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Mens Rights Thread



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    Many television writers of the last 20 years have seemed to pull their punches in making their female protagonists truly flawed, Prebble points out. “It was very important to me not to do that.”



    I remember the outrage following the last few episodes in Game of Thrones when people said it was unfair to women how Daenerys Targaryen/khaleesi was portrayed when there are plenty of male characters in fiction who are similarly flawed but there is no uproar.

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    RTÉ pay gap: Men earn 13pc more than women at national broadcaster

    The gender pay gap is the difference in the average pay of all men and women across a workforce.

    RTÉ’s median pay gap is 13.03pc or 6.79pc when overtime is not counted.

    The report says there is a median gender pay gap of 18pc in favour of women among part time staff.

    Its mean, or average, gender pay gap is 11.55pc, which falls to 10pc when overtime roles are left out.

    If there was some sort of conspiracy to pay men more, it would seem odd that women in part-time roles would get paid more.

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    "The publishing group said it is committed to fulfilling its obligations and is convinced its policies and initiatives will help it move in the right direction."

    Who says there is anything inherently wrong with the current situation


    Mediahuis Ireland reveals gender pay gap of 22pc


    Looks like women will be advantaged in the future i.e. men will be discriminated against because of their gender.

    “Mediahuis Ireland has said it needs to address a “significant imbalance” between men and women at leadership level after revealing a gender pay gap of 22pc.


    “Mediahuis Ireland said it is committed to be an inclusive employer and is initiating programmes aimed at improving gender representation across the business.

    The company commits to substantially increase and develop its female workforce across all functions and levels to improve the male to female ratio from its existing level of 61pc to 39pc.”

    That’s not a huge gender imbalance given that more women than men are economically inactive. It is also not directly related to any gender pay gap.

    “The report says a Gender Equality Action Group will be set up early next year to keep the gender balance gap at the top of the organisation’s agenda. It will launch three special female-focused development programmes to substantially reduce the gap, including Women in Leadership, Women in Publishing and Women in Tech.

    “The company has committed to play its part in working towards the Mediahuis Group’s ambition for a 50/50 gender balanced leadership by 2030.”


    “Peter Vandermeersch, chief executive of Mediahuis Ireland, told “We recognise that the numbers indicate an imbalance at leadership level that needs to be addressed and we have set out our proposed action plan to start to close the gap.”

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    "Equal Pay Day 2022: ‘We have to do something about the catastrophic cost of childcare if we want to stop losing brilliant women from the workplace’

    Today is Equal Pay Day – the date on which women in Ireland effectively stop earning, relative to men, because of our gender pay gap"

    "And it will get awkward because money is emotional. It’s hard not to take it personally when you find out that the person sitting next to you is being paid on average 11.3pc more just because of their gender"

    Except there is no good evidence that the case at all

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    From last month

    Employers warned of ‘significant’ reputation and brand damage if they fail to eliminate gender pay gaps

    Seems to be setting up an environment where men may be discriminated against.

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    Irish data shows that men are much more likely than women to work 40 or more hours and also 45+ hours.

    This is likely a factor as to why they are more likely to be in better paid jobs.

    Ireland: Employment by usual hours worked

    Table 5.8 Ireland: Employment by usual hours worked, 2008 and 2018    '000s    % 20082018 20082018Usual hours


    Open in Excel: Women and Men in Ireland 2019 Table 5.8 (XLS 10KB)

    • Men worked more hours per week in paid employment in 2018 than in 2008, with the average hours worked per week rising slightly from 39.9 to 40.1 hours.
    • The number of hours worked by women in paid employment also increased between 2008 and 2018, rising from 31.4 to 32.3 hours.
    • Two out of every four men worked for 40 hours or more each week (52.8%), compared to just one in four women (24.7%).
    • The proportion of men working 35 to 39 hours each week dropped from 35.6% in 2008 to 27.1% in 2018, while the proportion of women also dropped from 37.2% to 30.9%.
    • Conversely, the proportion of men working for 40 hours or more each week rose from 40.7% to 52.8% while the percentage of women working a 40 hour week or longer rose from 16.3% to 24.7%.

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    Gender pay reports show women lead in all areas of law apart from income

    At lucrative partner and equity partner levels, men continue to dominate at biggest firms in the country


    99pc of personal assistants and administrative jobs are held by women.


    Across the organisation the mean (average) pay gap is 4.94pc in favour of women and the median gender gap is 17.55pc weighted towards women.

    “The initial findings suggest that the CSSO holds no barrier for the career progression of females and may be viewed as an employer of choice for females both at the clerical and professional levels,” the report notes.

    CSSO = Chief State Solicitors Office

    That's not how reports usually describe gender pay gaps when men earn more. I wonder will the report mention ways as to how the gender gap may be narrowed?

