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What's In Your Hand Today?

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    Registered Users Posts: 844 ✭✭✭ morritty

    I haven't seen one of these kind of threads on boards, so i figured i'd start one off.

    Tonight's rotation has been:
    Evic Mini and Kayfun Lite+ W/ Key Lime Cookie by MoleJuice

    rDNA 40 and Velocity Clone W/ Milkman

    eSquare DNA 40 and Subtank Mini W/ Mufflinman

    Zero Mini and Crown Tank W/ Rocketmole by MoleJuice

    RX200 and Aromamizer W/ The Fillmore by The Originals

    IPV D2 and Sapor W/ Lowrider by The Fuu

    Yes, i like to change flavours after every few vapes :D I'm sure there's plenty like me.

    God Damn photo bucket and massive images.



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