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[Sticky] Gigs/Events in Cork? Post 'em here.



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    nice one, I hope they get this allocation thing right. it must surely be open to abuse. I can see it now as about 5,000 people try to squash their way into the savoy!!

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    This week I'll have quite a few cd's to give away including Household Name samplers, Dead man Ray album and single, Radio 4, Ruby Horse, etc, etc.

    I also have my last 2 copies of 'Document', the vegan cookbook and history of the 90's dublin indie scene to be won so tune in folks!

    Might have some gig tickets too!

    + Loads of good /alt toons also needless to say.

    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork, Ireland with DJ Balaclava
    104fm - Sundays 5-7pm

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    This post has been deleted.

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    I also be giving away:

    2 pairs for The Jimmy Cake on the 1st
    1 pair for Jerry Fish on the 8th
    2 pairs for Cathal Coughlan on the 21st

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    Centrifugal show VIIII
    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork with DJ Balaclava!
    104FM :- 5-7pm
    Sunday 9th March 2003

    The Chalets - Two Chord Song
    Queens of the Stone Age - Lost art of keeping a secret
    Mos Eisley - We are solution
    The Stooges - Wanna be your dog
    Velvet Underground - White Light, White Heat
    Can - Mary, Mary so Contrary
    Blondie - Rip it to shreds
    Pavement - Here
    Breeders - Off You
    The Kills - Cat Claw
    Marilyn Manson - The KKK took my baby away
    Future Pilot Aka - Range Life
    Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Machine
    Bonnie Prince Billy - The Way
    Loose Fur - Laminated Cat
    Max Tundra - Lysine
    Smog - Butterflies drowned in wine
    Fourtet - She moves she
    Folk Implosion - Pearl
    Palace Brothers - Idle Hands...
    Sea and Cake - Four Corners
    Mika Bomb - Contact Tokyo
    Enon - High Society
    Jesse Malin - Wendy
    Delgados - Mr. Blue Sky

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    Centrifugal show X
    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork with DJ Balaclava!
    104FM :- 5-7pm
    Sunday 16th March 2003

    Mos Eisley - We are solution
    D4 - Ladies Man
    Burning Brides - Plank of Fire
    Calexico - Quattro
    Martin Finke - Private Parades
    Boxes - Same Again
    Shellac - Canada
    The Warlocks - Hurricane Heart Attack
    A.R.E. Weapons - Street Gang
    Garlic - Wheel Set
    Hidden Cameras - A Miracle
    Mouse on Mars - Mood Leck Backlash
    The Kills - **** the people
    Supersuckers - The Captain
    Departure Lounge - Coke & Flakes
    Baader Meinhof - Mogadishu
    Ken Stringfellow - Find Yourself Alone
    Toolshed - Nananananananananana
    Stephen Malkmus - Vanessa from Queens
    Radar Brothers - Still Evil
    The Boggs - Poor Audrey James
    Cha Cha Cohen - A=A
    Yo La Tengo - How to make a baby elephant float
    Clue to kalo - The first song of the rest of your life
    Clue to Kalo - Empty save the oxygen
    The Go-Betweens - Crooked Lines
    Sweep the Leg Johnny - only in a re-run
    Muggs - Rain
    Cheval de Frise - Chierdents
    Peter Bruntnell - City Star

    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork, Ireland with DJ Balaclava
    104fm - Sundays 5-7pm

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    The Soledad Brothers play a free show in Pine Lodge, Myrtleville, Co. Cork on Sat 3rd May (bank holiday weekend). They play Whelans in Dublin night after with The Kills.

    The Soledad Brothers

    The dark indie rock/ blues duo Soledad Brothers began in early 1998 after guitarist/vocalist Johnny Wirick (a.k.a. Johnny Walker) asked drummer Ben Smith (a.k.a. Ben Swank) if he wanted to play a show. Since then, they have recorded for Detroit's Italy Records and Bellingham, Washington's Estrus label. Wirick and Smith's partnership can be traced back to their days in the Toledo, Ohio blues group Henry and June, which existed from 1994 until 1996. After that group broke up, Wirick continued playing with drummer Doug Walker in the two-piece blues outfit Johnny Walker. Before one of the band's shows in early 1998, Walker decided to leave the group. Looking for someone to fill in for the gig, Wirick turned to Smith, who agreed to play. Developing from what was supposed to be a one-off show, Wirick and Smith decided to continue as the Soledad Brothers.

