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Don't stop moving...



  • ITB didn’t feel great at the start of the week, so the plan was to have a few days easy running, with more focus on S&C and see if my ITB improved.


    No running, but did a good 40 mins or so S&C session. It was fun since E decided to join in, her form was questionable but generally her counting was on point! haha


    5.5km @4:55/km

    Easy morning running for me. Legs a bit sore from the S&C last night!
    Did a similar session of S&C in the evening again.


    6.2km @ 4:49/km

    Another easy morning run


    February Challenge time!

    All else being equal, I would have not taken this on and taken it handy still but looking at the forecast for next week, I didn’t know when I’d get a chance to run up the hill in a modicum of comfort weatherwise.

    The window was quite tight between first light and being back in time for work. My effort route started 2km from my house, so jogged there in dark and started in dark. According to Garmin, I had about 5.5km to run to top of Fairycastle, in 37 mins. I reckoned I’d do it in about 30 or so then I’d figure it out for the last 5mins!

    I did Run the Line in 2015 so knew the area well, but being honest, I’d completely forgotten the knack/suffering of relentless climbing! Anyway, managed to keep running for the first 2km or so, then started walking the steepest/roughest bits and got to top in 31mins I think. Then made a mess of the next 3 mins or so, ended up running around on the flat. Finally found a hill to do some steep (ish) reps.

    Took a breather and looked around, by now it was bright and Dublin was awake in front of me. The tension as my watch wouldn’t tell me total elevation! But when I got home and checked was 439m in 36:50 or so. Pretty much as expected. IF I do it again before the months out, I think my improvements are more likely to come from better planning of the “spare” time and maybe some measurement error in my favour.

    Jogged home again. Total distance for the day: 14km @ a variety of paces!


    6.1 @ 4:51/km

    Easy around the industrial estate on my own. My glutes were pretty sore after yesterday. I was also quite tired!


    13km with buggy @4:42/km

    Lovely longer run with E, the morning was brisk but pleasant. Helped by just running to Marlay which meant quite a sheltered route. Did a perimeter, the DBR mile and the concert field km and ran back home again. Randomly accelerated in the middle for about a mile which dragged the average pace down.


    5.3km with buggy @ 4:42/km

    Was quite time constrained, so this was a quick one to the shop for berries.

    Week: 50.4km (18km with the buggy)
    YTD: 251km

  • A fun week this week on boards doing the Spotlight challenge. I’ve a few ideas for the next subject, but am letting a few weeks pass as too much of a good thing and all that!

    Running wise, was a bit of a down week. Hence the terribly delayed log (compared to my usual Monday morning!). Just lots of easy running in horrible weather, I did a lot of 1st thing runs so not much buggy running either.

    The 1st week in 2021 where I missed my mileage target but such is life. As long as it doesn’t become a thing.


    No running, but did a 30 mins or so S&C session.


    7.1km @4:53/km

    Easy before work. Dark, cold and dropped some stuff down to my parent’s house.


    6.5km @ 4:47/km

    Another easy morning run in the cold.


    6.1km with buggy @ 4:45/km

    Easy afternoon spin.


    Was tired, and didn’t feel like battling to get out.


    6km @4:56/km

    A snowy and very windy morning, was delighted to just get out and enjoy being inside for the day.


    8km @ 4:50/km

    Valentine’s Day so needed to squeeze this in before breakfast! Weather a bit warmer, but still windy, still wet. ugh

    Week: 33.8km (6km with the buggy)
    YTD: 301km

  • More mundane running being honest, my homework for this week is to plot a more constructive course for the next 5 or 6 weeks.

    I’d actually fancy trying some more focused HR training, and I think it might actually be a good fit for me because it would allow me do some more workouts with the buggy (as its effort based rather than pace).


    6.7km with buggy @4:56/km

    Finally some bright weather, so took a spin to my parents to say hello from the end of the driveway. Strange that this feels like the “normal” way to say hi to granny and grandad.


    9km @4:40/km

    More bright weather, and actually enjoyed exploring a somewhat new path joining Stepaside to Ballyogan. Opens a few more looped routes for me now.


    6km @ 4:47/km

    Had planned to go in the evening with E, but had a few late meetings so squeezed this in mid-afternoon on my own. More fresh sunshine.


