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    Just to add to Afroshack's post, from my own personal experience of teaching over here it is not all negative. Yes it is not perfect, but what education system is?

    There are a lot of positives to take from developing your classroom skills, although there is quite a bit of emphasis placed on marking, but once more confident with your subject content you can accommodate marking expectations.

    Just to touch on the topic of value added. It is based (or most of the systems used) on adaptive tests developed by Durham University. Do I think measuring teacher performance on value added is misguided? Yes, as there are just too many variables involved. I do like that it allows for some baseline data to work with however.

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    Just wondering do any of ye know whether Irish trained teachers have to complete the skills tests for UK teachers before taking up a job in the UK?

    I'm an nqt applying directly to schools and was asked about this and honestly don't have a clue.

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    Im teaching in the UK 2 years and never had to. If you teach maths and are interested in a postition PM me as my school are hiring. its a decent school in an affluent area in kent