    After a few performances around the Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan areas, Dave Buick, owner of the Detroit-based Italy Records, approached the Soledad Brothers about cutting a single. This turned out to be their first 7", released in late 1998. Around the same time as the release of the single, the national independent label Estrus began distributing some of Italy's catalog. Upon hearing the Soledad Brothers, Estrus signed the group in early 1999. With the label, the band recorded their second single, which was released late that year. Jack White, from Detroit band The White Stripes, produced the 7". White had known the Soledad Brothers since their first gig and was a labelmate of the group during their time with Italy. White also assisted the band for two years recording their self-titled debut which featured Meg playing pots and pans in the background.

    It was during those two years that the group opened a show at Cleveland, Ohio's Pat's, located in the famous Flats, for legendary MC5 manager/rabble rouser in chief John Sinclair. He enjoyed the Soledad Brothers so much that he invited them to be the backing group for his part of the performance. This led to a friendship with Sinclair that resulted in him writing the liner notes for the band's debut album.

    Their recent album, "Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit to Move", added several new instruments including a second guitar and sounds like a runaway train crashing into a graveyard.

    - a bandicoot promotion -

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    Mikabomb (super sexy punky garage trash rockers from Japan) play Whelans this Sun (30th) with support from the Warlords of Pez (Zillionaire Space Rockers) and DJ KyuKyuSha. Doors 8pm. Tickets from Road Records.

    Mikabomb Irish Tour

    Thurs 27th March-Half Moon Theatre (Cork) with Warlords of Pez/DJ KyuKyuSha

    Fri 28th March-Dolans Warehouse (Limerick) with Warlords of Pez/DJ KyuKyuSha

    Sat 29th March-Spiritstore (Dundalk) with Indigo Fury/DJ KyuKyuSha

    Sun 30th March-Whelans (Dublin) with Warlords of Pez/DJ KyuKyuSha

    Mon 31st March-Kings Venue (Waterford)


    Mika Handa had a pretty clear vision - forming the coolest garage rock band ever to grace the world. They were to be called Mikabomb. Recruitment began almost immediately with Mika finding no shortage of similar minded Japanese garage stars hanging out in the darker corners of clubs and venues.

    This assorted band of determined young Asian girls (and a guy drummer) started things rolling in 1999. This led to instant recognition. The band were championed by Radio One DJ Steve Lamacq and received rave reviews.

    In 2000, Mikabomb signed as the hard-hitting new stars of Beastie Boys label Grand Royal. Once again they were off plugging their singles "Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls" and "Heart Attack". Mikabomb fuse motown, New York punk, 50's garage and Japanese pop to form their distinctive, helter-skelter, distortion-heavy pop sound and once these Japanese girls are plugged into their outrageously overdriven guitars, they are more than a match for any number of sweaty punters in the audience twice their size.

    With the tragic demise of Grand Royal the album, "The Fake Fake Sound Of
    Mikabomb" was released through garage legend label, Damaged Goods Records.

    Through their short career they've managed to play with At The Drive in,
    Snuff, Bis, The Datsuns, The D4, Ten Bensons and Rosita (ex-Kenickie) to name a few. As a support artist they are in demand by the coolest bands in the world, having recently having to decline The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

    The future is bright. Mikabomb will go to the USA in 2003 (responsible for
    50% of the sales of FFSMB); they're currently working on a new batch of
    songs with new producers and shooting a video (by popular demand from a
    plethora of music TV producers). New material will be released in spring
    2003, by then you should be locking up your sons coz Mikabomb are coming.

    "The best band to ever come out of Japan"-Steve Lamacq.

    "Mikabomb's appeal is unintentional, but that's exactly why it's so
    appealing! Bonkers lyrics, Mental Oriental!!" KKKK- Kerrang.


    Warlords of Pez... Myth
    Warlords of Pez... Legends
    Warlords of Pez... Zillionaire Space Rockers

    As Old as Time. As Powerful as God. No, more Powerful than God. The Warlords - supercool cybernetic constructs who eat lightning and **** magic, are the handiwork of Dr. Burglestein deranged intergalactic genius.

    Their Sole Purpose: the annihilation of all intelligent beings unfortunate enough to cross their paths. These handsome hooded anti-heroes by means of their own particular brand of Sonic Terrorism intend to wipe the collective smiles from the faces of ALL MANKIND and bring about the end of civilisation as we know it.

