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Don't stop moving...



  • crisco10 wrote: »
    Disaster this weekend when the 5k in Mondello was a victim of the Kildare lock down. I'm destined (along with a lot of others) to keep missing races this year.

    Given I'm on holidays next week in Waterford/Cork, I would have like to do a 5k race before then to see what this training over last 6 weeks has done. So if I can't find a race around Dublin this week, or maybe even Waterford next week I'll just do a 5k TT on Thursday in Marlay.

    Whats dates are in Waterford/Cork for? There's a track event in CIT next Monday 17th. Options for 1mile or 5k TTs, pacers as well -

  • Treviso wrote: »
    Whats dates are in Waterford/Cork for? There's a track event in CIT next Monday 17th. Options for 1mile or 5k TTs, pacers as well -

    Aghhhh! thanks for that, but alas, it is sold out! (as of the 7th, before Mondello was cancelled, so didn't miss anything by being slow..thank god)

    Woulda been workable too. Am near Youghal all week...

  • A quiet week planned, with the 5k TT on Thursday in mind..
    8.1 @ 4.35/km
    Easy morning run on my own with podcasts.

    Tuesday & Wednesday
    Off days. Was supposed to get out for an easy run on one of the days but meh.

    Aborted 5km TT.

    Strange one this. Had been having a terrible week, and tbh didn’t want to have a go. BUT I thought that admitting that would make my mood worse so got up and out. I suppose I also hoped a hard effort might boost my mood.
    Normal warmup, felt fine.

    Started TT and was on-pace, but head absolutely filled with negative thoughts ("its humid", "I'm not in the mood" etc). And then I just suddenly stopped at about 1.5km. I didn’t think about it, I just stopped. Don’t know why either.

    Sort of got a bit sad at the inexplicable nature of it all and trudged home (at 6/km pace! :eek: )

    I’m still not even annoyed….strangest feeling and very unlike me.

    7km @ Whatever pace.

  • Yeah that's not like you at all. If you're stressed or anxious though, it always comes out somehow.
    See how you're feeling over the weekend or next week maybe to try again?

  • ReeReeG wrote: »
    Yeah that's not like you at all. If you're stressed or anxious though, it always comes out somehow.
    See how you're feeling over the weekend or next week maybe to try again?

    Yeah, I'm on holiers next week so more likely take it easy and do what i feel like. Then maybe do another mini set of 3 or 4 weeks and try again say mid September.

    I'm very meh this week and don't want to put pressure on myself

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  • could also be the ramp up that takes place before holidays, so much to do to get organised so never an easy week and in the back of your mind know that next week you'll be taking the foot off the pedal somewhat so that would be a tough time to mentally be ready for a TT?

  • MisterJinx wrote: »
    could also be the ramp up that takes place before holidays, so much to do to get organised so never an easy week and in the back of your mind know that next week you'll be taking the foot off the pedal somewhat so that would be a tough time to mentally be ready for a TT?

    Yeah defo a bit of that in hindsight. Tbh, I already feel better as work winds down etc. In the long run, who really cares so I'll be trying to just move on. But a strange one.

    It just goes to show how much of a mind game it all is!

  • It does and some days you just not on it so it's ok to just draw a line and move on and try again when your ready

  • The humidity might have murdered you too resulting in a poorer than hoped for time after a really hard effort so you could have saved your bad week from possibly being worse.

  • So after all the histrionics of my last post, all a bit calmer now. I think like most people I’m struggling with lack of punctuation to my running calendar with no races (or even Parkrun). And that also applies to the rest of life, all this working from home just means days mold into weeks into months etc…
    Managed to keep getting out, and from now I’m just going to maintain for awhile and see what happens. Holiday week this week, so lots of exploring of West Waterford.

    7km with buggy @ 4.38/km

    Leg stretcher after work with E.


    12km @ 4:49/km

    On my own for this one due to not having time for a buggy run after E woke up, more painting of random roads around Foxrock and then home to fill the car for holidays…


    11km @ 4:45/km

    Up before the rest of the house to explore my new surroundings, found a nice beach and then misjudged distances. Was supposed to be about 8km. Nice holiday running though.

    Week Total: 45km (7 with buggy)
    YTD: 1403km


    9km @ 4:24/km

    Family decided to head to a beach about 9km away so I left 20 minutes before them and ran there. Really nice to finish a run with a dip in the ocean! Was expecting a gentle overall downhill to the sea, but was a lot more undulating than expected.


    5km @ 4:46/km

    Really relaxed 5km first thing. Was doing some of the Waterford Greenway later in the day (pulling a baby trailer too).
    Was an amazing day, couldn’t recommend it enough. The weather was perfect, but the Greenway is an unbelievable facility with tunnels, viaducts etc. With kids in a our cycling party, we ended up cycling at slower than my running pace on average. lol


    Storm Ellen – Rest day! Lost electricity too…!


    The storm was still lingering, so the rest of the family thought I was crazy doing any running. Managed to negotiate that I could go out and do sprints in the lane beside our holiday home.

    Did approx. 10 x ~150m with 150m recoveries. Splits fairly even so I was happy with a good workout.

    8.25km including w/u and cool down.


    Rest day


    10km @ 4:47/km

    Another relaxed holiday run, again with more hills than I would have liked. Enjoyed exploring new areas on holiday but a bit annoying the only time I could do it was in the mornings!


    8km @ 4:47/km

    More easy, but back in Dublin now!

    Week: 40km (none with the buggy, wouldn’t fancy it on the country roads!)
    YTD: 1445km

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  • A relaxed week, just tipping away. Like most people on here, all a bit targetless!


    6km with buggy @ 4:44/km

    Nice bit of fresh air after a long days work. E was in the buggy and full of the chats – not sure I could have kept up the conversation for a much longer it was that intense. Every car colour was “discussed”, every house counted etc…lol


    7.3km @ 4:49/km

    Gentle morning run around the block. Used Garmin’s random route planner. Nice for a change! Although, it does always produce shorter than you ask it to. Legs felt good.


    Workout Day.

    Knew I wanted to do something this morning, had started the Workout on my watch for a 10 x 400 and was starting to warmup. But changed my mind that I fancied a few hills this morning instead, so adjusted accordingly.

    8 x ~230m hill reps; all varied between 52 and 54 seconds which was grand. Then recoveries about 90 seconds. Last was quickest which is always nice. This was defo a leg burner rather than a lung one. For the last 3 or 4 reps, my glutes were very much engaged and feeling the work.

    Was feeling good so after about 5 mins recovery, did a bit of messing on Slate Cabin Lane (a steep hill about a km long). Split it into sections, and was starting at the high end of the road. When I got to the bottom of a section, I turned and ran back up it hard. Then back down again to the bottom of the next section and turn up etc. So end up running hard up hill for a km, but down 2km in recovery mode.

    Fun morning. Nice Sweat built up.


    7.3km with buggy @ 4:42/km

    Another loosener between work and dinner time. Enjoyable, weather was a little soft, but we both enjoyed the fresh air.


    12km with buggy @ 4:37/km

    Was invited over to Mother in Laws for dinner, so snuck this in by offering to run there with the buggy. My wife then followed with the change of clothes and met us there.

    Beautiful afternoon for a run, especially given it was a net downhill route, and the northerly wind was on my back for this point to point run (hence the pace being slick enough). Definitely felt like Autumnal-DCM-training type weather and vibe around the place. Leaves on ground, breezy, colder etc.
    I really enjoy these type of “slipped into the day's tasks” runs.


    7km with buggy @ 4:36/km

    E was awake overnight (teething I think, or general moans – but that’s not her usual MO), so had been a disturbed one. Wanted to get out for a few km at some point over the weekend, so dragged myself and herself out. Didn’t feel horrific, and looking at the pace it’s pretty ok actually. Had been 50/50 if I’d go out on Sunday but after this decided a day off might be nice. 😊


    Day off. Went for walk in Marlay and the place was absolutely mobbed. Every pitch was in use and the car parks were rammed. Made me feel uneasy that 2nd waves might be in our future….fingers crossed I’m wrong.

    Week: 49.8km (32 with the buggy)
    YTD: 1494km

  • Good week for any easy week! Have you decided on a target to keep the motivation up? Think everyone is in the same boat without races to focus on.

  • Not really tbh, with the on/off nature of races at the moment I think I was sort of driving myself demented hunting and signing up for races that got cancelled!

