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Formula 1 2021 - General Discussion Thread (Read 1st post rules)



  • I know it's during the usual time slot for rugby, football etc. Would anywhere in Cork be showing the race on Sunday?

  • According to Red Bull Max was only slow at the end because of tyre damage incurred when Lewis ran into the back of him, so he had to nurse the car home because all the shenanigans plus the penalty meant there wasn’t enough of a gap to Ocon.

    The Mercedes was clearly the faster car, but it’s impossible to say who would have won without all the interference from the FIA. Mercedes was clearly faster in Austin and Max won. Mercedes locked out the front row in Mexico and Max won. Max was robbed of the opportunity to compete at Qatar by a penalty and Brazil was easy mode for Lewis with the new engine and trick rear wing.

    Whenever there is no outside interference, collisions or tricks, Max has pretty much a 100% record for beating Lewis regardless of being in a slower car, he always makes better starts and maximises strategy to keep track position, so I wouldn’t rule out the same thing happening again for Abu Dhabi but it will certainly be difficult.

  • Not sure I agree but we of course don't have to :)

    I still think the plan for RB was pole and then just match the Merc, the speed difference was compounded with different tires. Max was making the time up in the first sector to then compensate the DRS. He fell foul of the Virtual Safety car when it was lifted after the sector he made the most time in. Not saying he would have been able to hold onto that with the mediums, but RB had no choice really but to go on them for the restart.

    I still think they are close on raw pace, had Max gotten the pole, Toto said the gap would have been 4-5 tenths, so there is still a performance balance between the two teams.

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  • Spot on, cheers. It's listed on their website under other sports sections.

  • Just on the map of Abu Dhabi posted above. Is that straight really that long ?

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  • I don't think they would if they were genuinely neutral and don't lead with "I'm not a Hamilton fan but...." before writing an essay on how Verstappen tries to intentionally crash into anyone who makes a move on him.

  • Says the one who has excused everything Verstappen has done this season.

  • I will be keeping an eye on the battle for fifth in the consructors championship, something I have been doing for the last few races. Alpine who are 5th at the moment with 149 points and Alpha Tauri are 6th with 120 points. I'm hoping Alpine will hold onto 5th.

  • Does anyone know the exact changes to the Yas Marina circuit this year ?

    Anyone seen a map showing the new layout ?

  • I agree with a lot of this, but on the last paragraph I'd argue that Max has been like this all year. Imola, where they made contact and forced hamilton off the road, Silverstone prior to Stowe where they made contact, Spain where he forced hamilton off the road, Monza sprint where he forced hamilton off the road, Brazil where he forced Hamilton off the road. The outlier of course to this is Stowe at Silverstone, coincidentally it is the only time Max found himself on the outside of all the above moves.

    I don't like either of the drivers involved, but it's not fair to say that Max hasn't been overly aggressive this season. He showed a maturity in his driving last year that has evaporated this year, enabled by Horner (who's behaviour has been disgraceful) and inconsistent penalties by the FIA.

    Hamilton is the same as he's always been, when things don't go his way, its a big conspiracy to stop him. Weak at wheel to wheel racing and always capable of a brain fade moment at any opportunity.

    Regardless of who wins, next Monday I'll have to get up and go to work. Max or Hamilton are not going to pay my mortgage, no matter how many 3000 word essays I write on here defending every ridiculous action taken.

  • Imola and Spain are the only 2 I really disagree with, that get brought up a lot. I've watched them both again and both times he's gotten his car on the inside far enough up to consider the corner his. He runs slightly wide but if Hamilton stands his ground there then there could be a crash and he would be at fault for it. When the contact happened at Silverstone, Toto was trying to argue that it was Max' fault for moving in as Lewis had been alongside him enough for him to be able to consider the corner his(but the replays showed he wasn't near enough beside him).

    Since Brazil, as I've said I definitely think he's been more erratic as he tries to get some sort of foothold in each race. The FIA have almost abdicated responsibility for fear that they will wreck the title run in.

    Overall though I find people are really looking for examples of him being dangerous to fuel the narrative that any and all contact he's involved in is his fault.

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  • You are absolutely right and the key point is ' if Hamilton stands his ground there then there could be a crash'. So when Hamilton doesn't yield and Max comes off second best, lets apply the same standards.

    Imola and Spain are both the same move, take a massively early apex so you purposely run wide and run out of road. I said at the time that Hamilton's mistake at Silverstone was dropping too much speed, trying to make the corner on the tighter line, when he's been given a lesson all season that the FIA consider it legal if your on the inside to just run it wide and force the guy on the outside out of road.

    What Max has achieved this season is phenomenal, in what has been a slower car for most of the year, combined with unforced errors and bad strategy by Hamilton and Mercedes, but to say that he's not been over the limit with a lot of his driving this year is not exactly true. What I would like to see is some consistency by the FIA, not applying arbitrary penalties for the sake of it, and Toto and Horner to stop badgering the FIA every time something doesn't go their way.

  • Am I correct in saying the Brazil DRS straight is roughly 600m and the one in Abu Dhabi is roughly 750m??

    With most of the slow corners removed and turned into straights?

  • F1 put this up on YouTube, presumably what with his final race coming up.

    As usual I'll say just look how twitchy those cars were. Also if you watch from just after 0.45 in, there's an onboard and Montoya is to Kimi's right. When Montoya hits the brakes it's like a switch. Now it seems (and I'm sure lack of good engine note doesn't help) than even when driving hard in the race the braking power doesn't look as strong or as instant. I know the hybrid system helps with braking but the extra weight doesn't.

    Also just that overtake for the win. That corner wasn't a flat-out kink back then either.

  • Kimi is my spirit animal.

  • You see, we don't really know that. We've only been introduced to the team radio to Race control this year. The closest we've ever seen as to how Charlie operated was when cameras rolled in the drivers meetings a few years back. For all we know, the umming and ahhhing happened under Charlie as well and who can forget when Seb basically told Charlie to eff off over the radio. There was a very good debate over this by the BBC team on the Chequered Flag podcast that's worth checking out.

  • I’ve no doubt Charlie was available on the radio during races and it just wasn’t broadcast at the time…. But I’ve also got no doubt he wouldn’t take any of this sh*t from Toto and Horner were hearing lately and would put them back in their box quicksmart!

    Maybe that’s why it’s now being broadcast? Because teams can push a bit more knowing there will be no repercussions so we’re hearing more drama??

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  • McLaren to use a modified livery this weekend: