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No Time to Die **Spoilers from post #1449 onward**



  • An earlier Jack Ryan 😁

  • I've been saying for years that I'd love a Bond origin story... we've had all kinds of hints about the young orphan being recruited into MI6, an avuncular/mentor relationship with Desmond Llewelyn's Q etc. that I'd love to see fleshed out in film set in post-war Britain. Honestly can't believe that they've never done it before!

  • This is something that could exist in a TV series. Would give plenty of time to explore and develop the character & co-exist with the movie series

  • Period movies are expensive, and I fear only the older Bond generation really hanker after something that takes us all the way back. They'll give us the DB5 and a Vantage as a nod to the eras, but that's as much as we're getting.

    The Man From Uncle was a really enjoyable dry run at this, but didn't light up the box office.

  • I don't know that they're expensive, but I'd say the main thing perhaps killing any ideas of a period setting (which I think should be done too, albeit not as a prequel) is the noise from the product placement crowd. The Broccolis are making bank from all the brands wanting to show off their "luxury" tat, available now! To the extent they had reshoots for this, specifically to update the brands - this film has been delayed so long fashion has moved on! Can't have a 1960s Bond movie because Sony wouldn't be able to show off their fancy "new" smartphone.

    As to prequels, eh I dunno. How often do any of these "How did Famous Character X get their hat?" prequels ever work out? And even then, love him or loathe him the character of James Bond is barely that. A suave superspy who beds women; there's literally nothing beyond that except the occasional dead (fridged) wife when they want to add "Depth" 'cos again that's really the only direction they can go in.

    The films can't even pull the standard "our hero goes rogue when he learns his masters are the real villains!" trope seen in other films like Bourne - cos James Bond's template insists the British Government is without blemish. England herself has absorbed the character as a cultural icon, so said icon can't be seen to be pushing back against "England"

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  • I think its run out of road, ideally they just stop making them.

  • Can't have a 60s Bond movie as there are literally 60s Bond movies.

  • Of course, but we have plenty of 80s movies & nostalgia for that era has produced a lot of film & TV blatantly apeing it 😀 Bond has got by with big swings - as seen with Casino Royale itself TBH, when it made a successful attempt to rebadge the franchise as a story of a thug, moulded into a gentleman spy by way of obvious cribbing from the Bourne playbook. What's the next big swing then? There's already a resting love for the 1960s aesthetic and era, even if the white heat of Mad Man has lessened a little. So why not embrace that, go back to basics.

    As I said, even if it was something considered by the producing team, the many brands who pay them the big bucks would quickly say no. Bar maybe the fashion brands who could have some fun with retro-themed clothing.

  • 7up and British Airways would be well up for it!

  • Bond: Origins , it writes itself. If they actually came up with a 3 part set of films starting in ww2 and rolling forward I would certainly be interested.

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  • Maybe go the other way. Bond set in the future!

    Bond Max.

  • Bond time travels in a modified Aston Martin - "Bond to the Future"

  • I dunno they've tried to do the Bond origins with Craig, CR we saw how he became a double 0 and then as the films have progressed they've tried to tie all the villains to Bond personally with Blofeld being his half brother and the mother relationship with M that even went back to his ancestral home, Craig's Bond is no longer Bond but a Harry Potter-esque chosen one which is why the "there'll be nothing left to save" line irks me. To the audience Bond is saving the world but in Bond's eyes he's just doing his job, for queen and country etc.

  • it would be a novelty to see Bond sent on, and complete, a mission that didn't involve a personal grudge or him going rogue. You know, just doing his job.

  • I havent been a fan of the Retconning in the Craig films, they seem to be making it up as they go along from film to film.

    I wouldnt trust them to do a good job with an Origins story.

  • Oh they definitely have! Silva was supposed to be a standalone villain and a step away from the organised crime syndicate but then Blofeld implies that he orchestrated that too. I think even the Aston Martin in Skyfall they say is Bond's personal car but then in Spectre Q quips that he told Bond not to scratch it and I see he will somehow have it back again in NTTD.