    Maybe if popupraces can get Mondello going again post-lockdown I'll have a go there but probably off little specific prep. I actually think the rest of the country has an advantage over Dublin at the moment. You are less likely to have small races over quiet roads in Dublin than elsewhere. E.g. that pop race in Easy Galway had me looking at Facebook longingly over the weekend. I had looked at it, but the guts of 4 hours driving for a (hopefully) 18 minute race seemed ridiculous.

    So in summary, maybe, maybe not...who knows! lol

  • A made-up-as-I-went-along week. I didn’t even get a workout in because the middle of my week fell apart a bit. Not really that pushed about that, still a 60km+ week, with lots of buggy running.

    Main news of this week was I stuck my name in for the Avondale 5km on Thursday. I actually liked that it was just about to happen so I couldn’t think about it much. Looking at course it seems similar elevation to Cabo Parkrun (i.e. not a PB’er), but I’m craving a race. And the woods of Wicklow sound prettier than Mondello.


    8km with buggy @ 4:48/km

    Nothing to report here really, a nice spin with E.


    10.5km @ 4:45/km

    Easy run this morning, and fancied a little longer than usual. Had been half thinking of doing a session this morning but wasn’t feeling it.


    10km @ 6:57/km

    Didn’t feel good when I woke up so rolled over back to sleep. I say sleep, but really it was rest. As once I wake up, I’m awake. It’s really annoying.
    Decided to ditch running for the day, until my mate who I had planned to meet in the evening anyway suggested we go for a run and chat. Perfect for me, turns over the legs but his easy pace is very very easy for me.

    Was a gorgeous hot evening around Bushy park, and the park had plenty of socially distant activity. I got next to no “fitness” from this run, but probably one of my favourites of 2020.


    8km with buggy @ 4:43/km

    Another loosener between work and dinner time. More sunshine and enjoyable running.


    6.3km with buggy @ 4:39/km

    Had a bad day at work, so dropped off early and took the buggy for a run that finished in Dunnes where I got all the essentials for someone feeling sorry for themselves, Milk, Chocolate, Jellies and Red Wine. Don’t remember much of the run, other than it was good to shake the work out of my head.


    6.03km with buggy @ 4:40/km

    Busy day, and I didn’t want to get up early. So just squeezed this in at 830 before we had to leave the house. Nothing strange or startling.


    13km with buggy @ 4:37/km

    Another gorgeous morning out, a little “crisp” but really nice. The plan here was to do 13km and take it easy, but again the pace seemed to drift down (i.e. accelerate). Maybe because the mild gradient and wind were on my back at the start which sort of set my pace then.

    Was actually a little tired after this one. And as E gets bigger, I feel the long run in my core muscles toward the end.

    Week: 62km (41.5 with the buggy)
    YTD: 1556km

  • Good luck with the race

  • Good luck this evening!

  • RACE REPORT – Avondale House 5km

    Only signed up last week, so absolutely no specific prep. And tbh, I’ve been running but in the last month only did 2 “workouts/sessions”. Still sandbagging aside, was looking forward to being back out with people. 😊

    I generally prefer morning races to evening races, it’s easier to get up and out and have it done rather than it resting on my mind all day. But plenty going on at work to distract me!

    To the race, Avondale is a beautiful spot 1st off. I explored a bit on my warmup and it confirmed what I already knew, no PB’s here. Mostly fire road/trail surface, which is very hard on my tender road runner legs…:eek: oh and the whole site is quite undulating. I’ve an idea of the route and it’s a bit up and down. Decided at that point, to just put my watch to the clock screen and nothing else (i.e. no pace) then just run on effort.

    The start was very well organised in order of predicted time in rows of 3, so much so that I think in the entire race I overtook about 5 people, and was only overtaken in return by 1. My predicted finish time ended up being a little inaccurate, so obviously everyone was in that boat!

    The race itself actually went by in a bit of a blur, but what I can remember:

    1km (3:46); I thought I was a bit quicker than this (in the usual get carried away at the start kinda way), but at the same time was well within my comfort zone so on balance was happy. Just feeling my way into the race and enjoying running quickly again. The surface was pretty ok, but a tad lumpy which I wasn’t used to so was also adapting to that.

