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Mens Rights Thread



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    Your Family

    The imbalance in how dads are heard

    Transformative role of fatherhood (part 2): Tips for new fathers so they can be understood and supported in parenthood


    Tips for new dads

    1. Managing expectations and feelings surrounding impending parenthood is important. Talk to your partner or other dads about what you expect fatherhood to be like and what kind of dad you expect or want to be;
    2. Pregnancy can be a difficult and stressful time for you and your partner. While you will support and help your partner, remember to focus on your own needs too including your mental wellbeing;
    3. Talk with other dads to find out how you can prepare for the birth and afterwards during those first initial months of fatherhood. Take the opportunity to talk about any worries, fears, or nervous excitement, and inform yourself as much as possible;
    4. Recognise that parenthood will come with highs and lows. Make sure to communicate how you’re feeling to your partner, close friend, or GP as necessary.

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    Your Family

    ‘There’s nothing like holding your baby in your arms for the first time’

    Transformative role of fatherhood (part 1): Fathers talk about the joys and challenges of being a parent and how confidence grows with experience

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    A new one for me in a long line of "women worst affected" claims:

    Action needed as inflation hits women hardest

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    Two out of three men will not live long enough to gain from deferring their retirement age to 67

    People who defer taking their state pension at 66 under radical plans being worked on by the Government would need to live for decades to get any payback from the move.

    The Government plans to keep the state pension age at 66 – but people who continue working beyond that age and put off drawing on the state pension, will get a higher pension when they do eventually retire.

    But the payback period for deferring taking the state pension, even for a year, is likely to take decades.

    Despite getting a higher pension at age 67, it will take 21.1 years for person to get back the one year’s worth of pension that has been given up.

    This means these people would need to live into their late 80s and early 90s to get any value from deferring taking the state pension, according to calculations by a pensions industry expert.

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    A fairly rare story that mentions concern for boys/males specifically


    Plan to move parts of Leaving Cert exams to end of fifth year trigger warnings on impact on male students

    SEC tells Norma Foley proposal to have first Irish and English papers sat a year early would ‘significantly disadvantage’ male students

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    Question: My husband and I separated eight years ago and divorced last year.

    We were essentially leading separate lives in the years leading up to our divorce and I didn’t apply for maintenance because we both run our own businesses and our children were young adults when we split.

    We have ploughed our own furrows for a long time, but now our daughter is getting married and he has suggested we split the costs. This doesn’t seem fair to me as it’s traditional for the father of the bride to pay and also because he has always made more money than me.

    I’m thinking of putting my foot down and refusing to pay, but I don’t want to cause animosity in the lead up to the wedding. What should I do?

    So suddenly non-equal traditions there were set at a time when women often didn't work are being sought to be maintained.

    I also have to wonder whether the woman might have got the family property in the settlement in which case the ex-husband now has to pay for a second property

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    “Ask Allison: My fiancé earns four times my salary but insists we split everything 50/50. Should I marry him?”


    ”We don’t do any activities together that we can’t afford 50/50 — for example, there were a group of our friends renting a house and because I couldn’t afford to pay 50pc of our costs, we didn’t go even though he could well afford to cover me. I have numerous other examples.”

    From the therapist:

    ”Be specific — explain how it felt when you didn’t go on the trip. Did you feel embarrassed, how did it trigger you?”

    This seems quite an emotive way at looking at. The woman might have been able to afford it if she had a better paying job or did overtime; or alternatively spent less. Also it’s hardly the first thing she hasn’t been able to afford in her life. But that is not mentioned.


    “When you ask, ‘Is he controlling me with money’, I don’t know — what I do know is that it isn’t working for you and how you want to live going forward. The research on a happy marriage isn’t about it being equitable. In fact, nearly the opposite — the ability of a man to allow his wife to influence him is correlated with a happier marriage.”


    “Is he controlling me with money?”

    Seems to be an odd way to define being controlled with money (their finances are separate).

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    Seems sexist:

    So it was nearly a relief to find herself in need of a job. For the next decade, she juggled home responsibilities and part-time work in law firms, until a chance meeting in 1984 with an acquaintance who happened to mention “they were looking for a female judge” for the District Court bench.