    Know Your Members:
    Vocals: Turbo Apocalypse
    Vocals (Recorded live via telephone from Thailand): Deepspace DonkeyBite
    Guitar: Deklekon Doombringer
    Guitar/keyboard: Disco Bloodbox V.3.1
    Drums: The Kid Beatmeat Deathcurtains
    Bass: Max Megadoom
    Annoying bits,Samples and Korg: Dr. Burglestein

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    eX Girl
    + Give A Man A Kick

    Half Moon Theatre
    Thurs 8th May
    Doors 8.30pm
    Tickets E10.50
    Advance Tickets From Half Moon and Opera House box office.
    Tel: 021-4270022
    Over 18's
    eX-girl are
    Kirilola : Bass,Vocals,Casiotone
    Keikos : Guitar,Vocals
    Chapple : Drums, Vocals
    a bandicoot promotion

    eX-Girl are a beautiful example of information overload. Jagged 3 part vocal harmonies, adventurous arrangements, and songs that hook you like the sucker that you are. Take all of these treats, wrap it in an ultra-bright technicolor live show with surreal homemade costumes, and you've got the sensation of being strapped in on an out-of-control carnival ride that will leave you standing in line waiting for another turn.
    April, 2001 MIKE PATTON-

    "eX-Girl is an all-girl Japanese music trio who play this great mixture of Casio-Techno-Pop-O-Punk and sing in different vocal styles (from shrieking Punk Diva banshee, to cute girl, to almost operatic vocals) with strange harmonies."
    -Creepy Mike's Clown Club

    When eX-Girl formed in late 1997 none of the band members had any previous musical experience. Despite their inexperience the band began playing out regularly. They soon released their first album, "Heppoco Pou", which was produced by Hoppy Kamiyama (touted as the Japanese Eno) in June 1998 on a Japanese indie label.. The album was instantly embraced by San Francisco college radio station KUSF where it went into heavy rotation.

    Compelling and captivating, eX-Girl can easily be ranked along side musical innovators such as Diamanda Galas, Zappa, B-52's, Nina Hagen, Devo, Talking Heads and Laurie Anderson. The music as well as the live shows conjure up these comparisons. On stage the band incorporate performance-art aesthetics with wild costumes and intense energy. Donnin enormous rubber wigs, frog-head masks and custom designed flower-power 2002, dresses, the band is instantly captivating. Their searing vocal harmonies and quirky choral chants combined with the unusual music they play truly gives the audience the feeling they are observing something quite other worldly. And as far as the band is concerned, they are too...

    By August of 1998 the band had toured in both Japan and in the US. Press and radio rushed to share their discovery of the band with their audiences. The band is also happily supported by fellow artists such as Buckethead, Percy Jones, Regurgitator, Oxbow, Olivia Tremor Control, Gong, Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets (who want to remix an eX-Girl song to appear on an upcoming release), Gary Lucas (ex-Captain Beefheart) and Craig Flanagan of God Is My Co-Pilot. In essence, eX-Girl have already obtained cult status both in the U.S. and in Japan.

    In March of 1999 the band released their second album, "Kero! Kero! Kero!" This album also went into heavy rotation on KUSF charting at No. 1 for three weeks in a row!! As the band hit the road again touring the U.S. they managed to draw 300 people to the Cocodrie in San Francisco as opposed to the 30 people they played to on their previous visit to the city. They also hit SXSW as part of the Japan Night showcase where they played to a crowd of over 600 people! As the band's set ended the merchandise booth was flooded with fans old and new. By the end of the night the booth had sold out of every last piece of eX-Girl merchandise available.

    On the same tour several Virgin Mega Store and Tower Records sales managers took to the album, promoting it largely at retail. In fact, the Tower Records Manhattan buyer was so taken by the band that he created an eX-Girl display and added them to the listening station. Comedy Central offered them a spot on an upcoming show and countless New Yorkers who'd been introduced to the band at SXSW showed up to support them again in The Big Apple. Surely a warm welcome from a city notorious for its indifference.

    Their third album is out now, "Big When Far, Small When Close". his latest effort was also produced by Hoppy Kamiyama and is an a-cappella work. It is out on Kirilo's own label, KIKI Poo Records. Like the other two releases, the album blends a smorgasbord of elements including choral chants, operatic harmonies, comical cartoon singing, Indian tom-tom style drumming and banshee shrieks - but to truly understand the music you will have to listen for yourself.

