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Adult ADHD Advice



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    JackTC wrote: »
    Assessment tomorrow afternoon - will give an update on how it goes.

    Best of luck Jack I hope it goes well :)

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    I am still awaiting the final assessment report regarding ASD and ADHD from my psychologist. I am becoming concerned as I have not heard from them since March and I have made numberous attempts to contact them. They no longer provide their services at the agency who provide the facilities for the psychologist.

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    Alonzo would you approach your GP to follow up with them?

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    Feu wrote: »
    Alonzo would you approach your GP to follow up with them?

    I am going to attempt to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow. It is very difficult to contact my GP due to the pandemic, and the local surgery is at capacity so I may not be able to speak to them instantly. I understand that my Psychologist is also at full capacity and has apologised for the delay the last time I spoke to them in March. However it appears that they have recently sought colleagues to aid in assessment report writing according to a recent job listing so I am hoping I will hear from them soon. I haven't been well recently and the final report is important as I presented with additional information after the initial provisional summary of the assessment.

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    Hi All, I finally received an adhd diagnosis after a very long wait. I have started medication and currently exploring dosages with my psychiatrist.

    . Those of you who have been treated for a while, once you found a dose that worked for you were you able to ha e a GP write the script? Are the scripts always going to be only for 30 days?

    I'd really appreciate your knowledge on this.

    I'm asking because the costs at the moment are really high nearly 200e every 30 days between private fees and medicines. I'm in a low paid job but not eligible for a medical card. Its a huge chunk of my income and I don't enjoy this aspect of getting diagnosed even though I'm extremely fortunate I know.

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    I am the same, 3 months in, settled on a dose, but its 250n per month all in, I will be asking my gp to prescribe, but not for another month or two, he may say no, I really don’t know, but it is expensive, would love some advice too.

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    Hi everyone

    in the first instance you should apply for the Drugs Payment Scheme if you haven't already. https://www2.hse.ie/services/drugs-payment-scheme/drugs-payment-scheme-card.html This means that no individual or household will pay in excess of €114 per month on medications. Some of you may remember when this was automatically applied, now you have to opt in to it. It is a formality, and takes just a few minutes (everyone is eligible - no means test etc) If you are part of a family household, this can mean significant reductions on cost of household medications.

    Regarding whether a GP will continue prescription it is variable. In theory a GP can and should continue prescription, but in practice, it really depends on the GP. It is worth trying to access a new GP if needed. Your psychiatrist should already have written to your GP outlining your diagnosis and medication, and they should now write to them asking them to continue the prescription. Your psychiatrist will know to do this, but ask them and clarify if they haven't yet.

    Another way to go with this, which i've seen actually work is that your psychiatrist can refer you to public mental health services to "continue treatment" - meaning to monitor the ADHD medication. Again IN THEORY, they should take this up for ADHD alone, but if you have another condition, even better (in terms of referral). Then you can attend the Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS), every 3 months to repeat prescription. I have seen this done, but not frequently. This is probably how it should work, but obviously many don't get referred to AMHS, OR, they are referred but wait indefinitely as its "only" ADHD.

    If you live in a area where they trialled the ADHD services e.g. Sligo Leitrim, you can asked to specifically be referred to the ADHD team, which are actually set up, to have your medication reviewed/continued, and even get psychological or OT support. In theory every health area in the country should have or be setting up an ADHD team but you know, its Ireland. Having said that, i have seen more recently some movement on this, but also seen people discharged for "just" having ADHD.

    Hope this helps

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    Great advice there, thanks.

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    Thank you for the great advice!

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    Just wanted to say thanks to the poster that shared info about Dr. Murtagh.

    Had been trying for over a year to get an appointment for assessment and now have an appointment with Dr Murtagh in October 😀

    If you can read this, you're too close!

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    So I had the results of my assessment this morning.

    I only fit 2 out of the 9 criteria for ADHD which means I didn't receive an ADHD diagnosis. You need to meet 5 out of 9 for a diagnosis. My Psychologist says that my poor concentration is likely the result of a mood disorder such as Major Depressive Disorder.

    I went public so I didn't have to pay, the waiting list was quite long though. The assessment went like this

    • First session : Puzzles with a timer and general knowledge questions ranging from easy to hard. (Ex: capital of Portugal, etc,,..)
    • Second session : Conversation talking about childhood, school reports, etc,..
    • Third session: Conversation with my mother about my childhood (it can be any family member or close friend)

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    A few things, First the Ireland has been extremely slow in its uptake in recognizing Autism. It is the wealthier that have been able to afford diagnosis's and receive treatments. This has been forward thinking by the then regional health boards and the HSE as a way of saving money. Penny wise and pound foolish. Hence I would take anything the HSE would say with a pinch of salt. I am not sure which is going on either the HSE are trying to save money or they employ purely dopey people, the result is the same, people are denied treatment.

