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The Tipperary GAA Discussion Thread



  • Thanks. Yes, exactly, an outstanding under 21 team from five years ago. The famine enders. A good five years ago. Players like Aussie hitting their prime now - 26. A player who has had many ups and downs but is really delivering now.

  • I believe that O Shea is the one who has developed our style of play as a team over the years. We were very innovative for a long time. The teams now chasing goals are only following Tipp's example, if anyone thinks I am being critical of Sheedy/O Shea then I'm expressing myself badly. They brought us success and playing with a swagger I had never seen from Tipp in the time I am following them.

    As for developing the squad, maybe the younger lads weren't stepping up, but it was hard to see that they were being shown trust by the management. Brian McGrath appeared to have a good early league and then appeared to be frozen out since. Mark Kehoe has been there about for three years yet in the league he got hardly any start, Similarly Paddy Cadell and two years ago Robert Byrnes. They don't deserve game time because they are young, but they need it to see can they reach the required standard.

    Did anyone honestly think that we would start the championship with even one of Kennedy, Paidi, Ronan or Brendan on the bench? The management team see the players miles more than we do, but looking in from outside I think that Liam Sheedy decided that this year was to be his last and the best chance for success lay with the older players.

    I've said it before on this thread the lack of Colleges hasn't helped the development of younger players in the last two years. It gives a chance to the guys out of age groups to step up above club hurling, in coaching and intensity for a couple of their developing years.

  • Why did we not see in the league this or last year a selection in the league like

    Barry hogan, barrett, pauric Maher, Connolly ,cadell, b McGrath, r Maher,

    Dan McCormack , Willie connors, kehoe, forde, Niall omeara, morris, callinan, bubbles

    Willie connors is a prime example of a man who should be doing the role Noel McGrath keeps being given. Can Willie connors do it, no idea but there is no way sheddy can know either because Willie connors has never got a real chance.

  • Willie Connors had a huge chance in the county final against Loughmore to assert himself. He didn't. He's 24 now. He was probably the third best midfielder on view. Taken off early in extra time. Noel McGrath scored five points from midfield to Willie's one. That was Connors time to assert himself as the best midfielder in Tipp. Didn't happen. Wille has great energy but hasn't done it yet from the start for Tipp. Willie Connors would not be able to do what Noel does. Chalk and cheese.

    These are all the teams and subs during the league this year. Plenty of lads given chances and experience.

    Tipperary: B Hogan; C Barrett, P Maher, B Heffernan (0-02); R Byrne, B Maher (0-01), B McGrath; M Breen (0-02), P Cadell (0-02); D McCormack (0-01), N McGrath (0-01), W Connors (0-01); J McGrath (1-01), S Callanan (0-01), J Forde (2-07, 1-00pen, 0-04fs, 0-01'65').

    Subs: J Morris (0-03, 0-01f) for Forde (42), A Flynn (0-02) for McCormack (42), P Flynn (0-01) for N McGrath (48), C Morgan for Heffernan (48), M Kehoe (1-02) for J McGrath (54), J Quigley for Barrett (54).

    Tipperary: Barry Hogan; Cathal Barrett, Padraic Maher, Barry Heffernan (0-1); Robert Byrne (0-1), Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher (0-2); Alan Flynn, Paddy Caddell; Dan McCormack, Noel McGrath (1-2), Dillon Quirke; John O'Dwyer (0-3), Jason Forde (1-5, 0-4 frees), John McGrath.

    Subs: Niall O'Meara (0-1) for John McGrath (half-time), Paul Flynn (0-1) for Dillon Quirke (half-time), Brendan Maher (0-1) for Paddy Caddell (47th minute), Willie Connors for Alan Flynn (47th minute), Jake Morris for Dan McCormack (54th minute), Michael Breen (0-2) for Noel McGrath (60th minute), Brian McGrath for Seamus Kennedy (65th minute)

    TIPPERARY: Barry Hogan; Barry Heffernan, Brian McGrath, Cathal Barrett; Pádraic Maher, Séamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher; Alan Flynn, Noel McGrath; Jake Morris, Jason Forde, Niall O’Meara; John O’Dwyer, John McGrath, Willie Connors

    Subs: Michael Breen for Flynn (40), Paul Flynn for O’Meara (44), Paddy Cadell for Noel McGrath, Patrick Maher for O’Dwyer (both 56), Brendan Maher for Connors (60), Dylan Quirke for Morris (64).

