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Wheel of Time (Amazon)



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    Fully agreed, that was a bloody good episode.

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    Best episode was the one that deviates the most from the book.

    enjoyed that. We’re started to get some of the lore and one of my fave characters had a powerful moment there.

    shadowman lurking was good too

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    Loved episode 4.

    We have to accept that the tv show will have to take liberties and deviate form the books. it is too complex a written series to mirror to a tv show. The amount of characters alone in the books is too vast to reproduce to TV,

    Casting of most characters is excellent. Liandrin, Moiraine and Lan I can feel a correlation between the tv characters and book.

    The actor for Rand worries me.

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    Ive made my peace with the tv writers making their decisions to suit the necessities of the small screen

    Im enjoying it as its own thing now and i think its picking up nicely

    Effects and fights were well dodgy at the start and not all performances are great but its getting better

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    I'm my head they were like a Romani Greenpeace except passive and playing flamenco music.

    From a writing point of view. To be honest wagon train of normal traders would have served the same purpose in the books and not needed another sidetrack story arc. With a backstory that then may have to be made relevant.

    Any similarities to any group in real life is superficial. But it would have been better to make then more different to anything. It's a good example of where the books had bells and whistles added where none were needed.

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    Massive improvement in the EP4. Some actual character development finally. Seems like there is a different director for every 2 eps (according to wikipedia) and there was a noticeable difference between eps 1&2 and eps 3&4. Wondering if there will be as noticeable a change with the next 2 eps.

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    Alright, lemme see. One episode in and overall two first-impressions:

    • This show reminds me of other fantasy/magic shows that got cancelled/not renewed. Something like it not being the gritty/grounded level needed to keep an audience.
    • Looks like a pretty cool universe with a feel of it's own that looks like it'll be cool to explore. The magic effects and the mountain scenery were cool. The backstory sounds like it's in-depth and has been thought-through. Having Rosamund Pike is a huge win too.

    1: Alright, good intro to the characters and what's going on.

    So, it looks like there's a light side and a dark side, Magic and Monsters and there's gonna be a focal point in the light to be found to fight a focal point in the dark.

    Lol, when the shade showed up I was like.. does.. does that have no nose? Then they were like.. it has no eyes and I was like.. oooooh.. so just one big long nose hole 😁

    Awe felt bad for that Wisdom who said she'd protect the place even from Rosamund Pike.. who .. when the fight came.. could only manage to pull out a dagger and then just got kiddnapped by the Trollocs. I dunno .. maybe she's working with the shade or something.. or will get turned to the dark by the shade.

    Onwards to The White Tower (TM) I guess 🙂

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    Four episodes is probably too early to make a sweeping judgement of the show, but my first impression is that I don't really like it so far.

    I think the writers have failed to really encompass the depth and breadth of the story. We're told how dangerous a man Logain is. That he raised an army of thousands and overthrew a kingdom merely at the suggestion that he was the Dragon Reborn. But on screen we saw him fight three soldiers and talk to the king. It's all the tell and none of the show.

    I like some things about the series and in many ways they've improved on the first book. I enjoy the interpersonal relationships between Lan, Moiraine and Nynaeve. Perrin's travels with the Tinkers and the flowing the way of peace is rather touching considering what he has been through. Mat actually has character development in this, rather then waiting until book three.

    But so far, the overarching story is really lacking. I don't think they have properly nailed down why the Dragon is so dangerous or what the Prophecies of the Dragon actually entails. They're being hunted by Fades, but so far they haven't really shown us why they're such a danger either.

    Episode 4 answered some of those criticisms. There was a bit of world building at least. It was an improvement over what came before, but still only like a 6 or 7 out of 10 quality wise.

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    I agree that was the best episode so far. Better character and story development. A small criticism would be the special effects, which looked a bit ropey at times.

    'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than follow the herd walking in the wrong direction.'

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    Theyre making sure that new tv viewers are as invested as possible in the mystery of which two rivers character might be our main hero

    Egwene and perrin lack a lot of oomph early on, mat probably has a decent start but it gets a bit random for a while

    The story changes reflect this i think

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    Is this ok for a 13 year to watch?

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    I thought they had got matt wrong by having him be mean and a thief, so paranoia would not be out of character when the dagger got hold. But they have changed the impact of the dagger so it makes a bit more sense now.

    The actor has already been recast for season 2 so don't get attached!

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    2: Well well well, look who it is... Anyway, show still comes across very much a mystery.

    The backstories and group building is working well.

    It's odd how vague everything seems to be. The history, the trollocs, this city.

    Wierd that everyone has been so separated and isolated from knowing stuff.. that appears to be only a few days horseride apart.

    I thought this city was done well. The stonework and effects around it felt solid.

    Then the darkness felt right creepy. I was like.. Nooo dude, don't open the box!! 🙂

    City also felt like it had a bunch of history.

    They better get some magic healing soon or Rosamunds character is gone. That can't be a thing so soon into the show surely!

    Maybe this Wisdom woman will be able to sort it.

    Yeah looks like it should be ok-ish. I only really know the commonsensemedia that gives guideline age ratings.

    It gives this one a 14s (from kids) / 16s (from parents):

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    3: Felt grittier in this one. Story also got a bit more absorbing.

    Damn, that knife through the neck of the bartender got me! Wasn't expecting it. Thought the two guys were gonna have to pull together and bond or something. Guess they're bought into the dangers they face now though.

    Overall story still feels a bit mysterious. Though, the need for one of these to be this Dragon still feels a bit vague. I'm guessing more detail to that story and the level of need as it goes along. This mention of a fifth being the original wisdom who escaped the trolloc and is with Rosamund Pikes character now I'm guessing.