    7km with buggy @ 4:50/km

    Easy afternoon spin.


    7km @ 4:51/km
    Easy run before work


    7.7km with buggy @4:49/km

    Had planned the slightly longer run this morning, but looking outside (and at Sunday’s forecast), I made the decision to swap days. Good decision, got drenched so was glad to get home. E had lost a hat and a glove though.


    16.3km with buggy @ 4:48/km

    Glorious weather, actually felt “warm” for the first time in 2021. Re-traced some of yesterday’s route looking for the errant headwear and gloves. Success on that front, quite satisfying really!

    Was starting to look at heart rate on this run, so aimed to keep it in 140s. Which I succeeded in doing except for the climb up Kill Lane where I fancied the effort required to keep up the pace, peaked at something like 175/180 there and took about 500m to wind down afterward.

    Rounded up the distance at the end to hit 60km for the week.

    Week: 60.1km (38km with the buggy)
    YTD: 345km

  • So doing a bit of looking over lunch at Heart Rate training...and it seems the first step is a Max HR test. I've lots of activities from last year or so, but they're all wrist based so dubious quality.

    Therefore, I reckon I should do a updated one with chest strap. Was thinking of just doing a 5k TT (after warmup) this week. Be interesting to see where my 5k time is too..

    anybody got any thoughts on this? is there a "better" way of testing max HR?

  • crisco10 wrote: »
    So doing a bit of looking over lunch at Heart Rate training...and it seems the first step is a Max HR test. I've lots of activities from last year or so, but they're all wrist based so dubious quality.

    Therefore, I reckon I should do a updated one with chest strap. Was thinking of just doing a 5k TT (after warmup) this week. Be interesting to see where my 5k time is too..

    anybody got any thoughts on this? is there a "better" way of testing max HR?

    Haven't done it myself but the way I was told was basically get yourself a nice hill and peg it up it. :D

    Or more specifically. I've seen this method on multiple sites. There doesn't exist a hill in my vicinity that'd take me 2 minutes to climb unfortunately.
    Warm up for 15 minutes on a flat surface. Build up to your usual training pace.

    Choose a hill that will take more than two minutes to climb. Run up the hill once, building to as hard a pace as you could theoretically hold for 20 minutes. Return to the base of the hill.
    Run up the hill again. Get your heart going at the best effort you could theoretically maintain for 3 kilometers. Observe your highest heart rate on the display. Your HR max is approximately 10 beats higher than the now-noted value.
    Run back down the hill. Allow your heart rate to drop 30–40 beats per minute from where it was.
    Run up the hill once again at a pace that you can only hold for 1 minute. Try to run halfway up the hill. Observe your highest heart rate. This brings you close to your maximum heart rate. You can use this value as your HRmax to set your training zones.
    Make sure you cool-down for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    I wouldn't use the watch reading. Fingers and watch would be what I'd use without a chest strap.

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  • No ideas myself but there was a couple of pages of discussion on Laineyfrecks log a few weeks ago that got a few in depth responses!

  • Haven't done it myself but the way I was told was basically get yourself a nice hill and peg it up it. :D

    Or more specifically. I've seen this method on multiple sites. There doesn't exist a hill in my vicinity that'd take me 2 minutes to climb unfortunately.

    I wouldn't use the watch reading. Fingers and watch would be what I'd use without a chest strap.

    I hear you on the fingers and watch, but surely if I'm at max HR, it will unlikely that I'll have the mental capacity or agility to count my own HR? :eek:

    I (un)fortunately have a good selection of 2 minute hills around. Could look at that either.

    @edinrunna - thanks, ill wander over to Lainey's log..

  • Here is what Shotgun and I discussed a week or so ago

    "A 30 minute tests is useful for finding both LT (Lactate Threshold) and Max HR.

    Generally you need to pace evenly enough it so you build the pace gradually until you cannot maintain it near the end and literally bury yourself. Good chance if you start to fail at the end you hit max or near max and last 20min avg is probably close to LT.

    Overall its better to have a HR strap to target max and zones and in turn training to those zones. If you want to train at HR or use Karvonen. Its worth it IMO. Keeps your easy, easy and can set ranges to control your sessions."

  • Continued my resolution from last week, I started the journey toward HR based training. The main goal this week was to see what was involved and plot a course...