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    IAPI leads by example with its gender balancing act

    There are more women in senior creative roles within the advertising industry than ever before, writes its president Charley Stoney

    I haven’t read the full article but noticed this:

    Thanks to the support of Diageo, IAPI runs an annual leadership coaching programme, Female Futures Fund, (link here Female Futures Fund) that enables 25 high potential women to learn the skills and overcome confidence issues that might otherwise prevent them from becoming industry chiefs.

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    I see that the Irish Heart Foundation are running a campaign in September "Her Heart Matters"

    "to increase awareness of the risk of heart disease and stroke in women and the fact that this risk increases as women enter menopause."

    Laudable aims.

    2 minor comments:

    - there seem to be more of these type campaigns highlighting issues women face than issues men face 

    - The Facebook ad for the campaign says the same percentage of men and women die from heart disease without highlighting that men on average die quite a few years younger 

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    The Irish Women's Parliamentary Caucus are working on a specific issue. Probably the worst thing they could be working on but it still feels strange to have such a group within the Oireachtas.

    Submissions on the Renewal of National Carers' Strategy

    The National Carers’ Strategy 2012 signaled the Government’s commitment to recognising and respecting carers as key care partners and to responding to their needs across a number of policy areas. The Strategy sought to support carers in managing their caring responsibilities and to empower them to have a life of their own outside of caring.

    The Irish Women's Parliamentary Caucus wish to invite people involved in the care economy to an open a conversation on what carers need now in terms of further supports. The Caucus will host a workshop in October and aim to bring the cross-party outputs and recommendations from this work to Government on updates to the strategy.

    The mission of the Women’s Caucus is to:

    bring together women members of the Oireachtas and European Parliament from all parties and none

    work purposefully, promoting and supporting women’s participation in politics, nationally and locally

    develop and advocate for legislation, policy and other initiatives addressing issues affecting women and society

    advance the agreed agenda of the Caucus within political parties and other spheres of influence

    Supporting Documentation:

    If you have any documentation to support your submission, please email it to [email protected] 

    Data protection:

    Before making your submission, please read our privacy statement:

    This is a public process and your submission may be published as part of the work of the Women's Caucus.

    This survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. 

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    Carrie Keegan lived on the streets for 16 years – now she’s shining a light on the fear that grips women sharing homeless services with men

    The 39-year-old, who is now attending a college course, says female-only services are urgently needed


    Depaul, which provides four women-only services, has criticised the “chronic shortage” of accommodation and supports available for single women who are homeless in Ireland.

    In 2021, it supported 681 women in homelessness across the Republic of Ireland and 291 women in Northern Ireland, while helping 141 women to move out of homelessness and into suitable and secure own-door accommodation.

    Niamh Thornton, services manager at Depaul, said women entering its care were coming from “difficult situations”.

    They are entering homelessness because of relationship or family breakdowns, domestic violence or other difficult life events.

    “Women can delay reaching out for support in order to prevent homelessness, particularly if they are mothers as they fear losing their children,” she said.

    “All of the indicators we have are that it’s a continuing problem that is going to increase, as things stand at the moment. There isn’t enough accommodation to meet demand at the moment.”

    Female-only services could well be needed all right. 

    But one wonders whether calls like this could mean the would be more spaces available for women than men.

    Also the wording above gives the impression that men may not be coming from "difficult situations".

    And also the woman in this story "started drinking alcohol when she was nine, turned to drugs at the age of 12 and was 17 when she began taking heroin."

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    Why are women who are upfront about wanting marriage and children treated like bunny-boiling deviants?

    Ellen Coyne

    Behind a paywall but people can get an idea of what it discusses from the title.

    My 2 cent would be that many men who do end up being fathers had no strong desire to be fathers but went along with it as they wanted to stay with their partner. In some cases, if those women had brought it up early when they were dating, the man might not have stayed in the relationship.

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    I mentioned before that some people are given the wrong information about their genetics but that genetic testing might draw attention to this issue.

    Deyerin told @thisisinsider that she'd always believed her father was African American.