    Any HSE staff (Doctors/Nurses/Psychologist/Occupational Therapists) I have seen arent fit for purpose. I have even had my family GP refuse to read my psychologist report until my psychologist "tore her a new one". Amazing how a psychologist tamed the shrew.

    IF you want a proper diagnosis from a proper psychologist in Ireland you are going to have to pay. There is no way they are turning out the amount necessary and specialisation to meet the demand of the population. I feel sorry for anyone left to the mercy of the HSE.

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    Going privately for assessments in my experience is no better than with the HSE. I am still awaiting a final report from my Psychologist and my assessments were completed more than 6 months ago. I was given an inital indication that I do not meet the criteria for ADHD or ASD and that they have yet again put it down to GAD, however I strongly disagree and have since provided more information. The psychologist in question is at the beginning of their career and not to disapprove of their work in any way but they do not have the overall experience behind them regarding ADHD and ASD in my opinion.

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    Mine was delivered in two weeks despite my psychologists mother dying. My Psychologist was both highly qualified and was recommend. That is your responsibility to chase your psychologist. There is a massive difference in the HSE and going private. If I was in business like that, I would not short change a client like that and risk a bad recommendation. Every client in private industry is based on a recommendation. Autism Mothers recommendation to eachother is more or less gospel. There were very, very nasty replies when we needed a referral from our social network. Luckily we got a recommendation that was supported and we went with that. The private psychologist in question did a thorough interview, under fairly stressful conditions and wrote a report. Twice it has been called into question and the psychologist in question came and defended his report.

    The HSE would watch you die and fall into your grave than do a competent examination. If I was waiting 6 months for a report I would tell the psychologist just to return the fee at that stage.

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    I have been attempting to follow up with the Psychologist on numberous occasions but I am not getting a response. I have even asked my GP to try and get a response from them. Either they have been absent because of annual leave or they are apparently busy because of the number of clients they have. I need a response ASAP as I am beginning to study a degree in September and I need to know whether or not to notify student support services should I require additional needs.

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    If you are getting no response you have two choices, either report them professionally or thrash their name. When I was enquiring for a psychologist specializing in "extremely Late diagnosis of Adults Aspergers" (a very fine and narrow field) in the South East, 10 years ago. We (my family) were warned there were warned "there are no suitable qualified psychologist in that area south of Dublin and east of Cork. Funny how powerful the bush telegraph is. I would never pick a professional out of the phone book or recommend by Google. All that business is word of mouth, you are only as good as your last job. On the other hand my parents have recommended the psychologist to other enquiries.

    You dont need your report when you enter college. You need your report before you enter college. You need to access academic supports. The Student Assistance Office/Supports/Disability (what ever you wish to call it) Office. There can be a week of induction pre college. Do not dismiss this. How do I find a book in the library, how do i find exam papers, how do I access supports.... All important questions. You need that report for that. Open a conversation with the disability office and get all your resources straightened out at the start. I wish you the best of luck on your course.

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    I'm 30 and recently diagnosed (primarily inattentive). Yes, I've had this username since my teens... Late diagnosis is incredibly frustrating, but makes a great deal of sense, that's for sure! 😅

    Anyhoo, I tried Ritalin/Methylphenidate which was working as intended (🎉), but experienced very severe dry mouth; it took over a month without meds before things went back to normal. Not sure if it's okay to ask here, but I'm wondering if anyone else had similar issues and found that they resolved with a change of medication? I'm considering Lisdexamphetamine (Tyvense/Vyvanse) or a non-stimulant like Strattera, and would love to hear relevant anecdotes, because I'm still off meds at the mo' but my ADHD is kind of ruining my life.. 😬

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    Getting my assessment through apex clinic in Cork

    Had the phone call dis morning and hopefully the video chat next week and then the big one in person

    Tests cancelled cause of covid twice since April 2020

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    Also tried Adderal for the same reasons. I found the cure worse than the cause. I was grinding and wrecking my teeth also getting hand tremours (very scary). It caused massive anxiety and made it worse than before. Proceed with caution. Look for a Herbal, Homeopathic, TCM, Yoga combination/based solution instead. People who rubbish my ideas are those who have never tried them with competent practitioner...... they will just quote a study somewhere that says its all useless Gobbled-gook. It worked for me, the alternative route that is. Its can be expensive if you want it to be but much of it is either cheap or a one time purchase.