    My early update is because I feel my session this morning helpful, and will be looking for HR based plans based on it.


    7.2km with buggy @4:49/km

    Normal Monday evening spin in the buggy.


    Weather awful and due a rest day – well planned!


    12km @ 4:27/km

    Lactate Threshold Test.

    So fairly quickly I realised that I needed to get some sense of my heart rate to base any Zones off. I was quite startled to realise that aside from, 1 x 400m effort and the elevation challenge, I hadn’t pushed my HR up at all in 2021. I knew I’d be taking it easy but wow. That’s about 500km since my last consistently high HR effort.

    Anyway, plan was to try the approach above of run hard for 30 mins, with the last 20 minutes being the measurement period. Set up the Garmin Workout and off I went.

    It was pretty blustery, and hilly but can’t help but feel I didn’t really hit max effort. It was hard, and I was hanging a little at the end, but far from needing a bucket. My pace wasn’t amazing either – but that wouldn’t be unexpected give the volume of easy running I’ve been doing.

    Result of the test is that my average HR for the last 20 was 174, (the max was only 183). I’ll use this for now and see what happens. This implies the following zones (I think):

    Z1: <148
    Z2: 149 to 159
    Z3: 160 to 169
    Z4: 170 to 179
    Z5: 180+

  • I have the Matt Fitzgerald 80/20 book. Can drop it up on a run if you want a goo. I won't be using it in the next while anyway I think!

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  • Thursday

    8km with buggy @ 4:40/km

    Easy afternoon spin down to collect 80/20 book (and drop down Science of Running) from ReeRee’s, which looks interesting. 1st impression is that a lot of the midweek stuff is quite short (duration wise) which suits me well.


    7km @ 4:51/km. Avg HR: 148

    No time like the present, so thought I’d slot into the 5k training plan in 80/20 and see what it was like. Session this morning was Hill Reps #2.
    WU, CD and 8 x 30s in Z5 off 90s.

    Ironically for my first session, Heart Rate was useless over a 30s interval so did it off Perceived Effort which is a very intuitive concept for Z5. Seems to be basically just blast it, or close to.

    After 1 or 2 reps, I started to target specific points on the road as benchmarks and keep the reps even enough paced. Enjoyed it, and was home within 35 mins which is great. My heart rate never hit Z5, but it also never hit Z1 on recoveries. So 100% based off my perceived effort.


    8 km with buggy @4:48/km, Avg HR: 143

    This was supposed to be 40 minutes in Zone 1. Mostly achieved that in the 1st half of the run, but keeping in Z1 while pushing a buggy is hard. As soon as I hit any sort of incline, my HR shot up to Z2 or low Z3. But on perceived effort scale, it was certainly Z1 all along.

    Finished at the playground and enjoyed the sunshine too!


    13.3km with buggy @ 4:54/km, Avg HR: 146

    More glorious weather. So took a wander around some random estates doing more painting. Goal of session was the 80/20 long run. Which seems to be just 5 or 10 minutes in Z1, then the rest in Z2. Went a bit longer than the plan a) because it was nice out and b) I quite like a run longer than an hour at the weekend!

    Did a lap of the block at end to take me to 200km for February.

    *random parenting aside* - it amazes me how much more nuanced E’s chat is these days compared to a few months ago. Conversations used to be basically look and point at simple objects, but now she’s seeing things and making all sorts of observations. E.g. Yesterday, pointing out how the bridge in Dundrum is for trains, but her bridge is in the playground.

    Week: 55.8km (36km with the buggy)
    YTD: 400.9km

  • All change this week, a lot less buggy running for logistical reasons. Week 2 of the 80/20 Level 2 5k plan. Mileage wise my heaviest one in 2021. First impressions are positive, it seems quite consistent. The long runs aren’t crazy long, but the recoveries aren’t too short. (so far). I just seem to head out most days for a ~40min run.


    10km @4:58/km, HR Average: 144

    First and probably not last attempt at the March challenge. I wanted to try the “easiest” bonus structure first to feel my way into so tried the +10 seconds per km approach, starting at easy +1min/km.

    At slower than easy, it’s bloody hard. I think the GPS follows much more accurately if your pace is smooth. But I was slowing/stopping/sprinting at the end of the first few splits to hit the target.