    My guess is women prefer public sector jobs because the hours are more regular, and other benefits like that.

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    Female employees much less likely to back themselves for new roles, survey finds

    Ireland’s male employees are more likely to “back themselves” when it comes to applying for a job, even if they don’t have all the experience and qualifications required, a new workplace wellbeing survey found.

    A quarter of female employees in Ireland believe they would need more than 90pc of the experience and qualifications outlined before applying for a new job, while just one in seven men felt the same way.



    Marian Ryan, Consumer Tax Manager at, said the results suggest that “women are less likely to take a leap of faith when applying to jobs compared to men”.

    “Which gives rise to questions like – in the main, are women simply less confident in their abilities? Are they more prone to imposter syndrome?

    “When applying to a new role, you need to bear in mind that the job spec is the employer’s wish list. As a manager, I know that I won’t find the person who ticks every single box.

    “I am looking for the person with the most potential for the role – perhaps they won’t have certain skills or experience but there’s a good chance that they will be able to bring different attributes to the role and indeed to our business as a whole,” Ms Ryan said.

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    Compulsory pay gap reports reveal the companies in Ireland where women earn more than men

    "A CIPD spokesperson said a negative gender pay gap, where women earn on average more than men, happens where women are mainly in well paid roles and there are more men in lower paid operational roles."

    Similar to when a pay in favour of women was described as -17.4%.


    She said companies have made a lot of pledges to set targets for female representation at senior or board level, set up employee resource groups, review recent promotions, and examine the take- up of options such as parental leave or flexible work.

    “Providing an action plan can reassure employees or prospective recruits that a gender pay gap is being tackled in a meaningful way. The key is to act on these plans and to make progress on the issue to improve workplaces.” 

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    Women earn same as men or more in 12pc of Irish businesses

    At the Irish arm of US-owned steel firm Galco, the latest firm to report under new gender pay legislation, women on average earn 8.5pc more per hour than men.

    The figure is due to more women in senior administrative and management positions, Galco said in its 2022 gender pay gap report.

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    Just reading about Horizon funding from the EU. Applications (such as for research funding) are required to include a “gender equality plan”. I would guess few of these would be about helping men.

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    Average pay for men higher than for women in all but one of 15 Government departments

    Others, like the Departments of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs note the progress made since 2013 with Agriculture reporting its gap has narrowed from 20.5 per cent to 9.48 per cent and Foreign Affairs saying its gap has more than halved from just over 30 per cent to 13.87 per cent.

    Notice the non-neutral language: narrowing the gender pay gap is seen as progress, when it could mean that it is being achieved by gender discrimination (against men)

    Some other points I found of interest:


    On the first front, women form a majority of those among the lowest paid quarter of employees in 11 of the 15 departments while men are a majority among the best paid quarter in eight with another, the Department of Health, split 50/50 under this heading.

    Women do, however, hold a majority of the very highest level jobs in a number of departments.

    One possible interpretation of this set of data is that women are being advantaged/men are being discriminated against when applying for jobs at the highest level


    As in many private companies, several of the departments that provide commentary on their results highlight the greater presence of women among their ranks of part-time workers and their greater participation in “family friendly” initiatives as contributory factors to the results. Although no breakdown is generally provided for the latter, the figures for part-time working are striking with 252 of the 264 part-time workers in Education being women, for instance.

    In Agriculture the corresponding figure is 427 of 493, in Enterprise 110 of 124 and in Social Protection 927 of 1,024.


    More than two thirds of staff in the Department of Defence are women but the department’s report indicates that 93 per cent of Defence Forces members and 82 per cent of its support staff are men. It is, is says, implementing policies to recruit more women into the Defence Forces with a current target of 35 per cent woman participation. 

    Another target for increasing the percentage women workers; we see few if any of these for increasing the percentage of male workers (there are quite a number of sectors where there are more female workers).

    Also a target of 35% for the defence forces seems quite high for the type of work involved and working conditions (e.g. long tours abroad in many cases). Indeed many countries only require military service and/or conscription for men because women are considered less suitable (which many feminists consider fair). And in general I think there are few countries where over 35% of the defence forces would be female.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,316 ✭✭✭ The J Stands for Jay

    That part time stat would imply well paid women go part time, and I'm guessing there's some low paying roles that are part time held by men.

    Post edited by The J Stands for Jay on

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    Roy Barrett's shock exit will open door for gender balance but also weaken Stephen Kenny

    Aidan Fitzmaurice

    Roy Barrett is stepping down as FAI chair. Photo by Harry Murphy / Sportsfile

    January 12 2023 02:30 AM

    There was shock on the other end of the phone when Roy Barrett began contacting FAI board members late yesterday morning to inform them that he would no longer be the independent chairperson of the association.