    2km (3:35); Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, a long downhill portion on tar in this split. My effort didn’t increase madly here (even managed a smile for the camera), but a much quicker split. This was also the end of the 1st loop of the course.

    3km (3:50); A downhill km, but I struggled to convert. It was back on the trail roads and I just couldn’t let myself “fly” down the steeper bits. Effort and breathing steadily increasing at this point.

    4km (4:02); Horrible km. The net elevation was 2m, but there was plenty of short steep downs followed by drags up. Which for me is the worst combo. Got absolutely burned by another fella on this section. It was like running in syrup at times. Obviously at some point in this km, my effort sky rocketed as I tried to figure out how much was left – in me and in the race.

    5km (3:44); Hauled out of the treacle, and knew I was almost there when we looped back on ourselves so foot down as best I could. When I saw the gantry, I heard the commentator saying if I sprinted I could get sub 19, so I did.

    18:59.6 on my watch with a chip of 18:59. Initially I was a little disappointed with that time as I had hoped to get an official PB (18:50ish). But I was pretty knackered at end, so don’t feel like I left anything behind which was ultimately a nice feeling.

    Overall, the time isn’t amazing compared to other TT’s and even a 5km in Phoenix Park last year. BUT,
    - it’s still (just) sub 19, I’ve only ever done ~5.
    - course was definitely hard-ish (I wouldn’t say brutal though)
    - it’s at least 4 or 5 weeks since I’ve done any speedwork

    I’ve been looking at others in the 17min to 20min range last night on Strava, and to a man/woman the splits follow a similar pattern. 2nd is quickest, 4th is slowest by an age. So that also reassures me that I didn’t f*** up in some way with pacing – or at least if I did I wasn’t alone.

    Conclusion; Love being back in a race, social distancing was easily preserved, legs stiff that night in a good way.

    Want another race now, preferably in about 5 weeks so I can dial in the pace a bit more. And preferably flat. And on roads. Don’t ask for much!

  • Well done on a great race and race report. Considering everything going on sub 19 is an excellent achievement especially with what the course seemed to be.

  • Race week! woohoo. 1st in a long time!


    I’d been out running the past 7 days, and started work early and finished late. So happily took a day off.


    Didn’t go running but was up and out in the morning to head to UCD for that genofit dexascan thing. Was a bit of craic, and free. Was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t an “inside fatty”, 15% body fat and most of that on my arse and hips as opposed to belly. Before COVID, they also tested VO2 max, but alas not anymore.
    Had my running gear on after work, when my wife asked if I fancied a walk with her and E instead. Couldn’t say no. 2 days off in a row! The decadence. 😊


    6km @ 4:48/km

    Easy morning spin round the block. Nothing strange here.


    Avondale 5km – as per Race Report
    9km in all after wu/cd.


    7km with buggy @ 4:43/km

    Was fairly stiff overnight after the race/ took the buggy out after work for a quick spin around the block.


    7.4km with buggy @ 4:44/km

    Another round the block effort, spent the last 2km doing laps of the GAA pitches nearby and I introduced E to Gaelic football (as a spectator). Also, was carrying weight in the buggy as we stopped at shops at halfway point.


    14km with buggy @ 4:36/km

    What a morning, weather was unbelievable. Actually surprisingly warm – was relieved it was a morning run and not an afternoon one.

    Did a bit more colouring in of random estates in Foxrock/Cabinteely and also threw in a slight incline 4min KM at the end. Knocked me out, in a good way! 😊

    Week: 44km (28.5 with the buggy)
    YTD: 1600km

  • This week was just another week really, got back to workouts midweek though. that was exciting!


    6.4 @ 4:40/km

    A semi standard early morning Monday run.


    8km with buggy @ 4:36/km

    Gorgeous sunny afternoon so took the buggy out to colour in some estates in Stepaside. Felt crazy hot, even in my singlet. Not complaining though!


    7.67km @ 4:40/km

    Another early morning run, and was a bit harder than expected. Decided to explore a new road and didn’t realise what a steep drag it was! Nice surprise workout though


    12.2km @ 4:22/km average

    I wanted to get back into doing some sessions midweek again so went for it this morning. Had all the usual doubts before I went out (tired, why bother, will I just go easy etc). Knowing I wouldn’t necessarily be in the mood, I had chosen an “easier” session of 4 x 1km @ target 5k pace (3:35/km) off 90sec.
    Jogged over to Marlay (thanks for confirmation Lambay that it would be open!).