    Great run though, and a cheeky progression session. My HR was average 144 so didn’t work the body too hard. My highest HR at the end was about 160 so not even too much high intensity.


    7.7 @ 4:32/km HR:151 (avg), 175 (max)

    Session was called Speed Play, warmup, then 5 x 2mins in Zone 4 with 2 mins recover and CD.

    Enjoyed it, again I really was using perceived effort as a guide rather than the number on my watch for HR. The plan says Zone 4 is somewhere between your 15/20 minute effort a mile effort. Pace wise (3:36/km to 3:49/km), it looks a little slow, but my heart rate was fairly solidly up there for the last 3 reps. And I think I was fairly honest effort wise. It was noticeable that as the Reps went on, I was hitting the target HR more and more quickly within the rep.
    So 2 theories, my pace has slowed a bit since 2020 (quite possible) and my legs were a little weary after LSR on Sunday and a (gently paced) Progression Run Monday. Either way, I’m comfortable I wasn’t cheating the session.


    8.3k @ 4:47/km HR: 139 (avg)

    Foundation run, so mostly Z1/Z2 here. Felt fine.


    8km @ 4:51/km HR: 146 (avg) 171 (max)

    Hill Reps #4

    Got interrupted by a work call halfway through my warmup, but other than that this one went to plan. 10 x 30 second Z5 efforts up a hill in the area. Again really enjoyed this, and used landmarks to benchmark my efforts. All were <3:30/km, and most <3:20/km (as best you can tell in such a short effort).

    Love these short hill reps, the effort builds nicely but no rep feels bonkers because it’s short.


    7km @ 4:56/km. Avg HR: 141

    Plan called for 30 mins in Z2 with 5 mins in Z1 WU/CD. Executed it roughly, for a nice easy morning run.


    12.5 km with buggy @4:52/km, Avg HR: 143

    Weekly LSR, which in the plan was ~11.5km, mostly Z2 with WU in Z1. So went a little long, I was painting more estates around Dundrum/Churchtown and misjudged.

    My HR was well controlled for most of it, but the last 1.5km uphill with buggy and tiring it crept up into Z3 for sure.


    8km with buggy @ 5:00/km, Avg HR: 146

    Recovery run, so needed to stay in Z1 for the entirety. This I did, (just about). It’s soooo hard to control pace that finely.

    That said, legs were a little weary so didn’t have much go anyway. A fella whizzed by me at one point, and I just wanted to shout “I’m on a recovery run!”. haha

    Looking forward to Zaytoon this evening...#youngatheart

    Week: 62.8km (20km with the buggy)
    YTD: 463.72km

  • The training plan had a slightly lighter week this week, which was well timed as work was mental, and the couple of rest days were most welcome. No buggy running this week, which I think is the first since the pandemic. And definitely the 1st since I started logging.


    Wife’s birthday so took the day off work and running.


    7km @ 4:34/km HR: 152 (avg) 174 (max)

    This was 4 x 2 mins in Z4. As ReeRee pointed out on Strava, these are fun sessions. Z4 gets the heart going and sweat up but is far from intimidating. Thoroughly enjoyed.


    8.0k @ 4:47/km HR: 143 (avg)
    Foundation run, so mostly Z1/Z2 here. Felt fine.


    8km @ 4:43/km HR: 150 (avg) 178 (max)

    Hill Reps #3

    6 x 1min hills in Z5. As with most of these had to base on perceived effort because they were relatively short. Hit ~3:30/km on most of them so pace was consistent anyway.


    Plan had recovery run or rest in it. I chose the latter for operational reasons.


    12.5 @4:48/km, Avg HR: 150

    A gentle LSR in the plan this week so decided to have another go at the March Challenge and then just tack on a few K at end. As per my post on the challenge thread, it was a disaster of a progression run attempt, but it still functioned well as entertainment on the longer run.


    8km @ 5:15/km, Avg HR: 138

    Recovery run, so needed to stay in Z1 for the entirety. Much better effort at that than last week. Heart rate lovely and low, but check out the pace. Dead slow too. Really interesting in a way.

