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Sage Barista Express



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    Yep same as now for me, just keep it for times when you need to backflush the machine it probably keeps that little insert in place a bit better, but I was shocked at how grimey mine was as I had been cleaning the portafilter after every use.

    @DaveyDave good shout on this, I empty mine regularly but always give it a scrub at the weekend, it builds up a nice layer of grounds pretty quick. I may invest in a dosing cup at some point, I think a lot of it is coming from grounds spilling over the side of my portafilter.

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    Since there's talk of cleaning at the minute, it might be worth mentioning the shower screen. I find that it needs to be removed quite regularly and wiped/cleaned in the sink. It builds up gunk like the portafilter does, even the cleaning tablets don't seem to clear it. You'll have to use the provided hex key, but it's an easy job. I also changed my shower screen to an IMS version, with IMS basket. I find that they might a slight improvement to my shots, less channelling. Definitely not essential, but might be worth considering.

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    I was looking not long ago and didn't think any of the IMS screens fit the Barista Express? Must look again I wouldn't mind picking them up.

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    This is the exact one I bought:

    It mentions that you may have to make a modification to the screw hole on the new shower screen, but I didn't have to. My machine is only a year and a half old or so. And this is the basket I got:

    The H24 option is equivalent to the stock Sage double basket.

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    Question regarding cleaning, how often do you descale, and how often would you backflush the machine? Only when the light comes on, or more regularly?

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    Help Please!!!!

    Got Sage Barista Express machine for Christmas - I’m getting pretty frustrated with the machine - can someone please, in laymans terms, tell me how to make a good Americano. I’ve tried every permutation of grind size / quantity / beans etc but still haven’t mastered a good cup that makes me think the machine is worth it.

    can you share your best bean / grind size & quantities so that I can further experiment (I know coffee is an individual choice but would like to see what’s working for others).

    thank you

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    Where did you have good Americano last?

    To make Americano you have to pull good espresso shot first.This is your main target , dilute it with the hot water after.

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    You say you've tried everything, but what are your results? That's what really counts.

    To start, aim for 18g of coffee in, 36-40g of coffee out. This should take around 30 seconds from the moment you press the shot button, to the last drop into your cup.

    You should be using fresh beans, and the double basket (non-pressurised) while ensuring you have a nicely tamped, level puck.

    The "espresso dial" should go to around 1-2 o clock, the espresso range on that dial is really vague.

    Of course, this is all subjective and comes down to personal preferences and taste. I find the best results with the machine to be 18g in, 40g out in 33-35 seconds total.

    If you are struggling to get shots to take their time like this, then you need to grind finer. Adjusting the upper (internal) burr is probably a step you need to take - the default is 6 but I set mine to 3 and found it gave me more flexibility with grind size overall.

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    Has anyone purchased a replacement group head gasket? I checked Amazon but most of the options seemed to be either sold out or the reviews were not great.

    Had an issue with the gasket coming loose last week but since I reseated it it has been fine but I want to have a spare ready when/if it happens again.

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    Yep, bought them directly from Sage a couple of months ago. I had my machine a few months with no issues, then one day the gasket burst. It appeared it was just unseated but when I actually removed it there was a small tear in the rubber.

    I ordered a couple of spares from Sage, replaced the gasket and everything was fine for a couple of weeks before it happened again. Replaced again and it was gone within 2 weeks. At that point I reached out to customer service and they organised a replacement machine.

    Just checked their website, I see they're out of stock (and double the price I paid 😮)

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    Sounds similar to my situation so but I removed the seal again this morning (I had forgotten about the issue as it only seems to occur when the machine pressure goes very high) so I started a cleaning cycle and after a few seconds at full pressure it popped out again.

    This time I inspected it more closely but cant find any tears or holes in it it must be just stretched or something. I since ordered one from a company called Blu Star Coffee in Galway bit more expensive than I had hoped but hopefully it solves my issue.

    For now it works OK as long as I dont over pressurise it when making the coffee so will revisit it once I have the new seal.