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Wales is like Ireland should/could have been

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    Just returned from a trip to Wales in the UK. Lovely place. Took the ferry over to Holyhead. Some things I noticed about Wales:

    1. All the public amenities seem to be loads better than in Ireland. For example I could easily reach quite remote rural areas with a regularly scheduled bus service. In Ireland youd be lucky to have a bus eireann once a day in the most remote regions. I only had to take a Taxi once, and that was because I was negligent and late for the last bus to town. No big deal. As someone who doesn't drive, public transportation in much of Rural Ireland is virtually unusable.
    2. All the people in the region I went to (around Caernarfon) spoke the indigenous language. All of them. In the pub, the language was Welsh. In the streets the language was welsh. The young children , the teens and the elderly all spoke Welsh with each other. You'd be hard pressed to find a similar situation with Irish; only in the remotest corners such as Inishmore Island or Donegal would you hear so much Irish and even then you will often hear them speak English to each other. The Welsh language was so pervasive that people often even addressed me in Welsh, not knowing that I was a foreigner who doesn't speak it. Never has anybody addressed me in Irish in Ireland. Never ever.
    3. A pint is only 2 pounds sterling. Where in ireland can you get a pint in the pub for (calculated) 2,30 euros? Nowhere.
    4. Scenery and sights were lovely, but Ireland also has lovely scenery to be fair.
    5. I'd say that despite all this Irish rural people are slightly nicer to strangers than Welsh people. But that's just a small sacrifice for the better points 1 to 3.

    So what do you think is better, Wales or Ireland?