    Week: 43.2km (0km with the buggy)
    YTD: 507km

  • The start of the building phase in the training plan this week (last few weeks were “base” phase). So sessions start to become a little more involved and incrementally harder week to week. New baby is due Easter weekend, so no idea how far into the plan I will get! Let’s see. 😉


    8.4km @ 4:43 HR: 143 (avg)

    Lovely mild weather for a foundation run. Although when I’m running without the buggy I sometimes find that pace I need to hit for Z2 heart rate can be quite fast, so I tend to shy away from chasing the exact Z2 reading. It would feel odd doing ~4:30/km for an easy day.


    7km @ 4:21/km HR: 153 (avg) 179 (max)

    This was 3 x 3 mins in Z4 off 2 mins (and WU/CD). My first so called “Long intervals” and definitely hit me in places I haven’t been in a while. Goal effort/pace was between 5k and mile effort/pace and wait for HR to follow which it did. I was working hard at end of each interval which was tough, but the recoveries were long enough that I wasn’t cursing when they finished either.

    Weather was gorgeous for this one, squeezed in at lunchtime as it was.


    8.0km with buggy @ 4:53/km HR: 147 (avg)

    Recovery Run. A little (lot) harder work than planned as I took the buggy out on the hills of Killiney/Ballybrack. Gorgeous morning for it though.


    10km @ 4:33/km HR: 153 (avg) 180 (max)

    Short Intervals #4

    10 x 1min in Z5 with 2min off.

    Had forgot my chest strap, so HR is off wrist which is close to meaningless. Anyway, over a minute rep, perceived effort is a more realistic measure. Especially for Z5, just go for it really.

    I’m really enjoying this training plan, (maybe I won’t in a few weeks as sessions get longer/harder), and this session is a good example of why. The reps were short so none lasted that long, but 10 was a relatively high number to get through.

    My legs were a little stiff and sore on some of the reps, and seemed to be my limiting factor at times (As opposed to my heart and lungs). Maybe the hill buggy run yesterday was lingering a little. Or I’d do some S&C on Tuesday afternoon with some new exercises, so could have been that either.


    8km @ 4:51/km

    Z2 run. So, nice and chilled by myself around the block. No chest strap again, so was all off perceived effort. My watch gave an average HR of 157BPM, which is just wrong.


    12km with buggy @4:36/km, Avg HR: 152 Max HR: 171 BPM
    Fast Finish long Run was the plan. Basically about 45 minutes of Z2, then finish with 12 mins of Z3.

    Loved this one, went exploring all sorts of random estates, which meant a lot of gentle hills. Weather was good, and E was singing along to Frozen. The last 12 minutes was testing but not bonkers.

    Defo felt like I’d done a workout later in the day though. But the rugby distracted me nicely. Still can't believe Wales were 2 phases away from a grand slam.


    8km with buggy @ 5:05/km, Avg HR: 143

    Didn’t really want to go out. Was very tempted to just drink coffee and do jigsaws with E. But convinced myself to get out by saying something like “Just do 5km, you’ll be back in 25 mins then”. And predictably once I was out, I stayed out longer!

    Week: 61.5km (28km with the buggy)
    YTD: 568km

  • So easy update this week.

    Zero running.

    Monday was a rest day. And then on Monday night, my wife's water broke.

    Little boy, "C" ;-) arrived on Wednesday. All well.
    Not sure if anyone else has done it, but being a dad with covid restrictions is a strange experience. Sitting in the car in the general holles st area endlessly browsing phone. Long and short, I didn't see my wife for 28 hours when she was in pre/early labour. Mad time for her, and she endured it so well.

    Back to running, fully expected that the best I will do for next few weeks is the odd buggy run here or there. And that'll be that...more important things happening right now.

    Another comment relevant to the strava thread was that one of my mates guessed that labour had started because my strava activity abruptly stopped!! Lol.

  • Congrats!

  • Congrats! Double buggy or redundancy of buggy running now? :)

  • Congrats! Double buggy or redundancy of buggy running now? :)

    Babies can't buggy run until 6 months when they have some neck and core strength. So no double for a while. I have started him on a hard regiment of S&C though (aka tummy time)

    Reckon the buggy might be more popular as a way to reduce the energy and noise over the next months!

  • Aww congratulations, hope all is well with mammy & baby:)

  • Huge congrats, I'm sure you will be planning what double buggy to buy already, can't see buggy running retiring for you!