    Splits were: 3:30, 3:27, 3:31 & 3:26.

    Clearly I was excited to be running fast on flat again, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able match the pace of Rep 1 over the last 3 so it was nice to have the last Rep quickest (with a bit of effort!). So clearly happy with that effort, and the paces probably reflect that apart from my 5km race last week, I’ve been taking it fairly easy recently.

    That said, I may have had 1 more rep in me at <3:35 but definitely not 2. Still, with 4 quick km and 3 recoveries, hit something like 18:36 for 5km.
    On the warm down home, felt that feeling of having worked hard and enjoyed it.


    6km with buggy @ 4:36/km

    Standard Friday afternoon around the block.


    15km with buggy @ 4:44/km

    The sort of long run for the week. Another gorgeous morning around Dublin as I explored more random estates near Deansgrange/Foxrock. Showed E the excitement of a flyover too! Lol

    Felt great on this run tbh. And was toying with idea of adding 10% per week to this run until I get to Half distance. I would get there just before E’s 2nd birthday which would be a nice thing to do. (A half marathon with the buggy).
    Day went downhill between 3 and 5pm as I watched BT sport however. Needed a good glass of wine that evening to make up for that!


    No running, had a 10 day streak going so was happy to chill.

    Week: 55km (29 with the buggy)
    YTD: 1655km

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  • Another week in paradise…Continuing my tendency to lurch from one short/medium term goal to the next, I’m toying with the idea of doing the DCM Race Series virtual half at the end of October. With the buggy, and not going hard out but still have a pace in mind. i.e. my long run pace (ish). I think it should be manageable with a reverse taper of sorts, if I increase my long run 10% p/w I’ll be at 20/21km 2 weeks before, then “taper” for 10 days or so.
    I’ll keep the rest of the week the same in shape. And probably won’t do too much HM specific stuff tbh.


    7km @ 4:46/km

    A becoming-the-standard early morning Monday run. Felt a bit sluggish actually.


    8km @ 4:36/km

    Morning run before work, painting a few estates in Stepaside, it’s pretty hilly up there. Also listening to Sonia O’Sullivan on Irishman Abroad podcast. She really is a lovely person who shares a lot of insights.



    14.41km @4:28/km average

    10km Progression Run (inc. warmup) then CD. Pretty similar session to one I did in June.

    Goal was to start easy and accelerate, locking into 4:30 for 4th km then reducing in ~10 second intervals per km from there. This would put the 9th km as 3:40 and the preliminary goal. However, I did fancy making it an even 10k with the 10th km at 5k race pace, depending how it went. The last k was something I chickened out of last time around, so was curious if I would have the legs and head to do it this time.

    Splits were (with column for last time too):
    Split Target Pace (min/km) June Effort This Effort
    1 W/u 05:30 05:08
    2 quicker 05:04 04:46
    3 quicker 04:49 04:37
    4 04:30 04:33 04:28
    5 04:20 04:18 04:19
    6 04:10 04:09 04:07
    7 04:00 04:01 04:01
    8 03:50 03:51 03:50
    9 03:40 03:44 03:44
    10 Faster 03:28 (only 500m) 03:35

    So basically, an identical session, except for a stronger finish really. I.e. I held the pace for an extra 500m which was pretty challenging at that stage in the session. I would have much preferred to do 500m at 03:28 I can tell you.

    I really loved the progression run, the session flips on its head about 2/3 of the way through and you go from trying to keep the pace down to hit the target pace to suddenly working to hit the paces. It’s basically a bleep test (without the 180 turns).


    7km with buggy @4.36/km

    Needed to babysit E in the middle of the morning, so I did what every good parent does. Threw her in the buggy and off we went!


    Rest day/couldn’t fit a run in.


    17km with buggy @ 4:35/km

    A lovely fresh morning, although was a little paranoid so E ended up with all the winter clothes on! Thought she would freeze with wind chill – well at least she was cosy. Lol

    A little longer than last weeks “long” run as per the building to a virtual half at the end of the month. This felt good tbh, I was a little tired at end, but nothing hectic. If someone had said you've to keep running for 4.1km more, I'd have been able I think.
    My warm down these days generally consists of some light stretching while E toddles home the last 500m or so.


