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Boards Fantasy Football 2012

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    That time of year guys to get the ball rolling. Might as well start by last years GMs posting up the list of teams in their respective leagues last year and highlight the Promotions and Relegations.

    From the Charter to remind guys:
    1. Each League will have it's own specific thread that will be started by a Moderator at the start of July each year.

    2. As well as this there will be a 'Sign Up' thread opened at the same time each year so that those who didn't participate the previous season have a chance to play in the coming season. All new players MUST register their interest no later than July 31st each year in order to be considered for a position in a league this year.

    3. Each Gameweek will also have it's own thread that will be used for all divisions. This will be for general queries such as: “Who should I start this week; Garcon @ Oakland or Rice @ Cleveland?

    4. Any players who go inactive for more than 3 weeks during the season will be disqualified from entering for the next season. (Within reason, if someone goes on holiday for three weeks that's fine as long as they mention it before they do.)

    5. All League General Managers will have to be re-elected by those in their league for the next year.

    6. ALL Boards League drafts MUST be held between the end of the final pre-season game and the Thursday night season opener.

    7. ALL Boards Leagues MUST play by the same set of League settings to avoid any confusion. League settings will be attached in a seperate post as well as in the opening post of each individual league thread.

    8. If a team is abandoned mid-season then the GM of the league will take control of that team. They will select the team each week purely going by's 'Projected Points'. That team will not be allowed to take part in any trades, pick anyone up off waivers or drop players.

    9. Promotion and relegation will take place via a '4 up 4 down' system. The 4 teams that make the semi's of the playoffs in a League will be promoted to the league above the next season. If there is inactive players in whichever division (say 2 for example) then they are removed from the league and only 2 are relegated to lower division, The four promoted then will keep that division at 16. As for the division below as only 2 are coming down and four going up there leaves a shortfall of two. This can be fixed by only relegating 2 from that division and along with the four promoted teams will keep that division at 16. This goes on all the way to the bottom division.

    10. Anyone who sets out to deliberately mess up a league by signing up and dropping all their players after drafting or offering very obviously one sided trades to make another team too strong will be banned from both the Fantasy Football Forum and the American Football forum as a whole permanently.