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  • Congrats!

  • Great stuff, congrats

  • Congrats!

  • Fantastic news. Congrats!

  • Congrats Crisco. That's great news. Our third arrived just 2 weeks before the first lockdown so we were very fortunate with the timing.

  • Huge congrats, lovely news.

    I think it's criminal that you weren't allowed to be there though :(

    Hope mum is recovering well and big sis is adjusting to her new role!

  • ariana` wrote: »
    Huge congrats, lovely news.

    I think it's criminal that you weren't allowed to be there though :(

    Hope mum is recovering well and big sis is adjusting to her new role!

    Thanks. To be clear, I was allowed in for the last few hours of labour. I just wasn't allowed in for all the pre/early labour bit in Unit 3. So basically, out of the 36 odd hours my wife was in labour of varying forms in Holles St, I was with her for the last 5 or so.

    Then was allowed be in for 2 hours per day for the rest of her stay.

  • OK, back on the logging horse.

    Have been back to running gradually, and still haven’t fully ramped up to previous level (and can’t see that happening soon tbh).

    Across 1st 3 weeks of March, did about 50km as I was trying to squeeze in bits and bobs, every 2nd day do a 5km was my goal, optimistic for a new parent, but modest for a runner..
    Last 3 weeks, I have managed to do 33, 40 and 34km respectively :eek: . With a newborn, toddler and work, opportunities to do anything other than 5km around the block are hard to come by. Most likely this trend will continue for awhile, but I am trying to work in some of the 80/20 HR based workouts to keep sharp as I can.

    5k TT Report

    By far the highlight of the running period has been the 5km TT. I’ll just put in a report for the record here (really an expanded version of the report in the challenge thread)
    I actually wanted to do this one with the buggy, as the last time I raced 5km with the buggy was pre-COVID, and I’ve achieved sub-20 with the buggy in 2019 and 2020, so wanted to add 2021 to the list.

    Usual 5k TT routine for me (bar being awake with C twice between midnight and 6am), including pumping up the tyres as hard as they'd go,

    Jogged to marlay with buggy and plan was to 3 x DBR mile loop.

    Got Frozen soundtrack playing for E and started the 5k workout on my watch. Started hard on downhill toward the main house, and plan was to maintain the pace as best I could on the second half of loop which is into breeze and uphill. Wash rinse repeated this strategy for 3 laps.

    The first lap felt easy as the buggy ran down the gentle hill, and the slight uphill along the concert field was fine. It got a little trickier when I came out to the playing fields and got hit with the gentle headwind. Which with the buggy can feel vicious, like pushing a parachute. Knew this stretch would be my final stretch of each lap, so mentally tried to minimise the effort so as not to have too much dread for subsequent laps!

    My goal pace was just keep it below 3:50/km if I could, and see what happens in the last k or so. Average pace was 3:47/km at this point, so pretty on plan. Dig in on second lap and try to keep it up.

    Second lap
    was a bit harder, hit a bit of a dip in my pace as the effort caught up on the 2nd half, but just tried to look forward to turning the corner into the last lap. Average pace still around 3:48/km, so slipping but on plan still. Little resolution to “Stop the slip” on the last lap made.

    Last lap, blowing hard, every little incline (and the route is pretty flat) starting to feel like tough work, pace even dropped to 4:10/km at one point – just lost concentration really. So last 300m foot down to just see what will be. Average pace was still in the 3:48/km range, so on target there. With 100m to go, two arms on buggy, pump the legs as best I can and see what happens until the watch beeps….19:00

    Splits ended up as 3:45, 3:49, 3:46, 3:51, 3:48 which was bang on prediction and it hurt in all the right places.

    Clearly, on another day it could have been sub 19, but after little or no running in the previous 3 or 4 weeks, and not sleeping much, it was a strong result for me. And a PB with the buggy too. I'll never cease to be amazed how a bit of competition (even virtual) can make you run so much quicker)

    Really enjoyed it, and wandered home at a plod as a warmdown .

    Also passed it on to my college buddy WhatsApp group where we did a team event, which my team won by a single second across teams of 4!