    On release of their debut album thru PoKo Rekords and Guided Missile Recordings, they toured Europe in July 2000 with Fantomas, which is organized by Mike Patton (former Faith No More frontman) ! They toured Finland from October 26 to November 2.2000.

    Their new album "Back to the Mono Kero"is out now in USA(Ipecac Recordings), in JAPAN (HiBOOM/prime direction) and in Benelux (62 TV Records). In June and July of 2001, the band toured Europe and was invited to some festivals, which are Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Rock For People Festival (Czech Republic) and Dour Festival (Belgium). They knocked out the thousands of audience in the festivals and brought them over to the Kero Kero world with their transcendent performance.

    In the fall of 2001, CHIHIRO left the band and KEIKO (the guitarist from Super Junky Monkey) joined eX-Girl as an official member. Welcoming KEIKO,who brought the hyper-kero elements to the band, eX-Girl then set out to tour Europe again in February-March taking in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, Holland and UK. On the UK leg of this tour eX-Girl opened for TOMAHAWK which is Mike Patton's project.

    In April 2002, their album "Back to the Mono Kero" was released in Finland by Levy-yhtio RECORDS. On the release of this album, they toured Finland in April 2002. After this tour, they flew to US, and opened for"SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES".eX-Girl was very well received by their audience.

    In July 2002, eX-girl were invited by "SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES" as their opening act for UK tour. After these shows, eX-Girl had their own tour in UK and Scandinavia, including some festivals.

    In August 2002, Their album "Back to the Mono Kero" was released in Australia by VALVE RECORDS.

    In November 2002, eX-Girl's single CD " Luna Rose" was released by Avex Rhythm Republic in japan.

    In January 2003, Fuzuki left the band and CHAPPLE the new drummer joined eX-Girl as an official member. Now eX-Girl become hyper*powerful*Kero* entertainment*Rock!!!

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    Half Moon Music presents……

    Wednesday 9th April
    Having just released a brand new single, 'The Final Arrears', followed by the eagerly-anticipated new album, 'Us' on Feb 28th!, Mull (aka Colin McIntyre) is playing a series of tour dates with full band

    You might have last seen the DIY musical obsessive, McIntyre, as the greyhound racetrack hare in the video for the exhilarating anthem that was 'Watching Xanadau' from his debut album, 'Loss', the lo-fi indie-pop on a grand scale, which reaped critical acclaim by the bucketload, earned Mull a support slot on The Strokes tour, and McIntyre a reputation as one of *the* finds of the last few years.

    "a sugar rush to the synapses, a playful pleasure" - UNCUT ****
    "quirkily brilliant, but more brilliant than quirky" - THE GUARDIAN ****
    "time to apply for membership" - Q ****
    "a beacon of originality" - TIME OUT
    Doors:9pm___ Tickets: €10

    Wednesday 10th April
    Volta Sounds Tour 2003 feat. Leagues O’Toole (DJ set)

    Volta Sounds a recording label founded by music writer and No Disco presenter Leagues O’Toole and David O’Grady. Volta Sounds isn’t based on any long-winded manifestos. Our motives are simply to help record and release music by artists of no specific genre of music who we really believe in. Volta Sounds relies on home-cookin’ over swanky restaurants, open-fires over central heating and goodwill over bad cheques.

    The Sounds:
    Jape: Jape is the new solo project of Richie Egan, bassist with the magnificent Redneck Manifesto and the David Kitt band. Employing a very diverse range of styles, Richie leaps back and forth from raw acoustic pop songs to catchy electronics, hip-hop, Stereolab-style groovers and vocoder jams in a dreamy, spacey pop album called Cosmosphere, due for release in April.

    Messiah J & the Expert: Formerly known as Creative Controle, Messiah J & the Expert are an emcee and producer hip-hop duo.

    Goodtime John: Goodtime John released his debut album Brought Four Ways Out of Town in 2002. Tapping into Americana roots music as well as classic pop songwriting, GTJ lays a lovely lilting voice over rich instrumentation.

