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AEW - All Elite Wrestling (*Spoilers for Latest Show*)



  • Next week being pretty much a PPV on TV Dynamite should be looking to break the 1.5m for the first time.

    With maybe the most wanted dream match between two North American wrestlers in the last 10 years

    I love a good Signature.

  • I could easily see Omega and Bryan going for a time limit draw. It's not something they usually do and you could easily have the two of them put on a classic and be both wrecked lying in the ring as the time runs out.

    My hope is a returning Hangman though. Either Hangman interferes and Omega loses or Omega wins and then as he's celebrating, Hangman's music hits and he attacks Omega.

  • He's finally the hell away from MJF so I'll take it.

  • Two great cards next week.


    Pillman Jr vs MJF

    Black vs Rhodes

    Sting & Allin vs FTR

    Britt vs Ruby

    Omega vs Danielson


    Cole & The Bucks vs Christian &  Jurassic Express

    Inner Circle vs Men of the Year

    Punk vs Hobbs.

    They could stack both Dark shows as well with the amount of talent on the books now.

    I love a good Signature.

  • Isn't the Rampage a 2hr show so there's probably going to be a 2 more matches booked for that

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  • Ppv quality card altogether. Isn't Miro going to have a match/squash soon too? Hope that will be on Rampage

  • This Friday I believe and I suspect Sammy will get involved

  • I just saw the segment between Omega, Callis and Bryan. Excellent segment.

    Where oh where have they hid this version of Omega for the last 2 years? When he drops the goofy dances/facials/suits etc he can actually give off convincing bad-ass charisma.

  • Good interview with Dan Lambert. I know he's been a bit love/hate with people so far in AEW but he was great in Impact a few years ago when he was there. I think he'll be a good traditional manager for someone down the line.

  • A nice breakdown of the full two hours and what the viewers watched

    I love a good Signature.

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  • If I was Tony Khan I'd be thinking twice about making Flair All Elite anytime soon after this weeks Dark Side of the Ring

    I love a good Signature.

  • Thought the episode was electric from start to finish. I think the most notable thing about it was how many acts they have on this 2 hour show that are genuinely over with their fanbase. There's far more over than not and there's an energy to the show. A hot crowd helps and this was one of the hottest crowds they've had yet in AEW. A great episode in it's own right and a perfect set up to next week, for which I am absolutely buzzing.

  • Is Fite the best/cheapest/only way to subscribe in Ireland? I'm definitely gonna sign up to something before Arthur Ashe anyway.

    As someone who fell out of love with wrestling for a long, long time (I've not been this invested much in things since the summer of Punk), the fire in my stomach is back burning again Bay Bay.

  • Fire is the only option to watch Live. Its great value for money. Never any issues with Fite. I get Dynamite and Rampage weekly on tv, phone or tablet , yet to have any issues. Also got a free PPV last year via fite dollors that you earn from using the app. Well worth it.

    ITV4 shows Dynamite on Friday.

  • Maybe I'm just oblivious, but why was/is there a big deal being made about this Arthur Ashe stadium? For weeks now it was how people are looking forward to it and how something big will happen including Bryan's debut.

  • The Plane Ride from Hell? Man, the more I hear about that story the worse it seems. Had that happened today WWE would have had a huge controversy on their hands and Flair would undoubtedly be in a lot of trouble. I remember X-Pac talking about the Plane Ride from Hell it on one of his shoot interviews and he did mention Ric Flair walking around naked so I could definitely believe the flight attendants' story.

  • I think it's going to be their biggest ever crowd isn't it? Plus it's a famous stadium worldwide with the US Open having just been on.

  • It's their first show in the New York market, and first show in a world class stadium that has never been used for wrestling before also. I just got tickets for the Thanksgiving Eve show in November now too, 4th row so spicy enough and that will be my AEW events wrapped for the year I think (will see about Full Gear).

  • I cannot wait to see what Arthur Ashe stadium will be like for a wrestling event

    Damn next week is going to rock

  • Picture a wrestling ring right in the middle it a perfect view from everywhere within the stadium.

    I love a good Signature.

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  • How could you be a fan of pro-wrestling and not be hyped about next weeks cards?

    Danielson/Omega is obviously the jewel in the crown but that trios match looks really tasty, will be great to see Cole back with the Bucks. So many good matches coming our way, buzzing!

  • Did anyone spot the fan thumping Malaki Black on the back when he was in the crowd with Cody? Cody dragged him way away from that section straight away. Stupid man.

  • Not sure it's ever been done before there for one. WWE have the MSG link, both are doing the UBS arena, both will have done Prudential Center so Arthur Ashe is something new. It's also their largest show ever by a decent amount.

  • Interestling on the UBS arena shows also - AEWs presale did 4,000 tickets, and WWE's did just 700. Interesting to see the figures once today's numbers come in.

  • See on twitter it's some fella called grim, does grims toy show or something.

  • He looks like a wrong 'un but maybe it was all part of the show.

  • Thanks for the info around Alan Ashe. I'm not exactly a sports fan so would know of the US Open but not where it happens but fair play to them for doing a show in a stadium that big.

  • Tony Khan on Busted Open said he has another ace up his sleeve....Wyatt ever could he mean

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  • Ace? Bully Ray confirmed!