    TIPPERARY: Barry Hogan; Cathal Barrett, Brian McGrath, Barry Heffernan; Ronan Maher, Seamus Kennedy, Bryan O’Mara; Alan Flynn, Michael Breen; Dan McCormack, Patrick Maher, Niall O’Meara; Willie Connors, Jason Forde, Jake Morris

    Subs: Noel McGrath for Patrick Maher, Dillon Quirke for Niall O’Meara (both 52), Cian Darcy for Willie Connors (60), Mark Kehoe for Alan Flynn (62), Paudie Maher for Bryan O’Mara (68)

    TIPPERARY: Brian Hogan; Cathal Barrett, Padraic Maher, Barry Heffernan; Brendan Maher, Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher; Alan Flynn, Paddy Cadell; Dan McCormack, Noel McGrath, Michael Breen; Jason Forde, Seamus Callanan, Jake Morris

    Subs: C Morgan for Barrett temp sub (17-19), W Connors for P Caddell (half-time), Morgan for Kennedy (44), M Kehoe for McCormack and J McGrath for Flynn (both 49), E Connolly for Heffernan (64), P Flynn for Forde (67).

    Scorers for Tipperary: Jason Forde 1-5 (4f), Noel McGrath 1-2, Seamus Callanan 1-1, Ronan Maher 0-4 (0-1 ’65), Jake Morris 0-3, Brendan Maher, Seamus Kennedy, Michael Breen, Alan Flynn, Willie Connors, John McGrath 0-1 each.

  • If we to use club form for picking tipp bubbles would never play for tipp

    either would have Nicky English, Nicky player better quality football for his club then hurling

    as for the multiple teams teams you have listed above for the league, that’s very interesting reading for two reasons

    1. there was very little experimentation
    2. what little experimentation was done was now looking back clearly done by sheedy to build his bench.

    the young tipp players must have known from early in the year that no matter what they did in training sheedy had his team picked. Must have made for a divided panel.

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  • Listen, I'll leave you with your opinions. They're not for changing.

    I wouldn't agree with anything you're saying.

    All I know is A) You're asking me to provide info on the panel and the extended panel.

    B) You don't know the club scene or what the players who you've earmarked for the future are you up to.

    C) Making up rumours about a divided panel.

    Best of luck with it.

  • It’s for the best

    you don’t have any answers, you just blindly follow tipp regardless

    you have had a go at Willie connors yet for example if he becomes a starter next year he will be a legend in your eyes who just was not ready in until 2022

    same if tipp have a great year next year with a young team, you will it explain it by they were not ready in 2021

    as far as hinting at a divided panel, I played hurling for my club for years and I have seeing in our club panels divisions over experience/ youth

    anyone who has played gaa at club will admit to similar issues

    if there is any truth that tipp B in training are beating tipp A, this I heard even before Clare game from someone who played tipp IC in the 2000s and is a good friend, then it has to be a divided panel as how could it not be

  • But they are getting game time, they got more game time than the last league, and in championship, they're being eased into it and treated rightly.

    How many times have managers played youth for the sake of it, throwing them in, and hiding behind lines of developing a team and suddenly years later they're nowhere... and won nothing. These players are being developed nicely and haven't been just thrown in for the sake of it. Nor have they put in the performances at this time to merit inclusion.

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  • I heard before the limerick game that 5 of the subs took the whole A team on in a game of backs and forwards and beat them out the gate. Apparently Ger Browne marked 3 lads on his own and scored 2-5. If that's true, how the hell could it not be a divided panel? The guy who told me was on a train in the 90s that passed by semple stadium where the the tipp juniors were playing. He's a good friend of mine.

  • Three years after Waterford won the under 21 2016 all ireland - four of that team made the senior team and they were beaten by twenty points by Limerick and 18 points by Tipp...

    Shane is a good lad, i like the YouTube show. It's an entertaining and fresh voice, bit of craic. Love the interviews. But wouldn't go to it for serious analysis. That's a very reactionary piece, the day after a game.

    There's no comparison between Cork and Tipp - Cork are in a very different place to Tipp. There's around fifty senior all-ireland medals knocking around that Tipp panel. Cork are looking to change big time - haven't had any senior success in a long time. Hence flooding the panel with youth. Hasn't worked yet has it? Who have they beaten? Dublin? And Clare, who were playing their fourth game in how many weeks?