    Doors:9pm___ Tickets: €10

    Friday 11th April
    In the space of 18 months, Gráda have risen to become one of the leading traditional groups in Ireland. Their claims have been supported not only by their youthful, energetic live performances, but also by their stunning new CD, Endeavour, described by The Irish Times as “an eye-popping debut”. The CD was produced by musical genius Trevor Hutchinson (of the Waterboys, Sharon Shannon, and Lunasa). It features a mix of revitalised traditional tunes and self-penned tracks. Gráda boasts a top line-up of musicians, including Alan Doherty, lead soloist in the award winning Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

    __“This is a band with star quality…The hottest new traditional band around" - Event Guide
    "Simply Spectacular. A Fresh Wind, Jazzy Tones" - Zeitung (Germany) “Multicultural backgrounds help bring a fresh approach to playing and present a unique slant on traditional music.” - Irish Music Magazine
    Doors: 9pm___ Tickets: €10

    Saturday 12th April
    Formed in the summer of 2000, by the collective union of mind and sound, a five piece band whose influences are wide and varied from Dylan & Bowie to Smog & Red House Painters. woodstar believe the song is bigger than both its parts and its players. woodstar attempt to turn pain into beauty by means of music, one of the few ways in which such a glorious transformation can occur.

    The results were a revelation to the band, without even trying, they had found a sound, one which was not contrived or forced but real and natural. On October the 6th 2000, woodstar played "These Scars" correctly for the first time. It was a great moment.

    “Woodstar have broken free from the obvious comparisons to craft a rather thrilling sound of their own. Dense waves of guitars and keyboards crash on a rock-solid shoreline, making for an exhilarating splash of noise” – Irish Times
    Doors: 9pm___ Tickets: €8

    Booking: 021 – 454 3210 / 427 0022
    Tickets for all shows Available In Advance From Cork Opera House & Central Box Office, Grand Parade.


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    Half Moon Music presents

    Friday 2nd May

    An under-recognized pioneer of the lo-fi revolution, Smog was essentially the alias of one Bill Callahan, an enigmatic singer/songwriter whose odd, fractured music neatly epitomized the tenets and excesses of the home-recording boom.

    Melancholy, poignant and self-obsessed, Callahan's four-track output offered a peepshow view into an insular world of alienation and inner turmoil, his painfully intimate songs ping-ponging wildly through a scrapbook of childhood recollections, failed relationships, bizarre fetishes and dashed hopes. A full-length album, Forgotten Foundation, paved the way for 1993's acclaimed Julius Caesar, recorded with musicians Cynthia Dall and Jim O'Rourke. The prolific Smog has since released 1994's Burning Kingdom EP, 1995's Wild Love, the 1996 EP Kicking a Couple Around and the sparse album The Doctor Came at Dawn.

    With a sound highlighted by Callahan's deep voice, acoustic guitar, tape loops, keyboards, cello and other string instruments, Smog's unique aesthetic has earned Callahan a devoted following that includes indie rock guru Lou Barlow.

    Half Moon Theatre, Cork.
    Doors: 9pm _

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    Sunday 4th May

    Summer Sun is yet another gem of a record from one of America’s greatest bands which will see them building on an already established reputation reaching the peak of their musicianship and talent.

    It was January 2000 and the tenth album by Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out was unleashed to the world. The world heard it, loved it and fell in love with the band who had made it. Their music would dart between blindingly exquisite pop songs, blisteringly intense wall-of-noise feed-back and good old fashioned punk rock. The band started out with Ira Kaplan (guitars, singing) and his wife Georgia Hubley (Drums, singing) and various other musicians, until James McNew joined their ranks (bass, singing). Live you would see them swap around their instruments, with Ira sometimes shedding the guitar to slam the organ, or Georgia leaving the drums and fiddling with a drum machine, or James putting down his bass and taking up extra percussion.

    With Summer Sun the band are continuing the melodic directions that defined much of their last album, with sixties pop tunes, Hawaiian guitars and swooping, textured melodies to create an upbeat and beautiful collage. What remains is a wonderful pop record to be treasured and savoured.

    "decades from now, kids will still be hunting down the Yo La Tengo back catalogue and trying to imagine how great they must have been live." The Guardian

    “A beautiful, fragile record that demands your full attention, then pays back dividends” Mojo

    Half Moon Theatre, Cork.
    Doors: 9pm __________________
    Tickets: €20

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    Savoy Theatre, Cork presents

    + support

    Thurs 29 May 2003
    Doors: 8.30pm

    Tickets €15 available from The Bodega & Plug'd records very soon.

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    "Even Better than The Real Thing!"
    Tribute Band weekend
    Thursday 24th april - The Classic Beatles

    Friday 25th April - Guns 'n' Roses tribute band

    Sat 26th - U2 tribute Band

    Sun 27th - Bob Marley tribute band

    at Reardens
    Washington St., Cork.

