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AEW - All Elite Wrestling (*Spoilers for Latest Show*)



  • Garcia/Moriarty is going to be quality, can't wait. Moriarty is so good, as good as Garcia, I can see him having a similar break through!

  • I noticed this too. Now I usually watch the next morning or live. I watched this Rampage last night, 22 Hours laters, maybe Fite are now editing out the adbreaks. Great if so.

  • It was a taped Rampage so I'm guessing FITE just edited out the ad breaks.

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  • Is it just me, or is that an odd picture of Anna Jay?

  • Really enjoyed Andrade vs Pac. Andrade looked a lot better compared to the Sydal match. You have to think Flair will show up on one of the Dynamites in the next few weeks to take over from Chavo.

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  • Meltzer said that Bray Wyatt could debut at the 29th of September Dynamite (Brodie Lee's hometown) if he ends up signing. I thought his 90 days was up at the end of October though?

    I'm really 50/50 on this signing. I liked Wyatt family Bray but hated the Fiend. The guy never delivers in ring either. I honestly think he'd be better in Impact.

    Anyone else for or against it?

  • I'm somewhere on the middle on the whole thing.

    I think Bray has a lot to offer and has a good creative mind, I even liked the Fiend initially (very briefly). Then again, I also completely agree that no matter what he does once that bell rings he's Bray Wyatt and that's not very interesting. I think for me it's all presentation, promos and packages that make him an interesting performer. I think he definitely has a lot to offer when it comes to that, even to elevate other talents but as a singles act I'm not sure he does much for me, if he lead a stable that could work.

    I've heard some suggest he go around promotions and make a Wyatt family made up of different wrestlers from all over which would be cool. That being said I'm pretty neutral on whether he goes to AEW or not.

  • If he does come to AEW, will it be as a cult leader? Dark Order is long past that whole cult thing apart from Five and Ten still bearing those numbers and wearing masks. Speaking of, why do they still have the whole "Join the Dark Order" thing when they don't seem to get any new members. Even all their minions seem to have left them.

    And think I mentioned before, but I don't think it'll be as a Fiend type character since Tony is trying to avoid the supernatural stuff like the teleporting Matt. Which is why Bray would be better suited for Impact.

  • I honestly couldn't care less about the dark order. Brodie Lee was great when he was the leader but they do nothing for me these days. No one in the group interests me.

    Just on Adam Cole. Ignoring all the BTE "they killed him" bollox but didn't the bucks and Kenny turn on him on his last night in ROH so you would think he'd be against joining them?

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  • Not a fan at all and never understood the "creative genius" stuff that the wrestling media spouts. His last gimmick was crazy clown. Hardly original, is it? Although credit where it's due, Cena's Firefly Funhouse was very entertaining. But on the flipside of that, you have rubbish like the Rollins HIAC match with the cartoon mallet and this year's Mania match.

    Don't think AEW need him. They have a quality set of main eventers now in the likes of Omega, Bryan, Punk, Cole, Moxley, Black and Black's hocus-pocus is the level they should stay at. Bray and his alternate dimensions etc aren't needed.

    And if they're bringing him in to lead the Dark Order it seems like a waste of money. A presumably big contract for someone to lead a joke stable.

  • The roster is just too stacked now that I fear them adding new names will take away from the likes of Starks, Wardlow and others getting featured well. I know Tony is on record as saying he'll sign a bunch of new people by the end of the year so there must be some grander plan.

    Dynamites are starting to feel too crammed these days and they seem to do a lot of post-match run-ins/beatdowns just to get folks screen time. They could potentially add an hour to Rampage at some point but let's see.

  • If they become available Zayn and Owens will definitely be signed and tbh I'm worn out by the both of them, especially feuding with each other, the last few years. I wouldn't be pushed on either signing but I think they definitely will be signed.

    It's the women's division from WWE that I'd love to see some pick ups at this stage.

  • At this rate, they'll probably end up with a brand extension. There's no way Tony is going to ignore signing big names from WWE, but he also has to keep watching the indy scene for potential candidates to sign as well. So I imagine Dynamite will end up going to two hours, and they will split the roster between the brands.

  • There is nothing stopping AEW giving talent time off rotating them in and out over a year. A lot of the talent are already allowed the work independent dates with the blessing of AEW and when travel around the world does start to open up without long quarantine times a talent exchange can happen properly.

    Having a big roster gives you this. There has been calls for years from talent and fans to having an off season this is one way of doing it.