    Deyerin runs Right to Know, a nonprofit organization that helps people struggling to come to terms with their identity after finding out that one or both of their parents is not genetically related to them.

    But when she showed the DNA-test results to her mother, who's white, her mother said she was the outcome of a one-night stand with a white man.



    Alesia Cohen Weiss, Kara Rubinstein Deyerin, David Wrate, and Gregory Loy met while doing an interview for Kiro News 7, “DNA Home Test Kits Reveal Family Secrets, Bring Unexpected Trauma.” They believe laws related to genetic information, identity, and family dynamics need to be updated to reflect the changing technology and social dynamics of the times. This belief developed into Right to Know. 

    With over-the-counter DNA testing, there is no such thing as anonymity any more. Adoption and donor conceived laws need to be updated with this reality. And family secrets that could be locked in the closet in the past, can no longer remain hidden.

    Parents need to understand the devastating affects of suddenly learning you are not who you thought you were. Families now come in all shapes and sizes. We need to be open with children about their genetic parentage so there are no shocking surprises.

    There should be no shame in knowing your genetic heritage.

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    Here's the latest batch of gender-related hashtags/items I have noticed trending for anyone interested (I know some are not)

    (Aside: I'm not on Twitter 24/7 of course and don't look back at lists for when I wasn't on)

    I also threw in some other posts as I didn't want to post too frequently.


    Irish Daily Mirror

    102-year-old woman says secret to a long life is staying single and not getting married

    Cathy Hillock, who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday, told fellow residents and staff that she credits the lack of men in her life as one of her secrets to reaching the milestone birthday.



    Didn't trend but I thought I would mention:

    Casual misandry that turned up in my Twitter feed (it had 43,000 retweets which is a huge amount) & 333k likes

    "The truth about dating after 50: Some men are just looking for a place to live"

    Comment: one wonders whether they would have used a similar title with the genders being reversed.

    Also men may initially have had their own home and then lost it following a separation



    CNBC Make It

    Serena Williams on retiring at 41: ‘If I were a guy, I wouldn’t’ have to choose between tennis and a family

    [This is somebody who could easily afford any childcare she wanted]

    "Period Dignity Officer"


    Dating in 2022: Why Do So Many Straight Men Hate Astrology?

    Women who stay single and don’t have kids are getting richerForgoing marriage and parenthood has a bigger payoff for American women than men, according to new research.

    A popular post.

    She said women never do it in a couple of responses!

    Christina Farr @chrissyfarr

    A friend told me the new term for Mansplaining:

    Correctile Dysfunction

    I died.

    A couple of responses suggesting terms for when women do it:

    My partner said “Ovaryaction” - I glared at him



    I like that, mirrors testiculate, aka waving your arms about and talking bollocks.

    I also use

    Matronise == Patronise

    Frillies for the Fillies == Toys for the Boys

    Haven't found a == for emasculate yet.


    "Did nobody give Sean Bean a heads-up to keep his views on sex scenes to himself? He’s a white man in his 60s, and even if what he blurts out is innocuous, there’s a high chance he will be vilified – which is exactly what happened this week"

    "Nurse Who Won't Give Viagra to White Conservative Men Resigns"


    International Day of the Girl

    Women-only initiative:

    Best dressed lady (Dublin Horse Show)

    International Day of Rural Women

    Friday 14th October 2022

    " NWC is organising a conference on women in rural Ireland to mark International day of rural women in Monaghan on Friday 14th October 2022. This is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development." 

    Programme to shine spotlight on women's role in peace process

    "Our aim is to ensure the peace heroines get the recognition they deserve and inspire the next generation of peace-builders," explained Melanie Lynch, founder of HERstory. "We want to write Herstory into history." The exhibition is now on display at the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in Wicklow and later moves to Queen's University in Belfast and a number of other locations throughout Northern Ireland.

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    "Poor fitness levels a growing problem in recruiting gardaí, Dáil hears: Minister says target of hiring 800 new members of force this year will not be met"


    "Some 11,000 people applied to join An Garda Siochána in this year’s recruitment campaign for 800 gardaí including “many more women and many more from different backgrounds” said Ms McEntee."


