be described as regenerative whereas most other human activity is taking and releasing carbon stored thousands of years ago .this battle is all about how things are counted and not massive changes to farming practices and its quiet clear there is an agenda here.rarely has a radio piece incensed me so much.



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  • Was thinking of building on a piece of land beside an SAC - downhill from it, would have had to get an environmental assessment done. That site didn't work out so poked around at another, remarked at least this won't need an assessment, oh yes it will says the engineer, the friggin bay is designated.

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    How is nuclear not seem as green, the waste it produces is only the rods, which can be stored on site

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    Compared to coal...which when burned produces an unimaginable about of pollution...

    Nuclear waste is normally, only the rods and is very little compared to fossil fuels, In properly managed facilities...

    Sweden has no problem with storage on site in dry casks

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    On your last point about the country that buys our beef should have the carbon charged to them - is the carbon created in making a new car charged to us or where the factory is? Genuine question as I’ve no idea.

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    Don't quote me but I think it's only energy that's counted where it's used ,(and the energy that's used to extract the oil or gas is counted in the extracting country) - not food stuff , not industrial products ( not sure what happens with things like ore ,,,)

    Slava ukraini 🇺🇦

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    Feeding foreign grain actually lowers our carbon footprint.

    I have zero scientific evidence but I’d have to disagree with this point. Same point could be used for importing peat?

    id presume you mean there is a higher conversion rate from the imported feed but add in transport, and possibly destruction of forests like the Amazon and it can’t lower our footprint imo.

    we need every sector here working together for each other and if we get that we have a pretty good system.

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    The end user pays every cost accrued in the manufacture any product,

    If there's a charge for end of life recycling it's eventually added to the price of the product.

    Of course beef is different, where every extra cost is subtracted from the price given to the farmer.

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    you not talking about emissions here are you?

    I thought all the emissions from agriculture is counted in the country it’s produced, but oil in gas is counted in the country it’s used.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,278 ✭✭✭Markcheese

    There's lots the Irish population can do to reduce emissions , and it's not surprising that everyone looks to farming , by the weird carbon accounting system ag is a big emitter - but Irish farming overall is far different today to the mixed farming model of a few decades ago - it's not all super eco and a natural paradise - money and world markets have pushed it this way . Like it or not change is coming,and it'll be money that pushes it a different direction ,. If it's more profitable for farmers to produce a bit less , use less bag manure , put poor land into paid set aside schemes ,then they probably will ,

    Slava ukraini 🇺🇦

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    Its all about accounting...inventories, and where they're applied.

    Unfortunately, Irish farmers are at the **** end of these accounting agreements..

    Badly served when they were being agreed..

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    On the issue of climate change , as in so many areas of Irish life within the last decade, the people are being told what to think . Pressure groups and those pushing various ideologies have the ability to use the media and worryingly also the government . Look at the way prime time ads on television increasingly have coloured and gay characters . I have no difficulty with either but to what extent are they representative of the broader population ?

    Have no doubt, farming will be sold out to satisfy the Green agenda being pushed by a minority .