    6.3km with buggy @4:35/km

    A very mixed use run, swung by the bottle bank, stopped at the playground, finished the run at the shop. The goal of this excursion was to loosen anything that might be stiff from Saturday so achieved that even with the break at the playground.

    Week: 60km (30km with the buggy)
    YTD: 1715km

  • I can’t believe September has passed. These weeks are flying by. Interesting that September was my 2nd most mileage month ever, and I ran on 26 out of 30 days. But I’ve not really felt like I’ve been working “hard”. Perception is a strange thing!


    8km with buggy @ 4:37/km

    Lovely sunny afternoon, took a spin around Stepaside before dinner.


    9.5km @ 4:45/km

    Morning run before work, painting an estate in Stepaside. This run was a bit longer than expected due to this estate being larger than expected and on the side of a hill!



    13km @4:21/km average

    WU, then 10/7/5/3min @ MP/LT/10k/5k pace with 3 min rests.

    I’d done a similar session early August and really enjoyed so did it again. Similar to the progression run last week, the effort builds fairly gradually on this one. BUT the recoveries obviously are getting proportionately longer. You’d think that helped. Lol

    Was enjoying the session, but the last minute of the 10k pace interval was tough. And starting the 5k pace interval I thought I’d never be able to accelerate again. After seeing multiple warnings that I was off pace, I even broke my stride about a minute into the 3 mins and was on the verge of stopping. However, thank god I copped myself on immediately and just said “run hard for 2 mins” – whatever pace it is. And actually ended up hitting a reasonable pace for the 3 min interval (3:38/km).

    While I appreciated the pace prompts earlier in the session, at that point I was supposed to be just working hard and didn’t need a watch to tell me that.
    Got drenched, but was chuffed with myself for powering through the moment of doubt, a good mental strength day.


    7km with buggy @4.39/km

    Pre-dinner run to the shops with E. So had a cheeky break in the middle also.


    Rest day


    19km with buggy @ 4:29/km

    Nice (in a weird way) to do a noticeably longer run. Almost 90 mins on my feet, which felt mostly fine. The last couple of km was a bit of a struggle to be honest though. Probably over cooked the pace on this one.

    I’d usually finish at a strong pace and managed the same here.


    5.2km with buggy @4:43/km

    P!ssing rain when I woke up, and reckoned we might actually be stuck inside all day so jut got us out.

    It wasn’t the most pleasant run, but happy to get it in the bank.

    Week: 62km (39km with the buggy)
    YTD: 1777km

  • It’s getting harder and harder to keep running “interesting” ! Maintaining a gradual build for a buggy HM at the end of the month and lots of easy running….

    A fun week over all though, a 5k TT on Wednesday, and a Half marathon effort on Sunday. Gonna have a mini taper of sorts for next 12 or 13 days before the virtual Half on the bank holiday weekend. Must say I'm looking forward to that.


    7km with buggy @ 4:45/km

    Actually felt fairly stiff on this run, so was taking it easy. Even stopped at one point to pick some wild blackberries to go into the porridge in the morning. E loves gathering berries. lol


    Unexpected rest day – bed was too comfortable in the morning, and then went for family walk in the afternoon slot instead.


    Workout – 5k TT – 18:16

    After the rest day on Tuesday, I was full of energy so decided to do a 5k TT. I was curious to know roughly what shape I’m in and put down a time on my last day as a 34 y/o.

    On the morning I was full of normal doubt, “will I call it a tempo run and hide from hard work?” was a thought I had a few times.

    Plan was to try and hit 3:40ish/km for first 3km or 4km then see what I can do in final mile/km. If this came off, I would hit a PB. But I wasn’t stressing about the PB, it is what is.

    Splits were: 3:41; 3:46; 3:42; 3:35; 3:32

    The course was a little net downhill (in the 4th km), which accounts for some of the acceleration, and there was a stiff headwind in 2nd km, so I would actually say that the Grade/Wind adjusted splits would be fairly even but I accelerated nicely in the last km. PB is 18:12 (again in TT), so despite missing that I think on balance I’m in roughly same shape as I was back in July which is as expected really.