    I wasn't sure exactly what that was saying, whether the recruitment campaign aimed to have many more women or whether many more simply applied this year.

    It looks like it might be the former:

    "Garda Trainee Recruitment January 2022 – we’ve got you covered"


    "The Minister has urged people in new Irish and minority communities to apply. There will be a big emphasis on recruiting from new and diverse communities and improving gender equality."

    The Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland calls for a reflection of the diversity of Irish Society within An Garda Síochána, “diverse not only in gender and ethnicity, but also in socio-economic, educational and geographical background”. We welcome applications from any and all backgrounds with a view to reflecting the increasing diversity of Irish society in 2022 and beyond.


    It wouldn't be surprising given such comments if men were at a disadvantage over women in the recruitment process.

    I wonder are the fitness requirements the same for men and women?

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    Apparently Russian mothers and wives are happy about the mobilization cause it means $$$$

    A belief in gender identity involves a level of faith as there is nothing tangible to prove its existence which, as something divorced from the physical body, is similar to the idea of a soul. - Colette Colfer

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    Concern over increasing use of ‘parental alienation’ in custody disputes in family courts

    Children are being removed from their preferred parents into the custody of allegedly abusive parents, advocates warn

    Groups including Women’s Aid, the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI) and the Men’s Development Network (MDN) are concerned about the increasing use of “parental alienation” (PA) in custody disputes in the family law courts, where domestic violence features.

    In contrast, proponents of parental alienation welcome the increased awareness of what they say is a diagnosable syndrome, arguing it should be included as a “unique form of family violence” in the State’s domestic violence strategy. PA has the potential to damage children into adulthood as severely as sex abuse, they say.

    “Psychologising children’s feelings of hostility to the absent parent runs significant risks which can cause tangible harms to the child,” says the MDN. “Many of the diagnostic features of PA could easily be attributable to more typical run-of-the-mill hostilities or anxieties which pertain to the separation.”

    The MDN continues: “The term is often used as a direct response to allegations of domestic abuse, has a chilling effect on women coming forward to disclose abuse, and, in such circumstances, the focus should centre on the crime of coercive control as the prevailing context.”

    Seems a very women-centred viewpoint for a men's group but then some may remember their association with the white ribbon :

    Welcome to the White Ribbon Ireland Campaign page for 2022. White Ribbon is a campaign in over 60 countries worldwide which seeks to engage with men and boys on ending Violence against Women and Gender-Based Violence.

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    More comments in the direction of suggesting women prisoners should be treated differently to male prisoners


    Keith Adams of the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, which closely monitors conditions in which prisoners, says this case should be a catalyst for change.

    “Women like this need mental health services, not imprisonment.


    Keith Adams said: "The rise in the female prison population has been rapid, unrelenting, and without respite. Women’s prisons in Ireland are now severely overcrowded. More than 200 women are detained in institutions with an ‘official’ capacity of 174 beds.

    "The ongoing increase in the number of women in our female prisons is indicative of the Government’s continuing failure to respond appropriately to women who find themselves in conflict with the justice system."


    This person has earlier said that other options rather than prison should be looked at for women:

    A social justice group has brought up the female prisoners issue in a press release:

    Adams concluded: “Female imprisonment is the area of our justice system which should demonstrate the most restraint, but instead there has been a clear policy decision to imprison more women, despite the availability of other options. The design being tailored to women’s needs does not change the fact that a prison is still a prison.”

    Similar people don't want more prison places to be created for women. In some ways it could be argued they are part of the reason for a lack of prison spaces for women.



    In the Dóchas centre, multi-agency management meetings now always include all healthcare disciplines, chaplaincy and probation. It is “patient/prisoner centred”, she said, and meets weekly, chaired by the governor.

    Given the Dochas centre is mentioned specifically I wonder does this mean similar meetings aren't always done from male prisoners or the male system is not set up like this.