    Changes at board level were expected this year, with a deadline of December for the FAI – and other sporting bodies – to meet a quota of 40pc of female membership at board level, or else state funding will be cut. Currently, just two members of the 12-person FAI board are female and the Government-mandated target is five.

    The exit of Barrett, and fellow director Gary Twohig, just two weeks before a reconvened AGM, is being seen as a bold attempt by the FAI to meet one of their main challenges for the year – that 40pc quota.

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    Two children brought to Ireland by mother against father’s wishes must be returned to home country, judge orders

    Children were ‘wrongfully abducted’, despite ongoing childcare proceedings in home country, judge rules

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    Another field looking for more women

    ‘We want women on the stage’: How TradFest is tackling inequality in Irish music

    Diversity is at the heart of this year’s TradFest, which is aiming to right the wrongs of the past

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    This is a largely sympathetic article to men and boys.

    We should drop the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ and find positive ways to let boys be boys


    Mary Kenny


    Is there an answer to this problem? Yes, says Reeves. Education should give boys an extra year in school. There should be more “hands-on” vocational education and practical apprenticeships. There should be more male teachers. Men have been stigmatised by the paedophile issue – Reeves’s own son met with suspicion as a children’s carer.

    Feminists have encouraged Reeves in his quest to help boys – because they are worried about their sons. It’s not about reversing the gains of feminism, but of addressing the problems of young males growing up, and of helping them find a role in the contemporary world.

    Arguably, the problem has always existed. Going back to the Renaissance period, Florentine courtiers were teaching chivalry as part of a programme to civilise the more uncouth tendencies of young males.

    Reeves says we should also drop this phrase “toxic masculinity”, which appeared around 2015. There’s nothing wrong with being masculine. It’s a matter of shaping the masculine characteristics in a positive way and of understanding the development of boys’ brains, which are slower to mature than those of girls.

    Violent men – 95pc of homicides, globally, are carried out by men – should be penalised, deterred and restrained. But maybe we need to find ways of letting boys be boys, too, in the best sense of the word.

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    Revealed: the firms that failed to file gender pay-gap reports

    National Women’s Council calls for sanctions against companies that do not comply

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    Crisis level of violence against women leads to urgent demands for review of homicides

    Human rights watchdog tells Government ‘zero tolerance’ required to deal with emergency

    The IHREC has called for decisive Government action to bring down the alarming level of violence against women and girls

    “Violence against women has reached crisis levels in Ireland,” said Sinéad Gibney, the chief commissioner with the IHREC. “The State is obliged to do everything in its power to keep women and girls safe inour communities and in our homes.

    “This means a zero-tolerance culture towards all forms of men’s violence against women, ranging from verbal abuse to domestic homicide.”

    I have a concern that when things are claimed to be at crisis levels ill thought out or disproportionate measures can be brought in

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    I've seen headlines recently like

    "Talks taking place on enhanced support after mounting intimidation, particularly towards women TDs"

    There are similarly in the UK was talk that women politicians were at the receiving end of more abusive messages. But the research didn't necessarily back that up


    – Analysis of 2 million tweets exposes gender breakdown of online abuse as Demos publish report into how social media research can reveal public attitudes

    – 1 in every 20 tweets sent to male celebrities includes abuse, with the majority of attacks posted by men

    – Female journalists and male politicians more likely to feel brunt of Twitter attacks

    An analysis of 2 million tweets by the think tank Demos reveals that male public figures are several times more likely than women to receive abuse on Twitter.

    The think-tank analysed 2,006,616 tweets over a two-week period that were sent to a selection of the most prominent and widely-followed public figures on Twitter.

    The study included celebrities, politicians, journalists and musicians

    – specifically chosen to ensure an equal number – roughly one million

    – were aimed at each gender.

    It found:

    – 2.54% of the tweets containing the @ username of male public figures contained abuse, compared to only 0.95% of the tweets received by prominent women.

    – Over 1 in 20 (5.19%) of the tweets sent to male celebrities included abuse, compared with 1 in 70 (1.37%) aimed at female celebrities.

    – Journalism is the only category where women received more abuse than men, with female journalists and TV news presenters receiving roughly three times as much abuse as their male counterparts.

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    The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission have an advertorial in the Irish Times today (I came across it via a Facebook ad).

    The true value of care 

    “Minimal” shift in our culture of care despite the fact that women are on the whole educated and employed in higher numbers than ever before

    blob: There was an error displaying this embed.

    The true value of care

    As usual with this sort of body, this gender equality campaign is focused on highlighting issues from a woman’s perspective/helping women.

    It includes:

    “Meanwhile maintenance is based on the material needs of the child, with no recognition of that lost income that is a result of caring for your child. Women need to be compensated for the hours they spend caring and cannot work.”

