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F1 2021 Round 10 : Silverstone



  • How anyone can say that because you think Hamilton should have gotten a sterner penalty makes you "salty" or "cringey" really worries me for those peoples mental state.

    Yes, it was racing. But you put your competitor into the way, at 51G, into hospital and then celebrate is like it was some sort of hellish mountain you climbed? Is this the "still I rise" mantra he needs to feel justified?

    Hope Max and RB stick it to Merc now and destroy them in the remaining races. I love good hard racing, but the hypocrisy on show today from Merc, Hamilton was laughable. If the roles were reversed, Toto would have turned inside out from the frustration.

    Benefiting as well from an incident you caused over the red flag is flat out wrong. Change that rule, now.

  • Some are saying Hamilton tried to kill Max.

    That goes beyond being a little frustrated and is quite frankly pathetic

  • If I was karting and that opportunity rose, I'd 100% have tried the same move. However, I'd realise I wouldn't make it, and brake. At F1 speeds, you don't have that ability, so I don't think Lewis was wrong to attempt what he did. However, his execution and positioning were totally wrong. He deserved a penalty.

    What that penalty should have been is a different discussion. The severity of penalties don't ever seem to match the incident. As someone mentioned, Tsunda got the same for driving over a white line twice. That penalty is severe. I think the penalties should be that if you cause a collision it's a guaranteed drive through penalty. Depending on the severity, it turns into a stop/go with increasing time amounts.

  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say that those posts are people on a bit of a wind up.

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  • It's also hilarious watching people try to defend Hamilton with nonsense reasons and it's more cringey than the other comments. Twitter is worse, someone posted a pic just after Hamilton made contact and then tried to say Max turned in 🤣

  • Having watched the crash a number of times I just can’t believe how they felt a 10 second penalty was appropriate.

    I don’t think Lewis deliberately took him out per se, I do however, believe that he went into the corner knowing that either Max let him trough, or it was toast! A driver of his experience absolutley knows what would likely happen on that corner, and he was ok with putting another driver at risk over it!

  • Yet any criticism of Saint Lew is is "cringe" and "salty".

    It genuinely seems Lewis may have vision issues when it comes to seeing a Red Bull car. He struggles with his spacial awareness whenever a Red Bull is near him.

    Or he may be a dirty driver. I know which is more likely.

  • New take, Lewis isn't the bad guy here. It's Pete "Bono" Bonnington. F1 put up a radio clip of Lewis asking "Is Max OK?" to which "Bono" rather dismissively said "Yeah, he's out of the car".

    Once a driver hears that, its like a "head down" message.

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  • I'm happy this has played out exactly as it has. Builds the tension nicely for the next couple of races 😁

  • It's certainly added a bit of spice to an already spicy season. DTS is gonna be off the chain next series.

  • I still think it's not deliberate. anyone who thinks hamilton did that deliberately on one of the fastest corners in F1 and hes going to carry on, its pure luck that hamilton didnt take his own wheel off. you must thinkhes an amazing driver to be able to pull that off

    as far as the leclerc overtake, hamilton had more grip on those tyres and he was much faster in general than leclerc. so not really comparable.

    anyway spices up the rest of the season, its one of those situations where hamilton had to stay in there and not back out, because verstappen would have had the psychological advantage for the 2nd half of the season

  • again People are still Implying it was intentional , and  the stewards penalise the offence, not the effects of an offence. He did not intentionally punt him off the track . He got his over take attempt wrong very wrong and I think it should have be a drive through penalty , but it turns out it is in line with how they apply the penalties . I have spent a while reading through how they look at these things this morning and much to my surprise it is in line with the penalties

    Someone else here pointed out the Tsunoda got a penalty for crossing a white line , its not a white line , its the pit lane entry you only go there to enter to pits , the Pits are a whole other rule , Stewarts have a zero tolerance for it . Lewis last year got a drive through for disobeying a Closed pit lane .

    Perez and Lando got penalties for not leaving enough space , 5 seconds for each event . they looked like racing incidents until you look at Russell and Alonso battle through the same section of few laps side by side always leaving space so it was possible.

    What's not helped is Horner was allowed to say a lot you don't put a wheel in there , but year on year people still get it done there . Even go back to 2019 Very very similar lines between Bottas and Hamilton 2 years ago but done better by Bottas and Hamilton backs out . I'm not saying Max should have backed out anything its just shows what Hamilton got wrong on his lines and F-UP Max's race .

    Hamilton And Bottas' Epic Silverstone Battle | 2019 British Grand Prix - YouTube

    and the fixing of the Car at a Red Flag , everyone gets to do this . the cars must be safe at the restart , it then becomes any car that's been repaired should they start from the Pit lane and the rest do a standing start ..I don't think the teams themselves will go for that.

