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Clue: A 13 player Murder Mystery game.

  • 27-08-2019 5:07pm
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    Eccentric Billionaire Henry Hill sits at his typewriter, bashing out invite after invite to his 85th birthday celebration.

    When finished he calls to his Butler, "Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Belvedere, do come here. I want you to organize for these invites to find thier way anonymously to the following people". He then lists off,

    Miss Scarlett
    Colonel Mustard
    Mrs. White
    Reverend Green
    Miss Peach
    Professor Plum
    Monsieur Brunette
    Madame Rose
    Mrs Ho
    Dr. Black
    Captain Brown
    Lady Lavendar
    Rusty Nayler

    Mr. Belvedere confirms and leaves with the invites.

    Clue: A 13 player Murder Mystery werewolf game.

    Setup is open.

    Lynch will take place at 9pm.
    Munch will be as close to 10am as possible, but may be delayed as much as until noon. If you are not happy with this, then do not sign up. I need the flexibility in the mornings and cannot host without it.

    Wolf team will consist of;
    2 x vanilla wolves
    1 x roleblocker wolf.

    Village team consist of;
    8 x vanilla villagers
    1 x even night vigilante
    1 x f.b.i. consultant.

    Note: The names above will be randed, so the reverend has the same chance of being a wolf as they have of being an fbi consultant.

    Majority voting will be in effect from day 2 onwards.

    A minimum post count of 5 posts per cycle will be in effect, and those unable to meet it will be subbed out.

    All actions are night actions.

    Roleblock will be first action of the night, no matter when it has been actioned.
    Kills happen next.
    Vigilante kill and wolf kill will happen simultaneously, so if they target each other, both will die.
    Last action of the night will be by the F.B.I consultant. They have access to the crime DNA lab, and can run the DNA from one suspect per night against ALL the deaths that may have happen in the game, up until that point including any deaths that happened on that night, looking for a match.

    The Players:
    bounty hunter
    Hello 2D Person Below
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