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04-11-2019, 14:44   #1
Professor Genius
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Gay Byrne RIP

Everyone’s favourite TV & Radio uncle. One of a kind....
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Flaming Ban Hammer Titan
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04-11-2019, 14:45   #3
SEPT 23 1989
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Gay Byrne RIP

One of the best broadcasters we have ever produced
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04-11-2019, 14:46   #4
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Originally Posted by Kimbot View Post
RTE newsflash on right now
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Originally Posted by Kimbot View Post
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04-11-2019, 14:46   #6
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04-11-2019, 14:46   #7
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04-11-2019, 14:47   #8
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R.I.P Gay Byrne

My main memories of him were presenting the Toy Show when I was a kid and when he finished up in 1999.
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04-11-2019, 14:47   #10
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RIP Gaybo. He was very much part of the fabric of RTE, and indeed of Ireland.
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04-11-2019, 14:48   #11
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04-11-2019, 14:48   #12
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Ah I am genuinely gutted to read that. He was a great broadcaster and ahead of his time in terms of the content of his shows. He was a great supporter of the underdog and those society tended to shun. Rest in peace.
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04-11-2019, 14:48   #13
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Greatest Irish broadcaster (alongside Terry Wogan). Head and shoulders above anyone else at RTE.

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04-11-2019, 14:48   #14
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