  • Book gripe, as usual it seems for me

    That's a massive bait and switch they're pulling making an uninitiated audience think Nynaeve is the Dragon. I can't help but think that this will backfire on them through the exact vocal minority they are playing to.

    There will be a backlash that Nynaeve (an actual badass with the best character arc) is not going to be the central character, rather it'll be the white guy.

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    Which is a real pity, because Barney Harris has not only nailed this Mat, but he's been the best performance thus far in the series. Of all those cast, I think Daniel Henney and Zoe Robbins are the next best two (in terms of attitude, not physical attributes in terms of Lan - height/stony facedness etc) but it's not particularly close. Harris has been exceptional.

    Episode one was a real let down - it needed to be at least two episodes. The season should probably be ten episodes, not eight. First episode was rushed, skipped too much, showed too little and went far too fast. It also had ropey (at times) cgi/effects, and overly dramatic scenes - and that cold intro was genuinely terrible.

    However, the following episodes have been much better. Actual character interactions, development, atmosphere, world building, all much better than the first episode. Episode four continues that upward scale.

    As a hardcore book reader, I've definitely got my gripes with some of the show decisions (potential female Dragon Reborn - even if they won't change the actual DR, it's got lore implications, Logain being able to see weaves, men destroyed the world IN THEIR ARROGANCE, "rumours of four Ta'veren", doing the Cauthon's dirty, Perrin and his wife, bigging up Egwene/Nyn in terms of power and ability, the shielding scene etc) but overall it's been pretty good. I really like the casting, the Ep4 Warder campfire scene, Lan and Nynaeve's interactions are excellently done, better than the book, the Tuatha'an are spot on, little moments like the Birgitte doll, the Fade being terrified of the Mashadar/dagger - and the Fade sliding back across the floor not staggering, Shadar Logoth scenes, Thom and Owen story, the dreams.

    I really want to spoiler the above, but I can't figure out how on this new poxy site. Mods, feel free to edit.

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    Also, the Man Who Can't Forget ... proper tune. I'm not sure I'm totally sold on Thom yet, though the barn/house scene allays most of my fears, but damn does that scene have some solid gravitas.

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    4: Alright, that was pretty cool! Bit of a 😲 moment

    just before when I thought that maybe they were all gonna be killed off

    Yeah definitely like I guessed from episode 3 that the Wisdom was the 5th possibility that the bartender had mentioned.

    Was cool to see that, at least she seemed a chunk more powerful than the others.

    This fake Dragon dude and the other reds/greens hadn't sold me on their power levels being enough to win a battle of one vs everyone... which is what all the talk has seemed to be selling the dragon on.

    I'm guessing then that the other 4 might have moments of showing power like this.. at this level.. but at some point one of them might have an even bigger power jump.

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    I gave episode 2 a go as I heard it improved...after watching I would say it did slightly.

    One huge issue it has is hunky ginger hair bland face (Rand I think?..the del boy coat is a tad distracting) he is a genuinely terrible actor...literal charisma vacuum. I get the feeling he will be very central unfortunately. The guy playing Mat? Has charisma. Rosamund Pike is doing her best but the dialogue is not great. Starting to see a bit more money on the screen at least.

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    The Rand character in the book had no charm either so that actor is pretty bang on so far.

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    I’ve just watched the first episode.

    I know nothing about the books except that they exist so curious as to how close the series is to them so far.

    I can’t quite explain it but I felt that maybe they needed much younger actors to play the four - can’t help but feel they needed to be teenagers. Mat (one the few names I can remember) was good though - is the guy who gets recast for season two? Why did he leave? I’m guessing that the two lovers (ginger guy and the girl who dumped him) are going to be main focus and one of them is the Dragon Reborn. Im guessing this because they are dull as dishwater :p

    I didn’t like the contemporary language like Mum, dad and kids.

    It is a pity they didn’t make this more family friendly - which it could easily be as the the naked arses, profanity, etc. just seem to be shoved in there for the sake of it.

    I like that they aren’t slowing the story done to explain the culture and the Wheel of Time but rather letting things get explained naturally.

    The attack on the village was great stuff and I like that we can see the magic - as Pike was facing off against the final assault I thought if she is powerful enough to defeat a group that size it lessens the danger of the villains. However, the destruction she caused no doubt means her kind don’t unleash that power often.

    Nice to see McElhatton as hero for a change. :) There really should have been some explanation as to his past as he is clearly a warrior.

    The ending was very rushed and the four young people just seem to accept it and go with Pike. I think she should have been shown to confront them earlier.

    The fight in the blacksmith forge was also good and I most certainly didn’t expect that outcome. It always annoys me in a show or movie when two characters on the same side almost kill each other and then stand there looking acknowledging “that was close one”. So what happened here was definitely not that old cliché.

    Somethings that does need an explanation (and it should be in the first episode) is why the Aes Sedai and the Dark took 20 years to go looking for the Dragon Reborn. And when exactly was the world torn apart - was this thousands of years ago?

    The creatures were very impressive. I had expected the show to be all humans so looking forward to more magic and monster mayhem.

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    I see this a lot - people saying a certain actor/actress “doing their best with the script”, “doing their best but having very little to work with” etc.

    I really don’t understand this - these actors sign up having read the script so they are clearly happy with it.

    where in Wheel of Time is Pike showing herself to be “doing her best” with bad dialogue?

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    I don't like quoting an entire post to reply to a single point, but this website after the update is awful.

    Yes, the Breaking was thousands of years ago. How many is never clarified.

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    I would say a truck filled with cash helped..

    Pretty much every exposition filled line of nonsense? She imbues some emotion and heft well as much as she can. She is a good actor unlike some others in the cast.