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Blizzard 2010
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Originally Posted by compsys View Post
Well said.

Look, we ALL want to see snow but that shouldn't make this ramping thread become a delusional thread.

Let's face is, precipitation moving in from the Atlantic is rarely ever going to fall as snow, especially when we don't have any established cold.

It's midnight in the pit of winter and the temperature in Dublin is 6 degrees. It's forecast to reach 10 in some places tomorrow. That's on the mild side even for Ireland.

Don't bash ME for telling it as it is.
Couldnt agree with you more. At the same time I think most people were surprised Gerry Murphys weather report. Evelyn apparently has made up for poor Gerrys weather forecasting
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M.E.'s national forecast updated on their website at 23.46.

For Friday in Ulster, sleet or wet snow mostly on higher ground.

Sunday: Heavy rain into Munster by early afternoon. Some falls of sleet or snow are likely too, especially over higher ground.
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Originally Posted by Larbre34 View Post
Well yes, as a public service whose purpose is to warn of risk to the vulnerable, that will always be the angle.
On the TV forecast she says "unfortunately" with a big grin and a twinkle in her eye. She stays professional throughout, but the ramping subtleties are there if you know what to look for. It's like a forecast for the general public with a secret coded forecast built in for us snow maniacs

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Am I the only one who thinks there should be a seperate Met Eireann bashing/praising thread?

Thought this was the snow ramping thread? It really drains the fun out of what is not meant to be a super serious thread.
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Originally Posted by maquiladora View Post
Am I the only one who thinks there should be a seperate Met Eireann bashing/praising thread?

Thought this was the snow ramping thread? It really drains the fun out of what is not meant to be a super serious thread.
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Blizzard 2010
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Jean will make it right
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All Things Met Eireann Go in Here <<<<<<

A Supper Dupper thread for ALL things Met Eireann related

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For a tiny land mass like Ireland they do a great job. In fairness.
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Should be stickied!!!!!
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Oscar Bravo
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I really hope this does not turn into a M.E bashing thread.
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17-01-2013, 00:58   #56
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Gerry Murphy is great!
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God only knows what Gerry, Evelyn, Jean and the rest of the ME gang think when they look in here, which I am sure they must from time to time...
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Originally Posted by Slashermcguirk View Post
This is the thing, met eireann have been wrong time and again. They have changed their forecasts consistently, I could show you quote from few days ago saying snow accumulations in the east and north easy for Tuesday night and today. They just change their mind day before. Their forecast beyond a day or two have been consistently off.

In fairness, weather models have been so erratic but changing forecast every day doesn't exactly count as correct forecasting!!
If I could maybe give a wee bit of a sociological view on this. I would be pretty sure that 90% of the people who watch the TV forecast do so simply because it comes on after the main news, and probably don't pay full attention to it. All they may want to know is if it is going to rain or not, that is all, and then leave it at that. They don't really care about how cold it is out in the Atlantic or over in the UK/Europe and how this may or may not have an influence on our weather. It is different for us on here as we have all have a much greater interest in the weather so we absorb and monitor every single word in the forecasts given on TV and apply to them a much greater significance!

That said, if Gerry was to have mentioned a big snow fest on his forecast tonight, ears would have pricked up and expectations would have been raised by the general public; rumours and whispers about blizzards would grab hold of the nation and met eireann as a result would be put up on a pedestal only to be knocked of it again and accused of giving a wrong forecast if the said snow fest did not happen (and as others have alluded to also) I think that is the long and short of it really!
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17-01-2013, 07:07   #59
Tom Cruises Left Nut
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Now this is an ME update !!


he rain will clear from western Connacht, Munster and south Leinster tonight and the winds here will veer westerly and ease. Further east and north the rain will turn to sleet and snow. Minimum temperatures zero to 3 degrees.


Further rain, sleet or snow over Ulster and parts of Leinster with some drifting snow and accumulations likely over high ground with the strong easterly winds just gradually easing.
Dry eldewhere apart from isolated showers. Highest temperatures ranging from 4 (in the NE) to 10 (in the S) degrees.


riday night: Outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow over Ulster, northeast Connacht and northeast Leinster will gradually die out and clear spells will develop generally with just a few rain or hail showers in the west. A very cold night with a widespread severe air and ground frost and icy patches.
Saturday: Apart from isolated wintry showers a dry day with sunny spells. A very cold day with top temperatures only 2 to 6 degrees and there will be a widespread severe or very severe air and ground frost Saturday night with icy patches.
Sunday: A bitterly cold day; highest temperatures only 1 to 5 degrees in a strong to gale force easterly wind. Many areas will have a dry morning, just a few wintry showers in the east and south. Heavy rain and sleet will move in across Munster and south Leinster during the afternoon and evening turning to sleet and snow here on Sunday night with cloudy conditions further north and patchy sleet and snow.

WARNING for next week: There is a high probability of a severely cold week. Maxima are predicted to be in low single figures with widespread severe air and ground frosts at night. Strong easterly winds up to mid-week will produce significant wind chill and make it feel bitterly cold everywhere. Some snow showers are possible especially in the east but for most areas it will be mainly dry. Freezing fog may develop over the second half of the week as the winds drop and sub-zero temperatures then may persist during daytime.
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The Met E website looks like the snow gremlins hacked into it and started switching all that rain to snow over the weekend

Also I see the ramping thread is closed
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