    Where is Stapleton getting this from? "There’s a prevailing notion in Tipperary that Liam Sheedy has earned the right to decide when he will walk away from the job."

    What's this about "Sheedy has had the locals eating out of the palm of his hand for a long time"? Who? What?

    Stapleton doesn't have the courage of the conviction of his headline either (Ignoring The Writing on the Wall). Did he write this on a wall? Stating "It would be trite and lazy to simply state the issues after the fact; this notion which amounts to saying the Waterford loss was yesterday’s manager leading yesterday’s players with yesterday’s tactics." But then goes on to do exactly that throughout the article. Should have a spent more than 24 hours on writing that ball of shite.

  • the players went down fighting once more, as they tend to.

    that is some harsh truth to be having with your supper. very close to the bone

  • Dust off the VHS of Nicky playing football for Latin Cullen there and knock yourself out linking it today's game! 😁

    Gas ticket!

  • Except it was Shane Brophy who was actually saying that the B team beat the A team in the training matches the other day.

  • No you stated that Willie connors and others never did it in the club game and so were not serious options

    I simply stated that Nicky English among others were also not known for being Great club players

    doing It at club is not a guarantee you can make it IC

    that you did not get this and also your mis reading of other posts makes me think you might be running a couple of accounts here and are getting confused by that.

  • Exactly.

    Everybody knows that A v B training games are so frequent and the players games are so well-known to each other that the games become close. And B teams often beat A teams particularly in the lead up to games when lads are trying to mind themselves when they know they're starting (preventing injury) and lads are trying to prove a point, particularly when not picked.

    Only a guy like shane brophy would make a big deal of that. Every recent inter county hurler's response on other podcasts to that news has been to dismiss it. They know the score.

  • Irrelevant or whether we were successful or not this year, the management had a duty to blood a few players and think of the future especially where we had the core of a team that was the same age and are now over the 30. If Sheedy had provided even more starts to some of these lads in the league then it might have at least tee us up for next year. Instead, we face a winter of uncertainty now. Possible disgruntlement amongst the young players and older players considering their future. By contrast, the Limerick panel at present is dotted with youth and Kiely is continuously looking to add more lads to the panel. In 2017, when Kiely took over, they went with youth and knew they had to be patient. They won 2 out of the next 4 All-Irelands. 2019 was a peak for a lot of the core of our team. Things had to be freshened up the year beforehand. Its simply unrealistic to expect the same core to continue to go back to the well and to ignore the lack of youth and freshness in our team yesterday, shows a huge level of ignorance Waterford blocked us down on at least 10 occasions. That split second just isn't there anymore. It would be unfair to expect it to be. The starting lineup badly needs rejuvenation in 22.

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  • We're not talking about club football 😁 News flash, Nicky English is no longer relevant... I think you're living in another age.

    I was talking about county final. A COUNTY FINAL. The most important game in tipp of the year. And Willie wasn't in the same league as Noelie. Fact.

    You said he could play the Noelie role - Willie is a completely different type of player.

    Get out and watch a few club games be more in your line.

    Keep a civil tone

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  • So neither Brophy or Shane Stapleton who have been reporting on matches for years have a clue 🤣 The shapeshifting to frame a narrative here is hillarious Every single person (which is growing by the second) who has a difference of opinion is wrong... Former intercounty player??? Journalist??? Doesnt matter, wrong!!

    .... So if you don't pick the players who perform in training, who do you actually pick??? What yardstick do you use???? Do you ignore mark Kehoe if he is playing well in training, because the players before him have won 3 All Irelands???? mind-bending logic.

  • i have played against SARS a few times. 2 names for you pa bourke and redser

    both were outstanding club players. Full stop.

    Unnecessary Content

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  • Newsflash!! Noel no longer has 70 minutes in him. He is a fantastic player yes, he can still potentially do a job from the bench, yes, but to expect him to keep into Jamie Barron for a whole game is madness.

  • This is the last time I respond to your level.

    What former inter county player?

    Journalists can be wrong.

    Sheedy and his management team picked their team based on training and data? You saw none of it. You're going on hearsay. What talking about? Sheedy picked the players who performed in training? Sheedy himself last month:

    "We’ve seen it across hurling and a number of sports. Really, age is a number,” he says.

    “What I’m looking for all the time is life in the legs and the ability to get around the pitch and do great things.