  • The Red Flag period should be a pause of the race, if Hamilton's car needs to be fixed then do it after the race restarts same as if it was the race and no stop

    If someone got damage due to the incident who wasnt involved (eg debris goes flying and rips Mazepin's tyre) then I think repairs should be fair, but Lewis caused the incident so should have to deal with the fallout

  • I can see the other points of view and I in no way think it was intentional. However, getting a penalty is supposed to be just that, seems it had no effect, you can say that's good driving etc. but wouldn't have been able to do that unless there was a red flag which Hamilton caused I'm not sure how you can say he had better grip than Charles either seeing as he was on older tyres, fact is he took the wrong course of action and the wrong line with a car beside him in front when trying to get by Max, Max went off and I don't see as Horner put it, the penalty matching the crime. I'm more of a fan of LeClerc anyway but that's how I saw it, was a great drive by LeClerc and I think he's as good as a driver as the other 'two'!

  • With the move on leclerc Hamilton was a full car with on the inside,actually making the apex .. Would he have been there prior to the collision with max they both would have made that corner ... The tyres had more grip comparison is ludicrous because he was on fresh yellow tyres.. If he lost grip it's because he was off the racing line

    Any more nonsense I can address ?

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  • Can you just move on and have a debate about the actual incident rather than harp on about something that everyone else has put down to a wind up?

    You asked for examples of the same type of incident about 8 million times (exaggeration) instead of just accepting that your point was made and moving on.

    You need to learn to control the emotions, make a point about the topic and move on man.

  • That footage is entirely different as the overtaking car was already in the lead going into copse, as is always the case in any overtake attempt there. You don't just stick your front left wheel into the rear right of the car in front at 160+ MPH as there is only one way that will end. A lot of people seem to struggle to understand the dynamics of racing, going in at the angle Hamilton did and entirely missing the apex was in no way a serious overtaking attempt, there is simply no scenario where it could have been successful without either hitting Verstappen, or Verstappen taking evasive action and jumping off the track, which Verstappen was in no way obliged to do as he'd already left far more than a car's width of space, which Hamilton didn't use.

  • pretty sure I said Bottas showing how to do it correctly was the footage also said Max didn't have to back out he was clearly a head , that Lewis line was wrong.

    The issue for me is with Horner when he was saying no one over takes there like its almost a rule , when they do . Perez even did it in the race as did Hamilton 2 more times. But doing properly . The sticking the wheel in, there is nothing Hamilton can do at that point to fix it , he is pretty much turned a much as he can on the in car footage . his line is wrong before he gets there so he can never fix it .

    actually the Mercedes, Aston and Redbull team managers are very , I do know what the word is . Toto why are sending emails with drawings FFS , that was as bad as Horner comments , and I kind a get Horner's frustrations he had just lost his lead driver with serious impact .It all just seems so petty and whingy at times .

  • His manouevre was as much a risk to him as it was to Max. It was a racing incident. No intent to take Max out, unless people want to believe that Lewis intentionally put himself in real danger of being taken out, or worse.

    I have watched it a few times. Did Lewis steer into Max? I don't think he did. Max gave him a bit of room, but Max should have made sure he himself was clear and safe. Two of them in it, travelling at 200 mph very close to each other. It is racing.

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  • The manoeuvre was of more risk to Max - we've seen before that front left to rear right, generally the car in front comes off worse. Also in this situation, Max is not obliged to do any more than he actually did. He gave Lewis room on the inside, which Lewis chose not to use to make it difficult for him to take the corner. Also it looks like Max wasn't 100% sure of Lewis' position at that point and assumed he would have been closer to the edge.

    It was never Lewis' corner as Max was ahead of him the whole time, and he is the only one in that situation that has a complete picture of where both cars are - he was obliged to back out and give the line to Max, but gambled and lost(but also succeeded).

  • I actually think Hamilton was desperate to get by Max as he knew he might take off so took the wrong line in which was a mistake. Can't pull out of it after that but the mistake was already done, Max gave him room but Hamilton taking that line before the corner caused the collision.

  • i don't think the driver causing the incident should be treated differently if you are allowing other cars to repair/replace.

    THe driver causing the incident should be punished according to the rules by the stewards - beyond that they should be treated the same as any other driver, imo.

    I also do wonder about people saying the driver should be punished according to the outcome of a crash or racing indient. If Max had gone into some nice runoff and rejoined the track, should hamilton have received no punishment?

  • But he didn't go in to some nice run off, his car was borked before he even left the track! The penalty should have been more severe because of the collision and not the outcome, but hey, just my opinion anyway :)

  • I haven't commented myself on it yet, but regarding the punishment fitting the crime. In my view, yes the outcome of the incident should be reflected in the punishment! Worst case for Lewis was they were both out, which would do very little harm to his title race anyway… so taking a stupid manoeuvre like that was a low risk high reward for him!

    Again like I said earlier, I’m 100% of the view that he consciously left his car where it was knowing Max was done for if he didn’t give way….. for me, that needs to be punished appropriately!

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  • As a Red Bull fan, I am still furious about yesterday. Max had a 33 point lead in the WDC. I thought Lewis would need to beat him on track at least two to three times to reduce that gap.

    It's just so unfair that you can cause an accident like that and destroy Max's race, his car and leave him in hospital. He'll likely have to take penalties later in the season now as well. Meanwhile, Lewis benefits from the Red flag and the 10 second penalty has no impact at all. He caused the crash and will greatly benefit from it.