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    if you cant see the whole tweet, click into it, its a hoot in a tragic way

    A belief in gender identity involves a level of faith as there is nothing tangible to prove its existence which, as something divorced from the physical body, is similar to the idea of a soul. - Colette Colfer

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    Transport, building and finance firms to come under pressure to justify expected gender pay gaps

    Under new law, Irish-based firms with over 250 staff have to report differences in average hourly wages between men and women


    Ryanair’s average hourly pay rate for males was 45.12pc higher than that for females last year – lower than 2020, due to pandemic furlough schemes, but still the highest in a selection of reports studied by the Irish Independent.

    The company said it was “because the majority of our UK pilots are male, while the majority of our UK cabin crew are female” and insisted that “Ryanair females are paid identically to their male colleagues in each category.”


    A study by online job seeking service shows that women placed in new roles were paid on average 4pc more than men in 2022, a turnaround from before the pandemic, when men were paid 10pc more.

    But’s managing director Gerard Doyle said one of the challenges he faces is getting women on to shortlists for top jobs.

    “They tend to screen themselves out of the process,” he said. “It means males are getting the interviews, getting the jobs and getting the higher pay.”

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    “Will gender pay gap reporting rules reveal the real reasons why women are paid less?”

    There are some comments in this I think have some merit along with others I am sceptical about 


    “ But (I reckon anyway) the disparity is mostly down to what women want - a combination of what career they choose and the hours they want to plough into it. For example, the European Parliament puts 30pc of the gender pay gap down to an over-representation of women in lower paying areas of work such as care and education.

    So, is the answer to encourage more females to become software engineers and not primary school teachers? “Bring it on” is the obvious answer. But women have to want to go in to these careers – we can’t force them.”

    “I spent years trying to force my daughter to do football until I admitted defeat. If women want to be social workers and not engineers, that is ok. Many male-dominated sectors are better-paid, which will explain a gender pay gap. We should encourage more women in to these sectors, but this should not stop us paying workers in care and education more.”


    “ It would be great if the new reporting rules meant companies that do have a gender pay gap paid their employees in support services more.

    It might force them to think radically. Why not include their cleaner in decision-making? Their different life experiences would be so valuable.”

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    Revealed: New findings highlight gender pay gaps at Irish-based companies in the UK

    Gulf is largest in law firms, transport companies, management consultants and banks

    Tesco stores in the UK, where the pay gap was 9.3pc last year, have more male colleagues working Sundays, nights and bank holidays – shifts that pay premiums.

    Laura Bambrick, head of social and employment affairs at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Ictu), said the problem is that women are less represented in “higher value jobs”.

    “The difficulties in the pay gap is not valuing the type of work that is being done by women in the same way as it’s done by a man.

    “You see it around primary school teaching and nursing. We value the types of professions that we see women in less than we do very male-dominated ones. That is an international thing.”


    It's more the other way around: men move to the jobs that are better paid while there is less pressure on women to "earn well". Men's ability to (i) attract and (ii) hold onto a mate is more strongly linked to their salary than it is for women.

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    I had previously read about how the Istanbul Convention against violence against women might lead to further bias in favour of women. This gives examples:


    Abortion, gender identity may be excluded from curriculum by some schools, report warns

    Report raises concerns about inadequate refuge spaces, precarious funding for services and lack of expertise on domestic violence

    The report highlights that family law courts are also facilitating the use of the “much-discredited concept of parental alienation” which “may be used by the abusive partner to dismiss the children and/or mothers’ claim of violence perpetrated against the children and/or the mother”.


    The report makes 35 recommendations, including that the State: “remove the ethos clause from the Rules for National Schools and have full control over the curriculum”; that refuges with 500 spaces be established throughout the State – up from the current 319, and, that research critically discussing the concept of parental alienation and “documenting its harmful impact on women and children’s safety” be funded.

    No mention it seems of increasing the number of refuge spaces for men [I had heard that in theory the Convention could be used to help men but that there hadn’t been much evidence of it in practice in the UK.

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    An Post are paying for this Twitter ad. 

    It includes a video

    An Post @Postvox


    We are so proud to report that we have achieved a Zero Gender Pay Gap for the second year in a row. Tune in to hear more as Sonya Lennon gets under the bonnet of An Post’s operations to hear the experience of women and men across the business and to tell our story so far.

