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Starting out - bicycle recommendations megathread (see summary in OP)



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    What is your budget?

    €1250 or maybe more if I can get it to work with the B2W scheme.

    Will you use B2W?


    What will you use the bike for?

    Hoping to get a bike to use on the a Trainer and for some outdoor riding.

    Any preferences?

    I would like an aluminium gravel bike firstly because I think it would be more resistant to the forces of riding a trainer and secondly Irish country roads aren't exactly the smoothest so as I have learnt from riding my other bike I could do with wider tyres.

    Height/Inseam if asking for size?

    176cm with an 83 instem.

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    Unfortunately can’t edit my earlier post but having done some research and turns out that Decathlon has a decent range of bikes including a 105 equipped Gravel bike for €1000 unfortunately however like everywhere else they have no stock available at least that’s what their website says.

    Just thought I would let others know.

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    Cube Nuroad range might be worth a look - stock is similar to all brands but they do pop up so maybe see if there is a dealer near you? Or if you are looking online, Canyon Endurace or Grail could be options too. If you are only planning to use it on roads, I would consider an endurance type road bike rather than a gravel bike with 32mm slick tires.

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    Hello, newbie to boards here. This thread popped up on a google search so decided to join up.

    Looking for a new road bike.

    A bit about me. I’m primarily a runner. The body though is getting older and can’t handle as many miles a week as I used to be able to do so I want to do more cross training to supplement my running.I bought a smart trainer during one of the lockdowns and attached a cheap and nasty 15 year old Halfords bike and joined up to Zwift. Loving it to be honest and I’m up to a B category rider on Zwift now and more importantly for me anyway it’s really helping me as a runner ,so now I want to take my riding outside also.

    Ok, Budget. I don’t really have a budget, don’t want this to sound the wrong way but I have the money to buy whatever bike suits me, be it one for €1k or €3k or whatever. I know anything more than that would definitely me wasted on me.

    I don’t qualify for BTW  scheme as I’m self employed.

    There is a canal path a stones throw from my house that stretches to Longford in one direction and almost to Dublin in the other. I would expect this will be where I am 99% of the time. I am in Dublin regularly and often stop in the Phoenix Park for a run so I can see myself bringing the bike in the car some days and cycling there also. I can’t honestly see myself joining a cycling club as I’m already heavily involved in my running club and I want to keep running while I’m still somewhat at a standard where I am competitive.

    Basically I want something to get me out the door cross training and building up to maybe 100km rides.

    With all that said, and I apologise if I’m waffling, I found two bikes that in my eyes are the complete opposite of each other price wise and components wise.

    Like I said budget isn’t an issue but I am someone who knows the value of money and I don’t want to buy something I don’t need.

    Bike 1 is a Giant Defy, it’s Carbon with 105 at a cost of I think €2700

    Bike 2 is a Trek Domane AL3 which is obviously aluminium and has Sora and costs €1200

    Now with what I have explained, is the Trek bike good enough for my needs?

    I have a problem that when I go to buy something I research it way too much and often leave myself even more confused.People say the Sora is grand others say it’s shite.

    A cyclist friend advised getting the Trek. His theory is that it would be perfect for what I want but if I decided I wanted to get into cycling in a bigger way in the future then I can always sell and upgrade but if I bought the Giant and only used it on a canal path and a turbo trainer then it would be a waste even if I can afford it. This is probably good advice but looking for other opinions.

    Anyways any advice would be greatly appreciated and apologies once again for waffling a bit!

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    Giant defy advanced is a carbon frame and trek is aluminium..if you are going to do below 100k rides on flat terrain go with trek..else giant defy is more future proof once u get addiction of doing long rides ! Selling a second hand bike will fetch your 70% max of price as people expect it to be bought under bike to work

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    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me please. I’m 5ft 6 female and was initially looking for a gravel/adventure bike moved to kerry relatively recently. Not looking to compete in any serious races and would like the comfort of a gravel with bigger tyres but also use as a road bike etc

    Anyway Boardman has a gravel bike 8.9 adv. but it is only in mens. there is a 8.6 in womens but I’m using bike to work and would like the better bike

    my question is - is there a problem with a women cycling “mens” bikes besides - sizes only starting at mens small which is described as suiting people from 5ft 5 what other difficulty could I get into as a female cycling a mens bike.

    would appreciate any help or advice?

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    Any advice appreciated!

    Looking at getting a bike on the B2W scheme. The cycle is roughly around 11km, through Dublin city centre (Liffey Valley to docklands).

    I've never owned a bike before, but I am able to cycle a bike. Fitness level is pretty much zero.

    Open to budget.


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    e-bike or traditional bike?

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    In a lot of brands the only difference between men and womens bikes is the paint job and the finishing kit, the only thing that might be an issue for you would be the saddle, you might want one of the female specific ones, but saddles are so individual it's always a lottery what comes on a new bike. most experienced riders will have apreferred model they'll swap in.

    EDIT: I just had a look, the M ladies frame has exactly the same Geometry as the S mens, exactly the same frame on the 8.6 range, 8.9 is exactly the same frame too with a better groupset. If you are comfortable on the Smens then I see no reason not to go for it.

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    I reall

    thank you so much for the speedy reply. Appreciate it.

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