  • Yeah, would agree with a lot of this, particularly as a film idea, it doesn't make sense for them now. Could work on a smaller more intimate scale for TV though, and could be very interesting... Just on the period thing - it really does bump the cost way up on top of whatever else you're doing. Every street has to be dressed accordingly. Every car in the background has to be period. Every costume - even extras - bespoke, instead of stuff the costumers can pick up from target or walmart in bulk. For the scale Bond movies work on, and the sheer range of scenes and locations used, that gets really expensive. Now, a Bond movie makes a lot of money, so could afford it, but it's just another reason not to do it for a feature. (Another reason TV makes more sense with a reduced scale with better longer form storytelling, leaning more towards espionage and character building than extravagant scenes and action.)

  • A live action James Bond Jr. spin off series is bound to happen at some time.

  • People ask what direction will the bond movies go in next? Well Bond movies have always just copied whatever is flavour of the month at the moment

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  • I think having Craig driving around in Sean Connery's car from 60 years ago 3 movies in a row looks ridiculous

  • Will Craig actually get some proper fitting suits in the new film.

    Tight suits are going out of fashion it seems, baggy jeans are back too.

  • Finally, something I can agree on with MisterAnarchy. The fashion of suits looking like you bought 2 sizes smaller has been weird, making the wearer look stupid, and Craig even more like a thug in dress-up.

  • We agree on more than you think Pixelburp.😉

    Tom Ford who supplied the suits in the last few films generally prefers a suit with more classic proportions.

    Ford is also fond of a very close fit, but he prefers his suits to follow the shape of the body rather than fight against it like Craig’s suits do so I'm not sure why Craig wears tight suits.

    Seemingly the fashion industry has been pushing this shrunken suit trend for quite a while.

    Current trends in suits save money in many ways compared to the way suits are traditionally tailored. The shrunken trend saves manufacturers money, who can sell a 6-foot tall man a suit that is traditionally long enough for a man no taller than 5’8″. These trends save money for suit shops, who might no longer feel the need to employ a tailor on premises because they can sell a man a ‘slim fit’ suit that already has waist suppression instead of using a tailor to fit a suit perfectly to the customer’s body. These trends save customers money for not having to worry about paying to alter the ‘slim fit’ suit that they purchased.

    The kind of rumpled fit that Daniel Craig wears is far easier to tailor than clothes that hug the body. It takes less effort to not smooth out the rumples. And if people can be convinced to aspire to this, they can be happy with a poorly fitting suit and demand less of the shops where they purchase their suits.

    I also think Craig could do with a new barber. He looks better with longer hair , I know the tight cut is meant to make him look harder but it isnt in keeping with the part, he sticks out with the buzz cut and poor fitting suits.

  • I hate the tight clothes thing they've insisted on.

    Craigs snow-wear in Spectre was as bad as his suits.

    They don't have to go Full Moore however. 😆

  • It's interesting to watch the costumes in Craig's films evolve, remember at the start of CR he's under cover in Madagascar in a half fastened Hawaiian shirt and dirty kakis, then at the start of Skyfall he's "undercover" in Marakesh(?) in a full Tom Ford. The first two movies didn't shy away from the disheveled look, see the poster for QoS whereas he's definitely become more immaculate in the later films.

  • So the runtime on this is gonna be 165 minutes. I wasn't that bothered about going to see this but I think now I'll definitely be waiting for the home release.

  • Seems excessively long.

    Craigs films seem to be getting increasingly longer, Skyfall 143 mins, Spectre 148 mins and now 165 minutes.

    They should be aiming for 135 minutes.

    This film with its troublesome production, change of director, rewrites etc has all the hallmarks of being a turkey.

    Has Hans Zimmer rewritten the score, he only had a few months to write it for the original release date, he surely has changed it.

  • I know it's a subject others take the view of more being merrier, but 2.75 hours for a Bond movie is madness.

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  • DHL have a nice ad for the new film, very classy.