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My Circumcision Story



  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭ Trondheim

    You can get a 1% hydrocortisone over the counter. A doc might prescribe a 2%, i'm not sure. But the 1% was fine.

    I haven't used the hydrocortisone in years and i can still pull the foreskin back when fully erect. When i started, i couldn't even pull the foreskin back when flaccid. But it is a slow process. Don't expect instant results, and don't try to push it too quickly, as you will end up with a tear which will actually make it tighter.

    But why not give it a try? Get the cream, try it for a week or two (remember small amounts, wash your hands afterwards) and stretch it several times/day. See if you start to notice a change. If so, that might tell you that it is something that could work for you, and you can keep going.

    You will need to cycle off the hydrocortisone for a few weeks (otherwise it thins the skin too much), but keep stretching during that time. A bit of vaseline or something similar really helps with the stretching.

  • Registered Users Posts: 828 ✭✭✭ Heart Break Kid

    So I figured I'd share my own experience in the hope that helps other randomers. I generally I think people should be more open about health topics, particularly men.

    Ive been to a few GPs who kept recommending the thinning cream I didn't but I didn't find it very effective or practical. Even my new current gp said I'd just be recommended getting the cream and even suggested that's all the consultant would suggest.

    Decided to push on with it and go private, I was tired of sex just being awkward and it was getting difficult to do simple things like keep myself clean.

    Consultant took all of 10 minutes and recommended a full circumscion even after I mentioned a partial one (to help with sensitivity) . I was all on board as I was just happy to have a permanent fix.


    Was done as a day case and privately, I had VHI and they covered everything, I got some exception for the excess charge which would've been €100. I would've paid to do it privately as the waiting list to do it public is at least 2 years.

    Was brought to the ward, threw on the but-less dress, compression socks and underwear. It wasn't pretty. Did an ECG to check if my heart was ok due to previous potential issue but nothing found.

    Lot of waiting, few people on the ward doing ops with the same doctor.

    Eventually called to the operating theatre, signed a document and was put to sleep. Took maybe 15 mins for everything to kick in. Nurses and doctors were chatty but I think they were just checking if I was awake.

    Surgery took maybe an hour or less but no grogginess experienced when waking up. Woke up in the recovery room and brought to the ward after they felt I was more stable.

    Got served toast and it was the only thing I ate till I was discharged at around 4. I think I was held in longer because of low blood pressure but I think I've naturally low blood pressure anyway. I must if had 8 nurses at least, look at and poke my penis but obviously they were all professional.

    Prescribed a bunch of medium duty pain-killers and some bandage's.

    Just don't think about sex, I did and it was so awkward and way too early on Day 0.

    Bit of a long uncontrolled post but will try update as I go.

  • Registered Users Posts: 828 ✭✭✭ Heart Break Kid

    Day 1

    Honestly not a huge amount happened during day 1. Woke up, showered, I thought the bandage would just peel off but it kind of stayed on, decided to leave it on and dry it with a hairdryer and made sure it was dry completely through. Not used to pain killers and definately felt very light headed. Everything felt very sensitive and awkward to move. Some stinging sensations but drugs seem to keep most of the pain away.

    Day 2:

    Showered and decided to remove the bandage. Looked very angry and a tad bit swollen. Tried to clean it as much as I could, obviously still very sensitive. Painkillers still feel very strong but also dont seem to agree with my stomach. The extra bandages were a bit awkward to put on but did my best. I'd probably suggest before levaing to ask the nurse to show how on your finger or something as the explanation I was given wasn't great. Going to the toilet is a bit awkward, just a tad less control.

    Got a letter to come in for a dressing appointment, im assuming for bandages like for next month? Can anyone tell me if youd still have bandages on after 4 weeks?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,191 ✭✭✭ johnnyryan89

    Stopped having the bandages on after day 5 which was actually yesterday. Doctor didn't really say much about how long to let them on but recommended using vitamin e oil for five days and then give it time to breath. Issue now on day 6 is the head is starting to become a bit rough from rubbing on my boxers.

    Other than that everything seems fine. Went to my own doctor yesterday just to have him look at it. Have anxiety at the best of times so for piece of mind just wanted him to look and he seemed very happy with it and even said it's one of the better circumcisions he's seen. Whether he was just saying that or not it helped ease my mind anyway 😂

    Still very swollen, especially around the base which makes peeing a bit awkward. No real issues with night time erections waking me up. My sleep ain't great in general so just go in and try pee when I wake during the night.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 bedridden123

    Well I've read through each page of this thread twice or three times in preparation for the op and finally got it done on Thursday, so this is day 4!

    In terms of pain, it's really not that bad. I took that bandage off after 48 hours and have been leaving it out all day to get fresh air and wrapping it in a huge amount of vaseline/antibiotics & gauze during the night. The erections during the night haven't been too bad and I've managed to suppress them.

    The main issue I'm having is with the sensitivity. I'm so scared of touching the glans or going near it with anything. I can't stand the feeling of something rubbing off it, I'd rather have pain than this sensation. Right now I'm not even leaving my room, just so I can keep it in the open air and hopefully lose the hypersensitivity quicker.

    Was just wondering when this died down for ye? Oh what I'd give to fast forward 2/3 weeks!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 8,191 ✭✭✭ johnnyryan89

    Will be five weeks this coming Thursday and the sensitivity still bothers me big time. Have to wear briefs or went down a size in boxer briefs because my normal underwear are still unbearable to wear.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 bedridden123

    Wow that is really scary to hear. Was hoping it would not bother me/I wouldn't notice it by day 10 or so. Has it improved much at all?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,191 ✭✭✭ johnnyryan89

    Honestly I'd say it has with the change in underwear but still watching how I move in certain situations because the sensitivity is high. Wore loose underwear on day five when I stopped wearing the bandage and was fine but on day six couldn't move wearing loose underwear without it bothering me big time. Tried it again last week and on the second day felt fine till that night.

    Might also be the cotton material that's used for those boxer briefs as bought a pair in the same size but polyester and they feel much better. Can go about my days fine but still get the sensitivity issue in certain situations that mostly involve bending. No issue whatsoever with walking around.

    But tighter underwear has helped massively in being able to go about doing things without it bothering me too much. Saturday just gone helped my brother clear out a back garden that was like a jungle and full of rubbish while wearing the cotton boxer briefs a size down than I'd normally wear and it didn't bother me much.