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    I (29/M) was recently assessed by a psychologist for ASD and ADHD, the total was €800 including a telephone conversation with my parents and a follow up session explaining his findings in his report. The tests he used were the WAIS-IV Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, IVA-QS Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test and the ADOS-2 Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. The assessment itself lasted just over 3 hours, and the discussion of the report (11 pages including appendix) just over 1 hour.

    It was a relief and absolutely no surprise when he told me that I had both ASD/Aspergers and ADHD-PI. He said that looking at my IQ test results, even if he had never met me in person, it was clear that I was on the spectrum - I had exceptionally high scores in some areas and very low scores in others, 'peaks and valleys' was the way he put it.

    So, in verbal comprehension I ranked at the 99th percentile (134 IQ) and working memory at the 97th percentile (128 IQ). Wow. Now here comes the bit that put me firmly on the spectrum - perceptual reasoning 21st percentile (88 IQ) and processing speed 34th percentile (94 IQ). At the end of the discussion regarding the results of my assessment I was referred to a GP who was comfortable prescribing ADHD medication and he also gave me some excellent recommendations for ADHD and ASD therapy.

    Today is my 7th day on Concerta XL 27mg (86kg). Honestly, ADHD turned out to be a lot more part of my lack of progress in life than I ever had imagined. Going for the assessment I was sure that I was on the spectrum but considered ADHD to be some loosely-defined thing seen in 'cross' children with bad parents that the Yanks are mad to sell you pills for. Yup, all those lazy stereotypes 🙄 Growing up I was the typical ADHD kid who had so much potential but never seemed to make it 'click' and 'get my 'sh*t together'. Anything that was said to me would go 'in one ear and out the other' unless it was one of my specific interests. Homework took me forever to start, and when I did, it took forever to finish (at 2 a.m.). I was constantly forgetting appointments, assignment deadlines, anything that I didn't consider interesting wasn't going to sink in.

    I've had a few jobs here and there, a 3 month summer internship in a financial MNC that my mother got me, an 8 month work placement at university with a well known Irish gambling operation and a 15 month job as an assistant planner in a telecommunications start-up (that a relative owned). Basically, it was all done for me. In the jobs themselves I found it tough. Not what I was working on but the whole executive function stuff. I couldn't make the things that were expected of me 'stick' to the routine in my head. You know, the stuff you do automatically day in day out without people having to prompt you. Too much stuff to remember. Too much 'on the fly' re-jigging schedules, planning ahead, sub-goals ...

    We aren't allowed give medical advice, and for good reason. However, I can say that Concerta, even without the ASD therapy, ADHD coaching, OT and mindfulness, has been a Godsend. My mind is focused, if I want to put my mind to something I can do it. My thoughts aren't spinning around at a million miles per hour, my mind is calm. The information that needs to be transmitted can do so without being drowned out in a cesspit of repetitive negative thoughts and superfluous ideas. No longer am I spending 45 minutes a day researching what type of coal I'll buy this winter, or checking the weather in Texas every 10 minutes because I plan to move there shortly after completing my masters. Before I literally could think 'Wouldn't it be lovely to spend Christmas in a Norwegian log cabin in a picturesque mountain towns and the Christmas markets and all that ?', then I would spend the rest of the day researching the perfect destination, looking at flights, car rental prices and buying a course on how to speak Norwegian. Aaand then the kids would come home from school and I forgot to make lunch for them. Aaand it would be all forgotten about a week later. Now all that's gone. Obviously, the ball's still in my court. If I want to focus for 8 hours on cars passing over and back on the bridge, Concerta won't stop me.

    I can't explain how happy I am to have found these resources. My GP basically said "You'll get nothing if you're over 17. If you're not going to go private don't even bother" and then couldn't help me any further. It's so sad to see people here just being told to 'hunker down' or 'cop on'. All we need to do is to 'plan' our time better and pay attention, right ? Beg, borrow or steal but please look into getting assessed privately. You do not know how amazing it feels to be diagnosed and treated. To know that it is not your fault, that it wasn't because you couldn't get your act together, that it wasn't because you decided you'd love to live off the state in between dead-end jobs. I have dreams, I will be working soon on Wall St., I have found the focus I need to ignite my passion. It does not matter how late you are diagnosed, living 1 day feeling this way is, to me, better than living a 1000 as I was before.

    Definitely have more things to say, will add them later on. Great to have you all here.

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