    Fun morning, 11km in all after WU/CD


    7km with buggy @4.38/km

    Had a four day weekend for my birthday so took a relaxed morning run with buggy. Felt a little stiff from the TT yesterday but nothing bonkers


    7km with buggy @ 4:46/km

    Nice hilly easy run with E, again in the morning before breakfast


    5km with buggy @ 4:39/km

    Was supposed to do 19km with the buggy this morning, but pawned it off to Sunday. Squeezed this one in in the afternoon instead. Was quite low on energy, so this was 5km more than I wanted to do really.


    21.1km at 4:39/km

    Due to timing restrictions, left the buggy at home and got out for this weeks long run at 7.30. Was only going to be 19km but when I was on my own I thought may as well make it up to the Half distance. Was up and down a lot of cul de sacs which hurt pace a bit. Didn’t push the pace, but at the same time probably quicker than I should have been going. Oh well.
    1:38 for the distance, which if I did in 2 weeks with the buggy I’d be happy with. The issue with the buggy is that apart from the effort of pushing, there is the effort of entertaining and conversing. After 90 minutes of it, it is a bit tiring!

    Week: 58.3km (26km with the buggy)
    YTD: 1835km

  • Belated Happy birthday.

    You're damn close to sub 18 there.

    Going by the following couple of log entries you weren't feeling any after effects from the TT effort or are you leaving out those details?

    Now I'm not telling you what to do and am no expert but if you consider this week's TT as one to acclimatize yourself. Surely if you have another go this coming week you'll find a few more seconds. Maybe not 17 but who knows?

  • Belated Happy birthday.

    You're damn close to sub 18 there.

    Going by the following couple of log entries you weren't feeling any after effects from the TT effort or are you leaving out those details?

    Now I'm not telling you what to do and am no expert but if you consider this week's TT as one to acclimatize yourself. Surely if you have another go this coming week you'll find a few more seconds. Maybe not 17 but who knows?

    Cheers, I don't feel close to sub-18 tbh.

    I was a little stiff the day after, Thursday, (as noted in the log), but nothing major. I do wonder if my general tiredness on Friday/Saturday was also a hangover or just that I was in holiday mode to an extent.

    I'd be tempted to give it a go, but certainly feeling a bit tired from yesterday, I'll see how the week goes and maybe on Saturday or so. Play it by ear.

  • crisco10 wrote: »

    I was a little stiff the day after, Thursday, (as noted in the log), but nothing major.

    So you did. How'd I miss that :rolleyes:

  • Half you weekly mileage with the buggy! You are gong to kill the Half marathon!

  • So a boring week this week. I felt really tired for the first half, and generally lethargic. Maybe I had something brewing, maybe the 5k TT and half marathon "effort" had caught up with me. Either way, I was far from in the mood to have another bash at a 5k TT. So literally, this was my week.

    5 runs (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun) x 7km @ ~4.45/km. 2 with the buggy.
    Only thing of note, was that E's buggy miles past 1000km for 2020 this week.

    Then Saturday was 15k with buggy @ 4:30/km.

    The idea on this one was to check out a route for the HM next week. Glad I did, I'll be running around Marlay, but was good to realise that I need to be done by 10 as the park gets really busy from then on. Also good to know the market is still on near the house. The pace didn't feel as fast as it was, maybe was distracted by all the exploring.
    If weather was same as this weekend next weekend, I'd be happy!

    Weeks total: 51km (29 with buggy)
    YTD: 1887km

  • Best of luck with the half, we had a runner do similar last weekend, she started at 8:10 and finished just after 9:30. They were setting up the market from about 8:30 but we'd plenty of room. Park did get very busy from 9:00am, hope for a bit of rain, that'll keep them aeay

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  • This week was all about resting up for the buggy Half at the weekend.
    It’s strange, first reasonable “taper” I’ve done since the start of COVID, and in the space of a few days I had all the feelings. (bar the phantom injury feeling). My easy pace was significantly slower, and as I was doing runs of 5km without a buggy I was thinking how can I do a half, with a buggy and faster…anyway interesting feelings

    7km with buggy @ 4:58/km

    5km @ 4:56/km

    5km @ 4:58/km

    6km with buggy @4.45/km

    Rest day


    21.1km with buggy @ 4:12/km

    Virtual “Race” Report (warning: it's is a rambler!)