    I see they have sent out this press release. I have to wonder whether there is some gender discrimination against men. Certainly the Aspire program for women mentioned in the video could also be of interest to some men and the fact that it's not seems unfair.

    An Post Reports Zero Gender Pay Gap for a second year

    30 November 2022

    - First company to report zero for two years in a row

    - Female Representation on Senior Management Group increases from 33% to 41%

    - An Post commits to driving female recruitment and progression

    - Recruitment drive to attract more diverse talent for vital sorting and delivery roles

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    I think there was a thread on Men's Sheds in the past but I can't find it in the recent threads so thought I would post this here.

    Unfortunately it is behind a pay wall

    Men’s Sheds: ‘It’s good to share the problems associated with ageing and to know that we are not alone’

    The onset of ageing can pose numerous challenges to men’s physical and mental wellbeing. Accessing support and engaging with activity-based outlets like Men’s Sheds can help maintain positive interactions and connections

    “Also, I (and the other Shed members) have attended digital one-to-one classes in Coláiste Chraobh Abhann, Kilcoole, to improve digital skills. This has been great, and the social interaction between the transition year students and the older (elderly) pupils is also a big factor.”

    Men’s Shed members don’t just give their minds a workout at their weekly meeting, as the father of three also enjoys gardening and gentle physical exercise, which he says has been a great way of helping him cope with his arthritis.

    “In addition to the exercise classes, we have also been involved in various projects such as maintaining the church grounds, making Goosander nesting boxes for a nature preservation project in Glendalough, making a buddy bench for the local school and making nesting boxes available when needed,” he says.

    But while the Wicklow man really enjoys the activities he has engaged in over the years in his local Men’s Shed group, he says the friends he has made are the biggest bonus as everyone really looks out for each other.


    “As we get older we have to deal with a lot of issues; including deteriorating physical health, bereavement, loneliness following retirement and children leaving home, reduced mobility, drop in socioeconomic status and maybe even elder abuse,” she says. “All of these things impact on quality of life, and physical health is very closely related to mental health, so depression in older people, particularly men, can be a huge problem.

    “Traditionally and culturally, men of a certain age found it difficult to express emotions, perhaps because they have been brought up to believe that they have to be the provider, be strong and never cry — so it is important for people to watch out for signs that the older men in our lives need some help.”

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    "Labour Party Leader Ivana Bacik was awarded a PhD for her research on Feminist Criminology at Trinity College last week"

    Feminist criminology sounds like an inherently biased field/topic.

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    “Amend, don’t delete, Article 41.2 to ensure equality and attach value to the work of carers”

    Orla O'Connor

    “Care is the single biggest issue facing women in Ireland. From a young age, girls are taught that they should provide care to those around them. As girls grow up, this translates into an over-representation of women in the “caring professions” – which do not command the same salaries as those, for example, in the male-dominated STEM or tech sectors”

    I’m not convinced.


    “The Citizens’ Assembly is not the only body to recommend a change instead of the deletion of 41.2 to the Oireachtas Committee. The Constitutional Convention, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women have all made similar recommendations. All recognise the critical importance of care work”

    I didn’t know of this UN committee. I wonder how it works in relation to Ireland. My guess is there is no similar committee looking at discrimination against men in Ireland?


    On a general note on care roles, I’ve noticed women more than men reduce their hours of paid employment or stop working altogether to take on caring responsibilities. Caring can certainly be hard; working full-time and also caring is also very hard.

    Also being the sole or main breadwinner is a lot responsibility. And I imagine in some cases when a woman cuts back on her work or stops altogether to care, her male partner ends up working harder e.g. looking for more responsibility, more hours, etc. but often only the woman’s sacrifice is noted.

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    More female lorry drivers among goals in road haulage plan

    Government sets out 10-year targets in first strategy document for road transport industry

    Encouraging more women to become lorry drivers and building distribution hubs to reduce truck congestion in cities are among the targets in the Government’s first strategy plan for the road haulage industry.

    I wonder whether this might lead to some discrimination against men?

    And this adds to the imbalance in terms of the number of careers where there are efforts to bring in more women compared to the number of careers where there are efforts to bring in more men.