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    I'll be giving away copies of Stephen Malkmus's (ex-Pavement) new lp and ep, plus tickets to eX-Girl at the half moon and anything else I find lying around the office.

    Got a veritable mountain of new music in this week so expect to hear some of that plus groovy toons both new and old.

    I'm told the station is now being streamed on the net so check out

    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork, Ireland with DJ Balaclava
    104fm - Sundays 5-7pm

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    The Apes + Party Of Helicopters

    The Lobby Bar
    Sat 17th May
    Afternoon Show
    All Ages Gig
    Doors 3pm
    Adm E5 b4 3.30pm/E6 with flyer/E7 otherwise

    The Apes emerged from the wet, heavy jungle of Washington DC in 1999 to command the rock subculture. Their modus: uniting great warlords, absorbing rogue factions, and educating red-handed guerilla bands with a passionately wayward rock signal.

    Propelled by Erick Jackson's burning, fur-lined bass growls, Amanda Kleinman's horny and celestial banshee organ, and Jeff Schmid's iron-chest-of-cocaine drums, throat chieftain Paul Weil channels the kaleidoscopic eye and children's black tears into the hearts of all. This overdriven rock assault drives forward as tales of conquest, social alienation, and a perverse spiritual kinship with the universe become trance-inducing incantations. Great armies of spectators prostrate themselves; the overcrowded brains of headphone astronauts are penetrated. Ultimately, a shared enthusiasm for the new aesthetic treasures of Ape magic and sound fury overtakes all.

    Alternative Press March 2002 "100 Bands You Need to Know in '02" ""

    "Listening to Fugue in the Fog is like jumping into a mud puddle head first -- grimy, messy, and completely invigorating....innovative and creepy....It's not everyday that a heavy rock outfit trade a lead guitar for an organ, but somehow the Apes make the switch work -- the organ makes their music all the more sinister. They may not have much variation or scope, but hey, if it ain't broke....Let's just say that if the Addams Family ever threw a party and needed to hire a band, they'd call the Apes."

    Magnet Sept-Oct 2001

    "...These Apes don't care about ruling the planet, just your eardrums. Hailing from DC, the Apes flaunt the influence of bands like Nation of Ulysses, Circus Lupus, and GWAR by pummeling audiences with their explosive live shows. The brunt of their force is vocalist Paul Weil, whose mastery of guttural chants would make any microphone run for cover. Coupled with thick Moog arrangements that coalesce in thick, trebly noise blasts and thundering bass boosts, this band aims to conquer....Easy listening this is not, but the only true way to experience the Apes is to witness their live show."

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    Any chance you could create one thread and then reedit it when the listings expire ?

    So you have something like:

    Upcoming Events:

    And under this you have a chronological listing of events.

    I'm sure the mods can make it a sticky.

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    will feature Virgil Shaw, The Izzys, postal Service, The Rapture, Ral Partha Vogelbacher, Thee More shallows, Glanfaloon Bus, Brown Whornet, V/Vm, etc, etc


    cd's to be given away (matt elliot, Set fire to flames, smog, malkmus, etc) and tickets to ex-girl to be won.

    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork, Ireland with DJ Balaclava
    104fm - Sundays 5-7pm

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    On the clubbing front the FLARES retro Friday nights at Fast Eddies nightclub continues to draw the punters in large numbers to the Tuckey Street venue proving fun is always fashionable.

    Every Wednesday in Cork sees the excellent FREAKSCENE at the Savoy featuring Alan Fadd & Emmett in the main room of the Savoy playing Indie/Alternative with Jenny Glitt/Velma Velour providing retro soul funk motown in the foyer.

    Hip hop fans will be delira and excira to hear the JAZZY JEFF makes his debut Irish appearance at the Savoy on the 23rd May, tickets now on sale from Bodega, Synthetic and Plugd.

    Friday the 23rd of May also sees BASTARDO ELECTRICO continue their crusade to turn Corkonians from house-heads to techno-lovers at Club Renaissance when Niall Power, Jamie Behan and Lucifer John Friday all appear at the Careys Lane venue.

    SOULSMASH returns to Club One on Wednesday the 28th May, the theme of this, their third event is soulful tunes with a summer vibe. Techno heads out there will be ecstatic to learn that ADAM BEYER (no less) makes an appearance at Club Renaissance on the 30th.

    What might be the final JUICE MACHINE club night before the Autumn is in the Blue Angel on the last sat of May.