    With the weather forecast not being great, I started to doubt my Saturday morning plan. BUT, it was supposed to be clearing and I thought Marlay park might be quieter for the poor weather which had it’s benefits. So decided to stick to original plan and start at about 8:30.

    My main goal was complete and enjoy in ~1:35. I’d a sneaky suspicion I might do ~1:31, and my everything-goes-better-than-expected goal was sub 1:30.

    Let my passenger give me the countdown and off we went. Using watch and APP, but watch was primary source, I had set a workout for 21.11km just to be sure I did the distance.

    0 to 5km, 21:55

    Tough start, straight into the Westerly wind and rain along the M50 sliproad. Average of first 2km was 4.40/km almost. At this point, I threw out sub 1:30. I didn’t want to be chasing the pace so early and kill myself for a suffer fest later on. With the buggy, it’s really hard when your suffering. Partly because you still need to push it, but also E does need attention from time to time! Settled into a consistent effort, and things did get easier when I hit Marlay park at 3km. A bit of attention needed for E to fix her gloves and take her empty milk off her.

    5 to 10km, 20:50

    I actually didn’t have a set route planned around Marlay, but on the morning I thought a nice way to break it down was to do 3 x 1 mile loops, then 3 x 1 km loops and so on. Broke it down into more piece meal chunks then. Problem with that was these were loops I usually did speed work on, so I naturally accelerated on them! Basically spent this 5km worried I was going to blow up later because my pace was too fast, but also happy to see my average race pace improving on the other hand. At some point, I made a conscious effort to talk to E a little more to control my effort. I.e. if I could talk, then I was at a controllable effort level. We discussed at length each puddle we came across, dogs were also a good topic of conversation.

    10 to 15km, 20:46

    Pace was a bit worrying still. All be it passed the halfway point at this stage. The park was also filling up with other virtual runners which did create a little bit of a buzz. I do like this part of the race, as the distance seems to start to “disappear” a bit. Lost track of my “lap” count, and ended up doing 4 x 1km. Didn’t make a difference, but I did think of Laineyfrecks and her stones. Lol

    Started to dawn on me that my Average pace was still dropping gradually, and each km I did quicker than 4:14/km was edging me closer to sub 90.

    15 to 20km, 20:46

    Interesting this 5k split is identical to previous (roughly) – because it felt the same. Perhaps the only thing that was changing was the level of conversation with E was dropping on my end. Had 2 tough moments though. At 1 point had to do a swift 180 turn due to a council truck coming down a narrow path against me (I let out a frustrated shout!).

    Then about 17km, E started to get quite antsy. Not to worry, I had snacks stored ready for such an eventuality. Unfortunately, I had to do 2 things with cold hands and tired body. Open a bloody wrapper (so hard, was pulling with teeth and all), and take off E’s gloves. Oh and then hand her the snack. This meant I was sort of running in a stooped over position for about 100m and I think I managed to keep up the pace BUT when it took me a good 300m for my heart to settle from all the effort. Felt like an expensive moment and part of the joys of buggy running.

    20 to 21.1km, 4:18

    TBH, and not to sound cocky, this bit was easy and fun. I realised that sub 1:30 was going to happen, and that I had more than enough in my legs to accelerate a bit. My 20th km was quickest of all (3:56 or so), and the last 100m was quicker again.

    My watch beeped at 1:28:54 and that was that. I checked the app, and it needed another 50m so I jogged that too. Got a chip time of 1:29:xx which is a bit meaningless given I came to a stop 50m from the end. Lol

    Absolutely delighted, and a bit of craic to do it with company. It’s mad, only my 2nd ever sub 1:30, and with a 2 year old in a buggy being pushed. Just goes to show what consistent running can do, even without ANY targeted half marathon pace sessions. All I did was a few LSRs up to ~20km. But I think the consistency of COVID running had given me the legs.

    Also happy to have done it with a strong negative split (>2mins quicker in second 10.5km)

    Really enjoying seeing all the ACTUAL marathon efforts and stories coming in over the weekend as well. Pretty good buzz, all things considered.


    Rest – although I did go for a walk with the buggy, and my shoulders are a bit sore when I started pushing again!

    Week: 44.7km (34km with the buggy)
    YTD: 1925km