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Relaxation of Restrictions, Part XII *Read OP For Mod Warnings*



  • I have no idea where you are getting that figure of 55 deaths from. For October we had 117,412 new cases. If that is the figure you are using then we should of had 5,870 deaths,

    Comparing new cases to deaths for January 2021 and October 2021 shows a 13% increase in cases yet a 255% reduction in deaths where we do not know how many of those deaths for October were not vaccinated. How do you explain that reduction in deaths with a higher number of cases if it is not due to vaccines ?

  • Will they accept NHS PCR? Or make it so you have to pay out of your own pocket.

  • I am only going off what you posted.

    The claim is vaccines are 95% effective against death.

    If having nearly 100% of people vaccinated in the age cohorts who die from covid is 255% less (2.5times) than previously in January 2021 when almost nobody was vaccinated then the vaccine isn't 95% effective as claimed.

    255% reduction =/= 95% effectiveness in the numbers YOU gave.

    95% effectiveness on Januarys numbers 1081 deaths is = to 54.05 Deaths. That is what would be expected with a 95% reduction due to vaccine effectiveness.

    Even if we accounted for the 13% increase in cases that would only be = 61.07 deaths. IF the vaccine was 95% effective in October.

    255% reduction means the vaccine is only 39.13% effective in the cohorts of people who will die from covid.

    So either we are over counting covid deaths (very likely) or the vaccine in your example isn't 95% effective against death.

    Their is also the possibility that delta is more transmissible but less deadly.

    We have to look at the people who are dying of covid. of which the vast majority of them are vaccinated.

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  • Double speak and gaslighting.

    Sign of emotional abuse.

  • Didn't Bavaria and Saxony (at least) cancel their Christmas markets a few days ago ?

  • As I have already said to you you cannot dismiss the effectiveness of vaccines simply based on those who have died in October when you do not know the numbers who did so that were unvaccinated.

    I have seen nothing to suggest the Delta virus is less deadly. So unless you do, then I cannot see where a 13% increase in cases with a 255% reduction in deaths (while not knowing how many of those who died were unvaccinated) is due to anything other than vaccines. From your reply it seems neither do you.

  • Not sure where the 700 in 2019 came from, unless it is stated as a daily number during the winter season:

    2019 worst year ever for hospital overcrowding - INMO (

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  • Oh no that's terrible, I must stay away from vaccines in the future because of what you say, overwhelming evidence from doctors and scientists who have dedicated their lives to this stuff clearly don't know as much as you do they?

  • How is that supposed to work from the North.

    As I said earlier, it has all the hall marks of trying to curtail Christmas spread associated with people returning for the holidays. As if we are some sort of covid free area!

  • "Yes to vaccines by choice for individual protection and to help ease pressure on healthcare system."

    The health care system in Ireland has always been a disaster, the difference the last 2 years is that they have Corona to blame now to steer blame from their lack of investment and Fixing waste that is the HSE.

  • Ah right! How did I not see this from the start?! Covid and the variants are a ruse to keep big pharma in the money.


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  • So after all the pearl clutching hasn't worked you're just sticking to the "Isn't very effective" line at this point and pointing at some vague notion that the governments want to keep us locked down forever I guess? Are you annoyed the virus doesn't do what it's told and go away in October? Care to elaborate a bit more? Omicron could f*ck up all current plans around the world in response to the virus, hopefully it doesn't.

  • Just one thing, you may not be allowed back in the country if you dont have a negative PCR result.

    If you have had COVID though and recovered you may still test positive for COVID even a few months later, is that true?

    So essentially you can be fully vaccinated, had COVID, currently not have COVID but not be allowed back in the country or is there definitive evidence on how long you may test positive after you've recovered from COVID?

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  • We had an explosion in covid cases last Christmas. if there were pre-departure tests done in November/December then the January figures wouldn't have been as bad

    Not sure why an antigen test needs to be "professionally" done though, one of the benefits of antigen tests is that they can be self administered and done at home

  • NPHET think were all thick paddys who won't do it right at home

  • Transverse myelitis is a rare autoimmune disorder that has been shown to have a temporal association with vaccination in the past.

    When found, the people with this condition probably shouldn't be vaccinated (depending on severity of reaction) with any vaccines, these are the unwillingly unvaccinated and the group that everyone else tries to protect by getting vaccinated themselves.

    Their exposure to the diseases is also usually quite severe due to a malfunctioning immune system.

  • How exactly would you police or have any certainty over antigen tests done at home by yourself?

  • Come in through the north. Anyone with sense will do that. Our clowns in governments doing things for the pure theatre of it once again.

  • What kind of behaviour would that be that's against restrictions?

  • yes that can happen, I have a relative who tested positive for a month after his initial positive. He was being tested in order to be moved into a nursing home, and was stuck in hospital until he tested negative.

  • Not sure if you've ever done one but I have and they are a little bit complicated but nothing overly taxing if you follow the instructions

  • Well this woman was vaccinated. What’s the guidance for people with severe autoimmune disease, given that they tend to co-occur? There’s no guidance, that’s why people are distrustful.

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  • Same way you can be certain that all 4,607 people who tested positive yesterday are at home today isolating... You can't!