Thursday, 11 June, 2009

TODAY will be somewhat cloudy to start in northern and eastern districts, and there could be light showers in a few places. Sunshine will develop early in western and southern parts and spread to the east later, while the north stays partly cloudy. Highs will be around 16 or 17 C.

TONIGHT will start out clear, and quite cool, with rural districts dropping to about 6 or 7 C by midnight or 0100h, cities closer to 10 C, but later in the night cloud will spread in and temperatures will be closer to 12 C by daybreak.

FRIDAY will bring mostly cloudy skies, a few showers or periods of light rain, and the chance of a brief heavier thundershower. Highs will be 17 or 18 C.

SATURDAY is looking cloudy in the west, partly cloudy further east, and there will be a threat of showers or even thundershowers in western districts; some eastern parts of the country may stay dry. Lows will be around 12 C and highs around 19 or 20 C.

SUNDAY also looks partly cloudy and rather warm with a few more showers or thunderstorms mainly in western districts. Lows will be 10-12 C and highs around 19 to 21 C.

MONDAY is looking cloudy with showers, and TUESDAY into WEDNESDAY could see some more organized thunderstorm development and gusty SW winds at times. Temperatures through this period should be near 20 C in the daytime and near 12 C overnight.