    SALT returns to the Half Moon on Thursday 12th June with Marq Walsh + Guilder + Mick Verma, Dr D and Colm Kennefick + MC tba (live hip hop) not to mention DJ HER.

    EX-GIRL from Japan return to these shores very soon when they play the half Moon (thursday 8th May). Their last show in Cork was completely sold out so get your tickets early for this one. Like recent visitors the Warlords of Pez and the soon to arrive V/VM, ex-girl literally have to be seen to be believed - highly recommended!

    Damian Dempsey plays the Half Moon for the first time on the 16th of May while the next day (17th) sees The Apes (with support from Party of Helicopters) from the U.S.A. play no less than two shows in the Cork area in one day, the first an all ages show at the Lobby at 3pm, the second at Pine Lodge, Myrtleville later that same night.

    Popular local beat combo FRED are at the Half Moon on the 21st, Dave Couse (ex A House frontman) and Niall Connolly are in the Gasworks on Fri 23rd May (early gig).

    Sunday 25th of May is Africa day and so in celebration the Half Moon Theatre have Alick Macheso (from Zimbabwe) playing their venue that night, followed by JUSTIN SULLIVAN (of New Model Army renown) on the 29th, the very same night Relish come to the Savoy.

    In a possible repeat of Pearl Harbour, the ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE SOUL COLLECTIVE (feat. Tsurubami/Pardons/Kawabata Makoto) bring their sonic ‘tora tora tora’ attack to the Lobby on the 31st May, don’t say you weren’t warned! Those of you of a more refined disposition will no doubt be heading that same evening to the Half Moon to see MARIA McKEE.

    The 1st of June has MTV2 faves JETPLANE LANDING from London and Rest (from Cork) rock out at the Lobby which should be a wee cracker of a gig.

    V/VM from Manchester beam down from Planet Madchester to the Lobby on the 7th June, to quote from their press release ‘these madmen are surely making some of the most original recordings anywhere!’

    Sub Pop/Secretly Canadians’s DAMIEN JURADO returns to the Lobby after an absence of several years on the 14th June, thursday 19th June sees Hyper [Borea], Stanley Super 800, & Fred at the Everyman, with CAT POWER following on the 23rd to the Half Moon Theatre and the Everyman has Boa Morte, Niall Connolly & Annette Buckley all making an appearance on MacCurtain Street on the 25th, tickets 15 euro.

    One of the most original saxophone voices of the late 20th century, JOHN BUTCHER, comes to the Triskel on the 28th June.

    It also seems that both Calexico and the sea and cake might be playing Cork this summer but no confirmation of this at time of print.

    CORK drinking NEWS
    Following the ENORMOUS success of their annual Easter Beer Fest at the Franciscan Well Bar on North Mall, Eurobeers are providing us with a CIDER FEST at the same venue on the saturday and the sunday of the June Bank Holiday weekend.

    SIN É Bar on Coburg Street are after opening a barber shop on the premises so you can have a sup and a cut at the same time, all for less than ten euro-wotsits!

    Meanwhile, across the road at SKY BAR, what we reckon are the biggest screens in Cork must be the ideal place to watch the UEFA Cup Final in late may (up the celts!)

    Them FUSTY fellas are going great guns at the mo' releasing very soon their debut 'proper' cd

    Well worth checking out as is DK7's 'The Difference' which got single of the month in this months Jockey Slut magazine and high praise from none other than Mr. Laurent Garnier - DK7 being Mark O'Sullivan of the Caroline Shout, Bacuzzi and The Mighty Quark in league with Jesper Dahlbeck (the persuader).

    BOA MORTE are currently demoing material fo their 2nd LP, following the great success of their first one last year.

    For more news of upcoming events e-mail me on [email protected]

  • Registered Users Posts: 410 ✭✭ Jim Comic

    we have a Calla interview,
    Woodstar, Set Fire to Flames, and Damian Dempsey cd's to give away,
    + the final pair of ex-girl tickets to be won,
    plus the usual blend of indie/alt/odd'n'sods.

    the indie/alt show on Radio Friendly, Cork, Ireland with DJ Balaclava
    104fm - Sundays 5-7pm
    streamed live on the web on

  • Registered Users Posts: 410 ✭✭ Jim Comic

    just got sent this:

    I regret to inform you, that due to personal circumstances 'eX-Girl' have had to cancel all their Irish dates.

    Keiko has to fly back to Tokyo early next week due to a personal issue, and as a result cannot make the trip to Ireland. They will hopefully be back later in the year, (possibly late Summer).

