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N25 - Midleton to Youghal [planning and design to commence 2023]



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    Lakeview should be a flyover only with other movements closed, and a junction built to the east of Midleton with a link road around to the road to Aghada. I think that's the only way it'll all physically fit - and it'll get traffic OFF Lakeview too.

    Not looking forward to the complaints though.

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    I'll leave Lakeview out, but while I understand your premise, IMO this should continue to the Youghal bypass on the eastern end if at all possible. Having (presumably) 2 grade separated stretches of road separated by a low grade wide single carraigeway is not ideal. We already see the issues at Burgess. The only reason it would have to be curtailed is because of anti-non bypass road dogma in the Department.

    Re: cost and time. Mallow and Slane are both in line for bypasses in the NDP. Both are c. 4km. Both started planning in 2016 and neither have gone in for planning permission yet. That's 7 years later. The 16km Virginia bypass for example is just as far ahead as those 2. Cost and time don't make a difference here, especailly when we're talking about no more than a 5km stretch tacked on at the end.

    Lakeview is another debate altogether. I agree that if it's included in this it will delay it, fully agree with you on that. But if it's not included in this it'll make the jams there much worse.

    I can't really reply to your comment about the Green Party until we know for sure what's happening here.

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    Yeah I think Lakeview just needs to be dealt with. Because any work near Midleton that doesn't deal with Lakeview is going to make any Lakeview upgrade far more difficult and the intervening period far more painful.

    Maybe two projects simultaneously: would that be too difficult to achieve? One to effectively move Lakeview junction East and another to deal with the N25 proper? Lakeview stands on its own two feet as a project because it splits the town in two at this stage.

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    Perhaps Carrigtwohill-Loughaderry and Loughaderry-Youghal or so?

    I know you're not a major fan of Carrigtwohill-Midleton but if Lakeview-Youghal is being done it has to be tidied up to a certain extent. The onramp at Oatencake westbound is pathetic to say the least.

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    I for one am glad that, after 17 years, I no longer have to drive this horrific road.

    Waterford City to Youghal is manageable compared to the stretch that is Youghal to the west of Lakeview. Something really needs to be done but I can't see it happening for another 17 years.

    Why the entire system cannot be accelerated is beyond me. Is it simply the fact that our judiciary is too small and still based on practises from the 1920s that keeps all progress back when it comes to planning issues? Could we appoint a hell of a lot more judges to the benches to get things moving?

    If only we had a few more years to have let Transport21 do its thing. We'd have had that motorway Atlantic Corridor by now..

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    The timeline for this project has absolutely nothing to do with judges.

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    Yes Carrigtohill to Loughaderra/Ballintotis would make perfect sense to me.

    My problem with the previous scheme was that it didn't deal with much other than Oatencake, and Oatencake itself is only an issue because of Council antics. They allowed extensive development on the relief road and even built a school right on the junction in the last few years! So I don't see why TII should bankroll another opportunity for them to create more of the same a few km further West.

    So a new "interchange to empty fields" at Adamstown was the straw that broke the camel's back for me! Complete with convenient "new scenic S-shaped road" through the fields. If they want to develop a new town with the population of Westport on a national road It's about time they put in a master plan for it. And not pretend it's all an effort to make people on the road safer, when they themselves have consistently undermined that safety. That project was almost like some kind of gaslighting to me!