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F1 2021 Round 10 : Silverstone



  • thats the only logical explination.

    not sure why they didnt wait it out hopeing for a safety car or come in late for softs

  • I don’t remember at any point commenting on who was at fault in the incident. Max has gotten used to people giving him a relatively easy time in a head to head, Lewis has just shown he won’t be doing so.

  • yup exactly, max thought Hamilton would back and was caught when he didnt. advantage Hamilton.

  • Maybe they felt he wouldn't get to the end with decent tyres. He was on mediums when he pitted

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  • Max had just posted on SM that he has left hospital. If that's only just happened now, that's 7 hours in hospital

  • I thought this was interesting, some examples from earlier in the season near the end

  • They did say he was dizzy after the accident . I assume they had plenty of head checks to make sure he was ok.

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  • I hope Max doesn't change his style one bit, they are both hard racers, neither worse than the other imo. Today it was Lewis who reaped the benefit so to speak. Shame Max didn't stay on the inside like he did in the sprint race and made Lewis go around the outside, might still have lost the place but more likely would have still been in the race.

  • Verstappen now knows that Hamilton is willing to kill him on the track.

    How do you deal with a crazy unhinged psychopathic nutcase like Hamilton.

  • Some tremendous OTT reactions on here and social media over this one. Hamilton really winds people up. Hilarious. They both could have backed out, neither did, one lost, one gained. Sh!t happens, has happened a few times before now and it'll happen a few more times this season too which is good for the viewers as long as nobody gets hurt.

  • "That's nonsense. Hamilton celebrating while Max is in hospital is not a lack of respect."

    Kneeling like crazy for some random person killed by police in USA but not giving a fox about other driver he caused into deadly dangerous accident minutes ago?

    This is not a driver or even decent person behavior. And I am not allowed to say here what it is for me..

  • Tsunoda crossed a white line twice which amounted to a 10 second penalty... a white line...

  • Yeah, Hamilton went out to kill Verstappen today.

    The absolute state of this ffs.

  • Exact wording in code of conduct:

    Overtaking, according to the 

    circumstances, may be carried out on either 

    the right or the left.

    A driver may not leave the track without 

    justifiable reason.

    More than one change of direction to defend 

    a position is not permitted. 

    Any driver moving back towards the racing 

    line, having earlier defended his position off-

    line, should leave at least one car width 

    between his own car and the edge of the 

    track on the approach to the corner.

    However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other 

    drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car 

    beyond the edge of the track or any other 

    abnormal change of direction, are strictly 

    prohibited. Any driver who appears guilty of 

    any of the above offences will be reported to 

    the Stewards.

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  • Cars going at high speed and skipping over the gravel trap, like a stone on water, slowing down very little isn't anything new - it is actually the reason why newer tracks (and those which have been heavily modified) have tarmac runoff areas.

    There was a study promoted by the FIA through the 90s about it - most of the experimentation was carried out in Paul Ricard, which at the time was conveniently unused (and the property of Bernie Ecclestone).

  • Hamilton was at fault, and deserved a penalty. 10s maybe leniant, but you can't ignore his recovery drive to win either.

    I also think it's good for the championship; points gap closed, Hamilton showing a willingness to get his elbows out, and now real tension between both teams and drivers. It's what we all want.

    One thing about Hamilton, he's really clumsy in wheel-to-wheek racing. Took Albon out twice, and now Max -- all similar moves trying to send one up the inside and washing out into the other driver.

  • Absolutely. The last time we saw something like this, it was Schumacher in a much safer location that caused zero danger and didn’t put his rival in the hospital, yet he was disqualified from the entire championship. Hamilton got off scott free, basically being given the race win as a reward for dangerous driving.

  • I'm only into F1 a couple years but I just don't understand how pitting can be allowed under safety cars and work done under red flags to cars, Hamilton has twice benefitted imensly to red flags already this year.

    I don't think the incident today is finished with, I'm sure red bull are currently scrutinising the rule books the next few days.

    And what does this mean for verstappen if he punts Hamilton off track in another race? Immediate accusations of getting one back id imagine.

  • It depends , Hamilton didn't punt Max off on purpose, it is a racing incident and Hamilton is a fault it's poor execution of the move. Those saying he tried to kill Max are just insane comments. I do feel the penalty should have been harder as in a drive through penalty which is effectively a second pit stop on Hamilton and costing him more than 20secs in the race.

    The reason Vettel's penalty for bumping / ramming Hamilton was a stop go penalty was Vettel clearly did it on purpose . There was intent. Even if I do believe Lewis brake tested him . Was that 2019 or 18 I cannot remember which year.

    Max and Hamilton could come together again and it could be max at fault the next time the Stewarts will have to access of it is driver error and should it be penalties and on top of that is it intended .

    The last driver I remember doing something on purpose was Perez on Sirtkon after he had spent laps behind Sirtkon whose defence was flawless ,Perez just pretty much rammed him . I'm not sure what Penalty Perez got that day . That would be a good one to check as it was clearly intentional .

    ( Perez got a drive through Penalty and 3 points on his license for it )

  • Oh and under a red flag it's considered a new race isn't it and you cannot have cars restarting with damage that is way more unsafe. That's why under a red flag they can repair .

  • I think it all comes back to the penalty not actually penalising the driver that was found guilty of the infringement.

    Instead they actually benefit significantly from the incident.

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  • Bahahahahaaaa some of the Hamilton hate is fcuking cringey to read,imagine writing it! 🤣

    I like drivers racing and not pulling out......Hamilton ballsed up,he got punished.....Max is no stranger to that either!

    Championship is now closer,a bit of drama added in between's exactly what the sport needs!!