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08-08-2019, 13:55   #16
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Originally Posted by wally1990 View Post
Not an offical scam but I felt like an idiot and robbed due to my own stupidity

In new York, wrecked with herself and sick of shops plus walking!!

I was standing outside store while herself was inside

Outside the store there was this beauty stall [hand wash, facial creams, etc]

Anyway this sales woman walks over to me and grabs my arm and basically says oh come try our hand wash ****e etc

So tired and unwilling to decline I went about 5 feet away

So 2 min later im washing my hands into a basin and sure doesn't the water look off colour [prob eating, touching money etc all day] and she is look oh great cleaning product bla bla

Then she rubs some creams on my hand while bigging up the product and its natural origins and ****e

Im a male and couldnt give a f to be honest

Anyway , im half alseep and she is like 'will you take a bit for you and the wife and I asked how much?

50 dollars she said

And why the **** I didn't walk away then i dunno

Handed 50 quid for bascially a bar of soap and cream

Wife comes out and big smile oh what did you buy

I just handed her the bag in my own disgust and said lets not talk about it

I hated myself for blowing 50 dollars but being so tired I just wanted that woman to **** off

5 years ago and still annoys me
I was sure you were going to say that the shopping bags were nicked.

I'm a bit disappointed now to be honest.
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08-08-2019, 13:56   #17
Mister Vain
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The attractive woman who approached me in a bar that turned out to be a hooker.
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08-08-2019, 13:59   #18
Sharp MZ700
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About 13 at the time got caught with the leather belt trick by the usual suspects at the annual point to point. £10 lost which was a fortune to me!
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08-08-2019, 14:00   #19
Sharp MZ700
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Originally Posted by Mister Vain View Post
The attractive woman who approached me in a bar that turned out to be a hooker.
Cheaper than a girlfriend.
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08-08-2019, 14:01   #20
Lil Sally Anne Jnr.
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One and only time something like this has ever happened, I'm usually very careful, but I got caught by a fake website geared towards providing info to people on how to use bitcoins safely. Link on the website led to cloned coin washer that was fake. Lost 200 Euro I think. Was annoyed for 24 hours, but then just had to admire what a good job they'd done.
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08-08-2019, 14:05   #21
Purple Mountain
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This wasn't a scam by any means but I'll post it anyhow because it'll give some a laugh.
A few years ago, I was on a boozy weekend city break with some girlfriends in a European city.
We were well on this one evening, and walking around an area deciding on pubs and clubs to go into.
This really friendly local girl suddenly appears at our side and there's the usual drunken bants, although I realised after she was sober!
So my friends start following her to a pub door so I figure, cool we've made a new friend and she's taking us to her local.
So in we go and a few seconds later, I turn to my friends and say 'Where's your woman gone?'.
They had a great laugh explaining that she wasn't actually a new friend but a promoter for the pub trying to bring in business.
It wasn't a sun resort and wasn't a busy area at all so I really thought she just wanted to tag along for a night of girl's fun!
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08-08-2019, 14:11   #23
Signore Fancy Pants
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That time I bought a '7 Minute Abs' dvd.

Turned out it was only '6 Minute Abs', fcuker stiffed me out of a whole minute.
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08-08-2019, 14:12   #24
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Bought a ringtone sometime in the early-mid 2000s. ****ers took money out of my credit for weeks. And the ringtone was ****e.
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08-08-2019, 14:17   #25
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Paid a street hawker €20 to get into the coliseum, facepalm 🀦*♂️

Wife got stung by a phone scam and let a guy onto her laptop by vpn, got her banking details and got stung for 10 grand , lucky it wasn’t more as we were building a house.
The bank got it back a week later.
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08-08-2019, 14:26   #27
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Originally Posted by G Shock View Post
Bought a bit of hash off a fella in a pub down past Connolly station on the quays years ago (What could go wrong).
He dissapeared with my 50 euro, and I was left with a square of Cadburys chocolate wrapped in tin foil...
A similar thing happend to me in paris. Bought weed for 50 quid turned out to be just leaves wrapped up. Couldnt see in a dark alley thats my excuse.
Felt like some idiot : )
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08-08-2019, 14:32   #28
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Originally Posted by ButtersSuki View Post
TV licence. Every year they get me.
Pay €160 to go towards Tubridy's €495,000 a year salary? No thanks.
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08-08-2019, 14:34   #29
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Originally Posted by FFred View Post
‘Lending’ all my confirmation money to my mother in 1985

Turns out it wasn’t a ‘loan’ as I never got it back.... #bitter
Please tell me you're joking.
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08-08-2019, 14:38   #30
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tried to order a stripper off some site, turned out to be a honeypot and demanded significant money not to call my place of work
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