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No Time to Die **Spoilers from post #1449 onward**



  • Would David Tennant make a good bond?

  • Nope.

    great actor but too short and weedy looking.

  • He's 6 foot but that aside, I tend to agree. He's also 50 now so that ship as sailed.

    Maybe they had done a more classic style espionage film, less action heavy. He's probably closer to the David Niven-esque look which Fleming had in mind.

  • I like pixelburp's shout for Dev Patel. If they still want a "traditional" Bond I'd go for someone like Richard Madden, or Nicholas Hoult maybe.

  • After watching The Wedding Guest on Amazon, I'm fully on board for Patel. It's not a great movie by any means but it's a good demonstration of his more serious side.

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  • Yes. Yes. Our numbers grow.

    He carried the David Copperfield adaptation on his own; his charisma was bouncing off the screen, that right balance of effortless swagger and likeability you'd want in a Bond; I liked Brosnan when he played it ice cold, but his charm was frequently a bit sleezy.

    To the traditional" picks, I'd say that's what they'll go for. After the bruiser Craig, I can't see them taking another wild swing - despite any Twitter noise wanting a Patel, Elba or whatnot. And always seemed like they shy away from those too famous already. Which is why Richard Madden feels like a good shout.

  • Sean Connery and Roger Moore were 6'2", Richard Madden is 5'10" and going by his pics he looks more like a BBC actor not the next face of Bond

  • So he's the same height as Craig. And what does a "BBC actor" look like exactly?

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  • Moore and Brosnan were primarily TV actors before they got the nod; while Connery famously started as a bodybuilder and milkman. As I said, none of the actors were ever that famous prior to the Bond role. Craig maybe the largest upset to that trend with an already healthy career in British cinema. If not for Bond I'd say he would have jobbed around various Lahndon based crime films.

    I suppose the one thing against Madden is his career may about to get a bump given he's in Marvel's The Eternals. The inevitable multi-film contract with the MCU mat stop him playing Bond.

  • What about your man from Bridgerton. I think he's been mentioned.

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  • New Bond actors are never established film stars.

    Moore and Brosnan were well known for their TV work but weren't A-List film stars. Connery, Dalton and Craig had decent successful acting careers before Bond but certainly weren't household names. It was their role as Bond that made them famous.

    That is why I'm discounting suggestions that people like Henry Caville , Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston will succeed Craig. They are already too well known (and expensive) with established roles in other franchises.

    I'll also say that it takes more to be Bond than just looking good in a tux. The actor needs to have a lot of charisma and screen presence, and also the acting talent to make the part his own, which is exactly what Barbara Broccoli saw in Craig. I'm a big lifelong Bond fan, and to be fair to Barbara, I could have watched everything Craig had done and still never pegged him as a possible Bond. I think he has been brilliant in the role even if he was let down by a script or two (which seems to be the fate of most Bond actors).

  • One of Craig's first and still well acclaimed acting gigs was BBC drama Our Friends In The North.

  • How would you find a relative unknown when their's so many TV dramas these days it would be hard to find a 'brand new' actor for the Bond role.

    So the next Bond will be at least a somewhat known actor already, and if that is the case I would like to see Tom Hiddleston do it in the same way I wanted to see Brosnan do it. I'm not sure how big Hiddleston is, if you don't watch those Marvel things (and I do some), I haven't seen him in anything else.

    Mind you, Brosnan was a disappointing for me personally. Never quite sure if it was his Bond or I just didn't like his Bond movies, which I differently didn't in themselves. Wouldn't ever be bothered to watch his Bond movies again. Loved him in Remington Steel but his Bond I found quite dour and unlikable.

  • if there is a next Bond he will be known in television circles at a minimum but the actor will need to be dripping with charisma and presence.

  • as in decent actor you might find in some BBC cop or procedural drama, I had a look at a clip from The Bodyguard, he didnt scream next Bond to me

  • Nondescript I would say. Average in looks, ordinary.

    Most top actors don't fit that description. They mostly are photogenic is some way, have a distinct look, not necessarily good looking, just have a distinct look in of themselves.

  • Always felt Chris Vance would make a good Bond if you were looking at a TV actor.

  • And to that of presence, I offer you a pamphlet from the Church of Dev Patel 😜

  • Fully onboard, I think Patel would be a great shout.

  • It won't be anyone any of us can predict!

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  • He would need to put on at least a couple of stone to bulk up for the role.

    It says he is 10.5 stone and 6 ft 1, he looks very weedy.

  • I agree with this.

    This is from a recent interview with Barbara Broccoli in The Sunday Times

    "It’s not like casting a movie when you find the best actor at the time — it’s about resetting the whole template for the movies to come. So it’s not just about what colour hair an actor has and if they fit a certain type — it’s about where you want to take the movies and what you want to say. And we have to make that decision. We’re not going to make it based on polls"

    I think the comment about polls is a subtle way of saying it probably won't be anyone currently mentioned by tabloid articles.

  • I can't agree with Patel, much as I love him as an actor. He's not Bond though. I'm open to be convinced but I don't see him as brash and confident and ballsy enough to play Bond.

  • Yeah Patel is a good actor but I have never seen him in anything that made me think he would make a good Bond. I’d also argue he’s far too big a name.

  • Would love Riz Ahmed. Has everything.

  • I really don't think height should be an issue. Riz Ahmed and Richard Madden I think would both be good Bonds in their own right, to rule them out purely based on height is nonsensical.

  • Tom Cruise sees all these comments about height being a red flag, and chuckles. Well. He probably wouldn't, and insist he's a manly 6ft.

  • Exactly and I'm always bemused by the measures he goes to to hide his height when we all know he's short. Is there anyone who can't take Cruise seriously as an action hero because of his height? You'd have to be the shallowest person on earth.

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  • Henry Golding for me, looks like a bond and at 6"1 has the height. He's had some decent roles while still being relatively unknown. Snake eyes wasnt a great movie but he can handle action scenes and delivered some quippy Bond-esque lines!