  • Registered Users Posts: 410 ✭✭ Jim Comic

    Dave Couse (ex A-House frontman) supported by Niall Connolly are in the Gasworks on Fri 30th May (early gig) as part of Planet of Sound, he’s getting a lot of press for his new album so it could well be worth attending.

    tickets on sale very soon from Plugd Records (probably).

    Other shows coming up worth knowing about:

    Ruby Sessions featuring Nina Hynes - Half Moon - May 15th
    Damian dempsey - Half Moon - May 16th
    The Apes + party of Helicopters - Lobby 3pm, May 17th
    The Apes + party of Helicopters - Pine Lodge, Myrtleville 9pm, May 17th
    Norman Jay - Blue angel - inite only - t.b.c.
    Fred - Half Moon - May 21
    Niall Power/Jamie Behan/Lucifer John Friday - Club renaissance - May 23
    jazzy Jeff - savoy - May 23
    Alice Macheso - Half Moon - May 25
    Soulsmash - Club One - May 28
    Relish - Savoy - May 29
    Justin Sullivan (new model army) - Half Moon - May 29
    Phil Kay - Everyman - May 30
    Adam beyer - Club renaissance - May 30
    Cider Festival - franciscan well - May 31/June 1st
    Maria McKee - Half Moon - May 31
    Acid Mothers Temple soul collective - Lobby - May 31
    Juice Machine - Blue Angel - May 31
    Jetplane Landing & rest - Lobby - June 1st
    V/VM - Lobby - June 7th
    Salt - Half Moon - June 12
    Deirdre O'Kane - City Limits - June 13 & 14
    Damien Jurado - Lobby - June 14
    Hyperborea, Stanley super 800/Fred - Everyman - June 19
    Cat Powr - half moon - June 23
    Boa Morte, Niall Connolly, Annette Buckley - Everyman - June 25
    John Butcher - Triskel - June 28
    Sea and Cake - Half Moon - July 4th
    Calexico - Half Moon - July 12

    loads more t.b.c. so tsay tuned folks or e-mail me on [email protected]

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 413 ✭✭ karma kabbage

    hope this thread is still up and going, this time next week i'll be depending on y'all for all my indie/alt/rock needs... what's fun in cork? i'm told an bróg is good craic... anything else i should know?

  • Registered Users Posts: 410 ✭✭ Jim Comic

    the apes gig next sat at 3pm in the lobby is highly recommended, adm 5 euro if you get there early or they're palying pine lodge later that night in Myrtleville (near Crosshaven), adm free to that one.

    Planet of Sound in the Gasworks nightclub on fridays has an indie room and a retro room, adm about 5 euro so well worth it.

    Brog is ok, late bar, free adm (as far as I know).

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 413 ✭✭ karma kabbage

    yup i got some friends down there and they frequet an brog (tis true, free adm & late night bar)... but i kinda wanna try and get out on my own a bit too y'know?

    i'll try and check out the indie room if i can

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    Calexico ‘Feast Of Wire’
    Cork Opera House

    Saturday 12th July @ 8pm

    Calexico return with their most accomplished album to date, an ambitious and vibrant clash of musical styles that is as unforgettable as it is innovative

    Calexico is a little town sitting (believe it or not) directly on the California-Mexico border. Back in the good old days, before the border was lined with machine gun, toting guards and man eating dogs, the tiny towns of Calexico and Mexical actually overlapped one another and you could stroll down the main street and have a burrito and cerveza with your neighbours without having to show your passport and get strip-searched.

    John Covertino and Joey Burns, rhythm section of Giant Sand, and members of OP8 and the lounge-y Friends of Dean Martinez have formed yet another band whose name perfectly exemplifies the type of music it makes. Calexico takes you on a musical journey through the southwestern U.S. and south of the border. This is music you won’t hear in San Diego, but you will if you travel a few miles south, to Tijuana and beyond. Calexico decided to combine the southwestern feel of the Sonoran desert with their old world, spaghetti western arrangements.

    Date: Saturday 12th July

    Doors: 9pm

    Venue: Cork Opera House, Cork
    Tickets: €20, €22

    Booking: 021 – 427 00 22
    (Tickets available in advance from the Cork Opera House)

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,060 darkmaster2

    we have just updated our board section - Check it out :D

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    Hot house flowers are playing the Mardyke Complex, Cork on the 19th July, adm FREE b4 9pm.