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F1 2021 Round 10 : Silverstone



  • Seems odd If the stewards made the decision that Hamilton was in the wrong that they would give him such a light penalty given what happened and the danger in what he did.

    Should make the rest of the season box office at least. Hopefully Max doesn't completely lose the rag in the next race or two and keeps his head. It must be eating him up how well it worked out for Hamilton.

  • Up until the point of an interview by Sky when he was back outside his motorhome, he didn't know Max had gone to hospital - when asked about it he said he did not know he ended up in hospital.

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  • Lewis had punted RBs off the road 3 times in the last 2 years

    He got pinged for practice 2 starts infringement outside the designated zone in Russia and he then made an accusation of the FIA for trying to stop him.

    He has been involved in plenty of incidents and this is just another. However the penalty doesn't fit with the outcome.

    His own team boss basically wanted LeC to get a 10 place grid penalty In Monaco for causing a red flag in Q3.

  • Strong race for Ferrari.. pity Charles could have defended a bit more ... but the side twitch on the exit made it acedemic.

    Hamilton was at fault. You don't stick your nose in that tight when side by side at copse and not expect to hit the other car on exit, v dangerous. No way he was ahead, he was *maybe* almost level with Max on run in to entry and Lewis backed out a bit but it wasn't enough to avoid clipping the right rear on the Red Bull. You dont take the race leader from behind. Lewis was incredibly lucky not to loose his nose wing goin in so deep.

    Lando -Solid result in 4th

    but is anyone getting fed up with i'm not going to race him cause it will cost too much time??? he gifted a podium to Lewis in his home GP. So tell me Lando what is actually worth scrapping for..? is it for wins only and everything else is move over and have my position. BTW he was like 13 secs up on Riciardo so he had " time" to fight.

    *** Yes I know scrapping with another driver costs lap time /tyre life. But I find the " Am I fighting with him or not " radio calls frustrating.

    ie if the rival is has a faster car let them go, if they have same pace as us, I fight.. AAAaaarrrggghhhhh... ☹️ 😡😣

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  • Question for you, do you think drivers should incur a penalty for correcting damage during a red flag?

  • That's nonsense. Hamilton celebrating while Max is in hospital is not a lack of respect. It just hurt Max's ego to see it as he was diddled. He's within his rights to be sour about the race but Lewis isn't supposed to be in mourning, and solemnly collect his trophy until Max is given the all clear.

    Delighted see that Max isn't keeping it classy either. This will get spicy very quickly. Can't wait until they're fighting for the same bit of track again.

  • Just to add to this, roles reversed Hamilton gives out just like Max is now. It's racing, it's sport.

    Roll on the rest of the season.

  • I find the commentary on both Channel 4 today and Sky to be silly. Saying Gasly should get a team order to left Perez by and that Kimi shouldn't be racing him .

    If a driver regards of where they are in the championship find themselves at the back no one should be doing them favours other than there own team mate.

  • Kudos to Mercedes to not pit Hamilton and bet on the red flag.

  • Hamilton was at fault for the crash and I think a stop and go would've been a more deserving punishment but it was a marginal call. Max & Hamilton were going at it through every corner, Max forced Hamilton into backing out a couple of corners before but this time Hamilton decided to stick it out.

    As someone said the key factor in apportioning blame in that corner was that Max adjusted his line to allow Hamilton more space and Hamilton got nowhere near the apex.

    Harsh on Max but tbh I think we might see the benefit as fans over the coming races, it will add an extra layer of spice to their rivalry and F1 has been lacking an intense rivalry for years.

  • Lewis "max shouldn't be so aggressive "

    Lewis father "don't expect Lewis to ease off the gas"

  • Why are Hamilton fans so touchy?

  • Btw did anyone else realise how out of breath Hamilton was? On the celebration, Leclerc definitely was also flat.

  • An opinions on the effectiveness of the gravel trap at that corner?

    The car seemed to, what I can only describe as aquaplane, across across the top of the entry to it before taking a jump which saw it glide across the top without any contact with. Maybe it's just the dust and camera angle.

    Is there an issue where if its too deep it can roll the car? Is there a better way to slow the cars on that corner? What about catchment nets or something?

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  • i dont understand that either. it would make sence if he went onto soft tyres and only dropped 2 places that he could make up again . he dropped down the order like a stone

  • i dont think a net would work .

    imagine a groegon crash with a net involved. the driver would be tangled up in it and trapped

  • True and fair point, it probably wouldn't explode into flames if the net stopped the car instead of the barrier though.

  • Maybe they felt he wouldn't get to the end with decent tyres. He was on mediums when he pitted

  • It was to take another point from Hamilton. Perez got the fastest lap and took it from Hamilton. Perez doesn’t get the point as he wasn’t in top 10 but Hamilton doesn’t get it either. Think it was a bit of attempted payback.

  • That’s the kind of incident that will define the championship. But not because of the carnage or the points lose, but because it will show Max that Lewis won’t let him away with his typical driving. Max has been renowned for years for being aggressive and not yielding in a fight and most of the paddock have let him away with it because it wasn’t worth the risk. Lewis has just shown Max that he won’t let him away with it any longer and what the results are likely to be if he keeps it up. Will be interesting to see how Max’s style differs going forward.

  • Whilst there is a lot of money in the constructors championship, the vast majority of the marketing is in the drivers championship. For both Red Bull and Mercedes, F1 is a marketing tool for their other business's, rather than being the main business itself.

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  • You’re telling me you saw nothing wrong with Hamilton’s driving? Whatever Max’s past Hamilton took him out of this race. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    I hope Max goes back to his more aggressive past now in the future and shows Hamilton he won’t stand for it.

    I want to see hard racing but Hamilton crossed the line and he knows it. The celebrations at the end were genuinely sickening.