    “Every one of my panel, I see them in close situations, hip to hip and one v one, two v two and three v three. Ultimately that’s what I judge my team on.

    “The reason they’ll be on the team sheet on Sunday won’t have anything to do with their age or how long they’re in there.

    “It will be (a case of) who can start the job for us in the first round and who can come in and finish that job.

    “Whether the guy that starts is 21 or 31, that will be based on the data that I have seen right in front of my eyes over the last number of months. That allows me to sleep very easily at night.

    “I don’t really get caught up in what’s going on outside the group, and I have enough to control and occupy my mind with what’s going on inside.

    “What they’ve given for the jersey over the last number of weeks and when they’ve been training on their own has been impeccable.

    “So there will be none of them I can look in the eye and say you didn’t put it in, they’re all giving their absolute maximum.

    “I’m very happy with the way everyone on the panel has applied themselves. They’re all giving it their absolute best and I can’t ask for any more.

    “These guys are intent on giving this thing a right go.

    “If we come up short it won’t be because of age. It will be because we simply aren’t good enough. But as regards their effort, I could not ask for any more from this group"

    You'll be calling Sheedy a liar next.

    You haven't seen any training matches, I'd say. You're making up stuff about Mark Kehoe in training. Now, that's mind bending.

    Noel McGrath wasn't marking Jamie Baron... - sigh.

    Cut out your condescending all knowing attitude

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  • Sure, i don't doubt it for a second but, really, what's the big deal about a training spin? Is it the first time it's happened in the history of hurling or something?

    I'm not saying here there's no validity to some of the questions being asked of Sheedy, maybe he was too conservative - certainly in not making changes quicker in Munster final at least - but this should come with perspective i think.

    Reading that Stapleton piece and he seems perplexed that cork filtered through so many of their 2018 21s compared to us. But he watched those games like the rest of us so surely he noticed that was a far more talented cork bunch than we had. Fair play to our lads for winning that final, they showed great character, but the better individuals came through as opposed to the better team. I don't find that surprising at all.

    Who of that tipp team has been pulling up trees and demanding selection? 11 or 12 of them are or have been in and around the senior set up so they've not been neglected at all. Hopefully Ger Browne can push on again next year, i like Kehoe a lot but he was starting championship games last year and still didn't look ready. Seems we should just be throwing lads in to sink or swim if some had their way, but i don't believe that's how it should work, there is a balance to be achieved.

    It keeps being said but winning under age titles is great but it doesn't carry guarantees with it. I'll go out on a limb and bet we'll ultimately get as many seniors out of this years losing crop than either of the winning ones. Thought there were some very fine individual talents in there.

    All of which rambling nonsense is to say, sure, i wish we'd had a couple of players in to freshen things up but at the end of the day I haven't seen any convincing arguments that any of the young players were all that hard done by. Two of the freshest outfield players on Saturday, Jake and Barry, didn't do it and were the first two to be taken off. The other, cadell, did ok I thought, but he's had two years in the set up now and is only beginning to look the finished article. I'd love us to have a couple of "phenoms" like a young Kelly or a Leahy but lads like that only come around once every few generations, nowadays especially with the way the game is played and the physicality, lads just need more time perhaps.

  • and the Jake morris substitution sums up everything I and others have been saying

    Noel McGrath breen Alan Flynn and callinan should have all went before him but Liam sheedy again made the wrong and biased decision

  • I don't know about others, but i do think it sums up a lot of what you've been saying anyway. I don't know would i have taken Jake off personally, but it wasn't going for him for whatever reason so I can't see major issues with it. The switches worked well, our bench made a big impact so it's the one area you can't really find fault. Unless you just want to be hypercritical, that is, and find fault with everything. Where was Ger Browne anyway? Surely he should have been in from the start and captain as well?!

    Anyway, enough shyte out of me for one night. I'm out.

  • yeah, and you could always take off Callanan who scored two goals off before Jake who scored nothing. And you could also take off Michael Breen who scored three points from play and leave on Jake who couldn't get into the game. And you could also take off Noelie who created most of our goal scoring chances but leave on Morris who couldn't get into the game and sure you could take off J McG after bringing him on because he only got two points and two shots on goal but Morris couldn't get into the game, leave him on, and yeah, because they're all old and he's young and that's enough shite from me too.

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  • Bubbles and callinan were gone within 10 minutes themselves

    but hey maybe someone could post something about 1 plus 1 = 3