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First All Ireland Airsoft Event - "The Gathering"

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    Hi All,
    First off respect to Falls for coming up with this idea. Thank you to all who have shown interest and have registered. The following should answer some of the questions been asked. I would also ask that the mods please if possible sticky this and the interest thread together so to avoid any confusion.

    Questions have been asked about Prepayment. To facilitate this, two payment options have been put in place. By PayPal or by Postal Order. Please note that if paying by PayPal the PayPal rate of 3.4% + .35c will apply and should be added to your payment. When you PM us for email details please specify which part of the event you want to pay for and we will let you know how the cost. To use either of these options, PM myself or Max Force for our postal address or email address for PayPal. Registration for the event will close at midnight on the 13th April or when 120 bookings are received and prepaid. No bookings will be taken after this time. The event itself, will take place on Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th April. The rates for the event are as follows.
    Saturday and Sunday(Own Equipment) €35
    Saturday and Sunday(Rental) €55
    Saturday Only (Own Equipment) €15
    Saturday Only (Rental) €35
    Sunday Only (Own Equipment) €25
    Sunday Only (Rental) €45
    You can arrive from 4pm onward on Saturday to give you a chance to set up tents and so on with the first games starting around 8pm.
    1. There is to be no alcoholic drinks and or drugs consumed prior to or during the Saturday Night Games or at any time on Sunday. Anyone caught doing so will be dismissed from the site without refund.
    2. All Eye protection will be of the fully enclosed type. IE The totally encompass the eye with no gaps for BB's to fit through.Anyone found wearing non regulation eye-wear during or before a game will not be allowed to play until they obtain regulation eye-wear. You have plenty of time to sort this out so do not come down with bog standard safety glasses.
    3. There will be no firring of guns, dry firring or otherwise, in the safe area, car parks or camping area. Although the safe area will be marked, if you are not sure just ask.
    4. A chronograph will be on-site but part of G-TAC's Terms and Conditions are that the player acknowledges responsibility to ensure that their equipment is with in spec. Random checks of guns will be done before and after games. Anyone not sure that their gun is firring with in spec can have it checked. Anybody found using an out of spec gun will be dismissed from the site without refund and be reported to the IAA.
    5. Due to the high amount of participants expected, it may be necessary to have 2 or 3 games going at once, but every attempt will be made to keep periods of non play to a minimum.
    6. Please read the G-TAC Terms and Conditions and print out, read and sign the G-TAC Waiver of Liability form prior to arrival at the site. All players must sign the Waiver prior to to been allowed to play.
    7. The age for playing at G-TAC is
    12-14 Only accompanied by a playing parent or guardian
    14-16 Only with Parental Consent and accompanied by a verifiable telephone number.
    An area of land has been set aside for camping. There will be running water and toilet facilities.
    Food will be available for purchase at the site. We will let let you know when this is finalised.
    GAMES We have a long list of games but if anyone has any suggestions we would love to hear them.

    Finally I just want to finish by saying, that this is a huge event. We all hope that it brings Irish Airsoft forward and shows us in a new light and that it is the first of many. We hope it goes off with out a hitch, but for this to happen we need everyones cooperation. Our hope is that all borders and team constraints can be dropped so that all airsofters old and new can learn from each other. Please feel free to contact either my self or Martin if you have any further questions.



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