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    As a woman (born with uterus) I never allow uncalled-for slights against men who unanswered on social media. In my experience men & women are far more alike than disparate in nature, with exceptions. Those exceptions are the narcissists, male & female.

    Do one thing every day that scares you

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    Boys seduced by Andrew Tate’s bombastic shtick would do well to listen instead to Blindboy

    Author is Dr Debbie Ging is associate professor of digital media and gender at Dublin City University

    A comment on Facebook gives this extra info:

    Dr Debbie Gina's special interests are Gender, sexuality and gender politics online. Digital feminism, toxic masculinity, incel 'communities', online radicalisation, online misogyny and hate speech.

    I know very little about Andrew Tate, not someone I have been impressed with but I don’t know much to say much with certainty.

    But the article goes on to mention lots of other elements of the manosphere that seem quite different e.g. pick-up artists are very different from general men’s rights activists or Jordan Peterson (also mentioned).

    From what I can make out, the only men she recommends men should listen to are feminists.

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    Which sports bodies have the best – and worst – representation of women on boards?

    Sport organisations urged to ‘redouble’ efforts to meet minimum 40% target for female representation by end of 2023


    The Government has previously mooted cuts in State funding of up to 50 per cent, with lower penalties for organisations that are close to the 40 per cent target.


    Other organisations will struggle to meet the target. Snooker & Billiards Ireland (SBI) currently has no women on its board. The women’s game is under the remit of the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association (RILSA).


    She told The Irish Times that diverse boards in the corporate and sports worlds are “better performing” because it “brings diversity of thought and it prevents group-thinking”.


    Group-thinking doesn’t seem like a good thing and diversity of thought seems a worthy aim but I wonder does gender balance bring this about. Also often feminists don’t seem to want diverse opinions, indeed they can be actively opposed to people who don’t tow the feminist line. And can be quick to shut down men.

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    The real reasons why women get paid less than menSmart Money: Male and female graduates get roughly the same pay when they enter the workforce, but not for long


    Delving further into the data, the study finds that weekly earnings for women fall by almost 27 per cent in the years immediately following the birth of their first child and remain low even eight years later. There is no evidence of a similar drop for men who become fathers. So comparing mothers to fathers, the researchers estimate a motherhood pay penalty of 27 per cent overall – with roughly similar results for graduates of the different disciplines studied. (The gap was 25 per cent in business and law, 23.2 per cent in Stem subjects and 28.8 per cent for other graduates.)


    The results show that in general around half the fall-off in pay is due to reduced hours worked by mothers in the year after childbirth, with many opting to work part-time.


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    €5,000 gender discrimination award for architect over ‘toxic male-only culture’ complaint is overturned

    Court questions why ‘eminently practical advice’ about what to wear on site visit would be ‘indicative of a male-oriented culture

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    He added: “The sharp increase in social media attacks on female journalists is especially worrying and gives rise to grave concern.”

    Éanna Ó Caollaí and Conn O Midheach, on behalf of The Irish Times chapel, or office branch, expressed solidarity with their colleagues.

    They said: “We join in condemning these attacks. Irish Times journalists will not tolerate intimidation from any quarter. It is not acceptable to abuse workers for doing their job. Attacks on women journalists are all too prevalent and this behaviour cannot be


    I wonder if rigorous was done whether there actually are more attacks on female journalists. I’ve highlighted before some data showing male public figures get more abuse.

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    Irish director’s all-male Beckett play cancelled as only men could audition

    He considered casting people of other genders, but did not do so because of rules set down by the playwright

    This was in the Netherlands. I saw someone on Facebook wonder whether men would be allowed apply for a women’s sports team in the same university.

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    In the debate on masculinity, we should not overlook men’s role in society

    Minnie Mooney

    In his book, The Boy Crisis, Warren Farrell asks: “Why are we so blind to the boy crisis?” He describes a “gender empathy gap”, stating that, to survive, society has learned to see boys as more disposable than girls. The gender empathy gap enables us to overlook when men and boys are struggling.


    You need only scroll through Twitter for five minutes to see why young men are feeling disaffected. Those who posted the hashtag “not all men” in response to the feminist movement in 2021 are labelled as idiots and misogynists.


    It ends:

    You are either sexist or you aren’t, regardless of your victim. It’s too easy to assume male privilege alleviates men of hardship, but that’s not the reality. Many are struggling.

    Society has been making recent (and long overdue) efforts to uplift minority voices, such as those in the LGBTQ+ and black communities. We should celebrate this, but we must be wary of Farrell’s gender empathy gap and make every effort to ensure we do not overlook men.

    To do so would be detrimental not only to them, but to us all.