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16-03-2020, 20:40   #1 Niamh Community Manager Niamh's Avatar
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Now ye're talking - to a consultant in the HSE [Questions thread]

As above, our AMA guest here is a consultant in the HSE. I have verified his identity and that he is a consultant in HSE.

Hopefully his answers to questions will be a valuable resource for everyone and for that reason we are opening this thread for questions and a separate answers thread to keep all of the informative content in his answers together.

Please stick to this format for Qs & As as posts from anyone other than the OP in the answers thread will be removed.

ANSWERS can be found here.

Thanks all

Please note, as always do not ask for medical advice.

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16-03-2020, 21:01   #2
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What medicine should be taken if symptoms start to develop?
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16-03-2020, 21:37   #3
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Do you find yourself turning away lots of patients who don't have any real symptoms of the virus and are just taking up waiting rooms out of worry?

Are all your staff/colleagues full of panic/worry ? Is this the busiest you have ever been?
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16-03-2020, 21:39   #4
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is it possible to protect yourself from the covid19 and treat patients, how are health workers still getting sick?, are all staff not wearing some level protection now?

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16-03-2020, 21:39   #5
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Are there still the usual cough, colds, flu going around that could also be affecting people. If my toddler has a runny nose and slight cough, it's not immediately Covid19 but still the usual suspects?
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16-03-2020, 21:40   #6
JP Liz V1
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I have so many questions, where to start as an asthma sufferer ( and nothing on line ) how do you differentiate between an asthma attack or Covid19?
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16-03-2020, 21:43   #7
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1st off, thanks a million to you, your team and all your front line colleagues for the work that you do and for the overwork you all are about to face.

Do you think that our effort to shift the curve and flatten growth will be successful?
Or that we took our measures a week or 2 too late for maximum efficacy?
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16-03-2020, 21:43   #8
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CtevenSrowder's Avatar
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How long do you think the lockdowns will be required to last?

Why is it presumed that warm weather will reduce the number of cases?
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16-03-2020, 21:45   #9
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What is your speciality?
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16-03-2020, 21:51   #10
History Queen
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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for your continued work especially in current circumstances.

Have ye received any further guidance regarding coronavirus and pregnancy? Specifically the case in the UK where the newborn tested positive for the virus, has that changed anything regarding the treatment/guidance for dealing with pregnancy?
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16-03-2020, 21:53   #11
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No question yet, but just to say a sincere Thank You to all HSE staff, frontline and support for the huge effort that has gone into the preparations for the spread of this virus, and for the ongoing effort that will be required to deal with it over the coming months. The speed of the spread of the virus has been alarming, but the response of the HSE and Dept of Health has been even faster and and very reassuring.

Many Thanks
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16-03-2020, 21:57   #12
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Whenever my mate is asked what he does for a living he says "Doctor". He's an Ed. D (Dr. of Education) and does indeed work in this field (Adult education). Does it get your goat when you hear people claiming to be a doctor when their field is non med/psych?
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16-03-2020, 21:59   #13
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Serious question. What would be your honest opinion of the current trolley watch numbers ? Why have they collapsed ? People didn't suddenly not require A&E or are the vast majority of A&E overblown ?

Figures before Covid-19 over 300. Last year same time 180. This week reported as zero.

And thank you for putting yourselves in the way of harm to deal with this. It cannot be easy for your families.
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16-03-2020, 22:02   #14
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First off, sincere thanks and respect to you and all your colleagues for working at the coal face in these unprecedented times.
My brother is to be tested for covid19 shortly, I wouldn’t expect him to be in the severe risk category. I’ve read of non acute cases that develop ‘mild’ pneumonia. Can this category of patient recover at home without intervention?
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16-03-2020, 22:14   #15
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A friend is having a small dinner party (4 in total) at her home tomorrow night. Is this contrary to current HSE advice?

BTW I don't understand where the answers are. I will try again.

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