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Kin - RTE & AMC



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    Success doesn't always have to be connected to quality. It might be successful, but that doesn't mean it's a good show.

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    I don't like comparing it to l/h bc its 1st season had only 4 episodes while kin had 8. It is subjective and fair play to you, but I can't really see it. The whole plot would've made sense if they actually made the kinsellas smart. Let's be real here, the kinsellas had no means of defense and should've been eliminated fairly easily. I mean eamon even had kem as a mole and still didn't capitalize on it. I think the only saving grace is the performances, I thought cox, gillen, dunne, and hinds were all great. Ultimately, it does have potential but I just don't have any faith in the writer to make it better.

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    That is 100% true. It all comes down to personal taste. Lots of people watch it here and across the world and like it and think it's good. Others don't. Same with all shows. You're not going to convince me it's terrible, because I like watching it. And I'm not going to convince you it's good. Which is all fine.

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    That is 100% true. It all comes down to personal taste. Lots of people watch it here and across the world and like it and think it's good. 

    You could apply the same logic to Mrs Browns Boys. I consider it to be utter crap but for some reason O'Carroll has managed to turn it into a highly succesful show. It too has won loads of awards (somehow) but leaving my prejudices aside and being honest, is it actually is a good show?

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    A good question. What metric should we use to judge whether a show is "good" or not? Viewership numbers, awards, reviews - or the opinions of people online? There are tons of successful shows I don't like, or liked for a while but now think have gone off the boil, but I certainly don't believe that just because I don't like something, it is definitively rubbish. And when I don't like a show I tend to just stop watching it, and go watch things I do like.

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    Season 2 of Kin to start filming at end of the month.

    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."