  • Crazy busy week, started to put some shape on my running in the first half, then spent the 2nd half decorating a converted attic. Oh and tried to keep the house alive too! Ha

    Despite not really training for anything, I’ve been feeling the itch to put some structure back on the running. So, I think I’m going to go back to the start(ish) of the 80/20 5k plan, I was about halfway through when C arrived and enjoying it. So why not go back to it. Each run being about 30 to 40 mins is very helpful right now, however I do feel like I will be substituting some of the “Easy”/”Foundation” days with “Rest” for operational reasons.

    I’d done a Hill Reps session from the plan last Thursday and enjoyed, E enjoyed counting to 10 too. So it fits well the buggy (being based on HR, not paces).


    6km @ 4:52 Avg HR: 140

    Easy run, out after E’s bedtime which is highly unusual for me. I’m trying to find a new way of squeezing my runs in. The morning slots are taken up by C, and the pre-dinner slots are a nightmare with E at the moment (F’ing tantrums)


    7.7km with buggy @ 4:33 Avg HR: 156

    Speed Play session, 5 x 2 mins in Z4, off 2 mins.

    Endless laps of the tar path at Olaf’s for this one. Enjoyed it as usual, the efforts were intense enough, but 2 minutes was plenty of recovery. Funny to pass by the same people endlessly who were running in the opposite direction. By the end, it felt like we were besties.

    This run also sent E over the 2000km run (ever) landmark, in pretty much exactly 2 years. Not sure I ever thought I would average 1000km per year buggy running.


    6Km with buggy @ 4:52/km Avg Hr: 143

    Foundation Run around Sandyford. Threw in 500m in my socks around the GAA pitches because I felt like it, and haven’t done it for years. Some people looked at me like I was mental, running around a GAA pitch, pushing a buggy, in my socks.

    Thursday - Sunday

    Lots of cross training.

    Decorating the newly converted attic (it finished the week C was born). And all I’ll say is that painting new plaster is a nightmare. It’s like painting a sponge, the paint just disappears, and I did a mist coat and all. Anyways, took an infinite number of coats between Thursday and Sunday then shifting furniture upstairs etc, I was wrecked and had no time to be running.


    Week: 20km (14km with buggy)
    YTD: 743km (395km with buggy)

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  • Starting to do a few more sessions, it’s a delicate balance. I want to continue to train and at least maintain fitness. However, I also don’t have much spare capacity to be tired around the house. So rest days can come from nowhere…


    5km with buggy @ 4:44 Avg HR: 140

    An easy jaunt around the block at lunchtime. Nothing spectacular.


    7.0km with buggy @ 4:27 Avg HR: 155

    Speed Play 3 session 4 x 2 mins in Z4, off 2 mins.

    Back to Olaf’s for this one, enjoyed it, but defo was drifting toward Z5 on the last rep or 2. This was completely driven by the realisation that I could almost do a lap in 2 mins. So before I could stop myself I was chasing that nonsense, nothing to do with the session target. Ha! Missed on achieving it by about 10m on the last lap.

    Might need to pick a different place for sessions, or have more discipline.


    6Km with buggy @ 4:55/km Avg Hr: 144

    Easy run around the area. E was fierce chatty, made it harder work than it should have been. lol


    Rest day due to crazy day at work, and babysitting duty.


    7.3km @ 4:44/km

    Hills #3, 6 x 1 min in Z5 off 2mins.

    Up and down the hill at Airfield Farm here. Had a few waypoints on the hill to check my paces and keep consistent. Really enjoy the short hill effort in Z5. There’s no thinking required, basically blast up the hill, it starts to hurt, then its over.


    Rest, again more due to family than training plan.


    A day of 2 runs..

    1st – 3km with buggy @ 5:54/km

    was due to meet Lambay in Marlay for an easy one with buggy. Managed to get E and I out of the house in time, but then halfway to the park had to U-turn because of a puncture. My 1st mid run puncture in 2000km, raging. Limped home by pumping up the punctured tyre hard, run for awhile then repeated.
    Was really disappointed to miss some social running, so much so my wife chased me out during afternoon nap time for another run.

    2nd – 10km @ 4:52/km

    Enjoyed this, the sun actually came out, so was thoroughly pleasant. Listening to Strong Songs and burning off my bad mood.


    Week: 38km (21km with buggy)
    YTD: 776km (416km with buggy)