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  • The Young Bucks have trademarked the phrase Superkliq for clothing, Can't wait to see what the first Tee will be and the outrage it will cause from those that can't stand them.

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  • What do we reckon, Trios or a Women's tag? A new singles championship maybe?

    Personally would love to see a Trios championship introduced. I think the idea of a trios title gets dunked on a bit because of how they have been booked by American promotions in the past, and that's fair and something I'd agree with. But if you look to Japan the Open the Triangle Gate championship has been contested in literally some of the best pro-wrestling matches ever so a Trios championship can definitely work. Or even recently, the NEVER Openweight six man and the Artist of STARDOM championship's in New Japan and STARDOM respectively were some of the bright lights for both companies during the pandemic era. I think it would work well with all the different units, similar to in Dragongate, and you know AEW would do it right.

  • I'd be down for a Trio's tag team championship. .

  • I do think there is room for two more titles.

    A Trio title and a No Limits Title similar to the X-Division & Never Openweight.

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  • Well that's surely an indication down the line, that The Bucks & Cole will drop Kenny when he eventually loses his AEW World Championship. Maybe Gallows & Anderson too.

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  • With the amount of groups a trios would make sense. Don't think they'd need a new singles title, not like they need a cruiserweight title or a title like the X division. Should maybe look at a tournament with all the new talent they've brought in.

    Gives them an excuse to have one off matches like Bryan vs Jungle Boy, Ray Fenix, Dante Martin's etc etc without it needing a story or feud.

  • Trio Tag Championships seems like a good idea due to the number of stables on the show, I'd just be worried it might overshadow the Tag Team Championships a little.

  • Would they need another singles title? World and TNT titles are enough. Though a X Division type title would be cool, who could be the first champion? PAC or Fenix? Sammy?

    But think women's tag or trios would be a better next step. They have more women than NWA and Impact and both those brands have women's tag titles.

    They've had loads of trios matches so that title wouldn't be out of nowhere, especially since they referred to them as trios matches rather than a 6 man tag.

    One idea I wouldn't mind seeing them take from NXT was after the NA championship was introduced, they seemed to alternate which title took prominence on the show so we didn't get the NXT champion every week. So with more titles this would allow that.

  • I could see 3 possible titles. Trios and womens tags are the two that are clearly being built imo, and the trios titles gives room for some of the faction wars to actually mean something. Women's tag again is clearly being built with some very clear teams emerging and possibly signing the Ilconics then. You can have Hayter/Rebel, TayJay, Bunny and Penelope, and then others maybe like Statlander and Riho (they're possibly too good atm to take out of the singles scene), Hart and Swole etc

    The other title I wouldn't mind is a Dark only title for elevation talent. With the studio show now and Elevation, you could do some fun things there with that title. It's less necessary but think it'd be a fun addition. Would give 3 clear titles for singles then, a PPV title in the world, a TV title in the TNT one and then a Dark one.

  • I'd like to think it wouldn't overshadow it, and with The Young Bucks there, and guys like FTR, I'd say tag team would be in good hands.

    To me trio titles would contested with tag teams that are not in the title picture atm (so Young Bucks will take a backseat after losing recently and Trios titles give them a different belt to target) or factions that either don't have a clear tag team or are large ( so Best Friends, Dark Order, any combination of Matt and one of the HFO tag teams, Pinnacle and Inner Circle etc). So like as of now you could have Bucks/Cole, Jericho/Sammy/Hager, MJF/Wardlow/Spears, Matt and Private Party, Best Friends, either group in Dark Order competing for it and you don't actually damage the tag team scene really. When Young Bucks are back in tag team scene, you can rotate them with guys like Death Triangle, PnP, FTR going into the trios scene.

  • Adam Cole catching up on what happened when he was dead.

    I love a good Signature.

  • The way I see rotating is that it keeps a roster fresh. People moan about Shida being on Dark exclusively but only makes the heart grow fond. The pop when she's on Dynamite will be for something meaningful.

    That's the criminal thing about WWE over the last few years; for such a big roster it's shocking that they can put the same match on Raw week after week. It inevitably leads to stars getting stale.

  • Renee Paquette cameo too,

  • I do hope Shida comes back on TV soon though. She's too good not to be. She should have been on Dark tonight but apparently match/opponent was so bad they cut it.

    I know they're keeping her away from the title which is fine but need to find room for another women's match some week to get her on. If there's time for a Jade squash match, there's time for a Shida squash match.

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  • Really looking forward to Daniel Garcia Vs. Lee Lee Moriarty on Dark Elevation tonight.

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