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  • token wrote: »
    Look at metcon sally here
    You know well he stays in after hours working his rebound box jumps and butterfly pullups. I hear he was rejected for the role of the bad guy in this movie:

  • Right,

    Power clean and power jerk: 5 singles at 80, dropped to 70 to work on speed as I was sluggish on the jerk and did another five singles there, which were all fairly snappy. Power jerk is gone to hell lately for some reason.

    snatches: only around 40 for a triple or two, not much pain today, excellent.

    Front squat, single at 105, realised it was too heavy and dropped to 95 for 3 ladders. Imma roll back to 100 next time. Spent the last few months trying to fight for better positions and it seems to be helping albeit slowly.

    Jerk dips, 105 x3x3, 115x3

    Deadz: 140x2

    TONZ: 4255kg

  • Very slight change of plan.

    65 for 5 singles, 70 for same

    Power clean + power jerk:
    5 singles at 70, 10 singles at 75. SPEED PLEASE!

    Press: 50kg, 4x(1-2-3-4)

    Snatches ok but hurt like hell when out of position. Felt a bit slow too. More 'habbin, ice and snake oil needed
    PC+PJ: looking for speed here, Don't have a hell of a lot at the moment, fairly crisp but nothing to write home about.
    Press: started doing these again because the last time I had a decent jerk I was pressing with fair volume. Putting them in after snatches because they **** with the snatch.

    Load: 3275kg

  • Hmmmm,
    Squat, 120x1, 125x1 (fugly), 120(fugly), 115 (samez), 110, 2 singles+ a double, one of them looked like a chinaman squat, the others looked like a chinaman's dump. Ooookay

    60x5, 70x5, 80x3x5
    Barry fixed these, my grip was too narrow and I wasn't gettin' the thoracic extension at the top. weight was grand even doing them properly.

    jerk: some messing, nothing mad, trying some things. I can still squat-jerk.

    Split squats: 3x5 a side in t'front rack position with an almighty 37kg, I hate these more than I hate ________

    Realised about three hours after leaving the gym that I destroyed the quadz on the pvc roller at the weekend and the squat went off a cliff a few days after the last time I did that. Hope that explains the embarrassing level of weakness. Now what I should've done is stripped the bar and worked back up again but I forgot. Will have to remind meself to do so if that happens again.

    load: 3210kg methinks.

  • Let's see if I can remember this.

    -Clean and jerked 90 for 10 singles, grand, one or two out of place but the rest ok.
    -Power snatched 60 for 6 doubles I think (wasn't really counting). headbutted one of them by accident too, grand.
    -Push press- 5 doubles at 60-65 and 3 doubles at 70

    Load: 3290kg

    Gonna spend a few hours doing band resisted inverted reverse hypers from the ceiling on a swiss ball to match CO'K's load.

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  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    You know well he stays in after hours working his rebound box jumps and butterfly pullups. I hear he was rejected for the role of the bad guy in this movie:

    I only spotted this now. Epic!

  • Is that Ernesto Hoost?

    Edit: No. Shut up, Cormac.

  • d'Oracle wrote: »
    Is that Ernesto Hoost?

    Edit: No. Shut up, Cormac.

    Are you suggesting all kickboxers look the same?

    front squat:
    3 ladders 100kg. Needs more ghetto booty. Last one a grinder

    DEATH-LIFT (clean stylee):
    3x120, 3x130, 3x140, 2x145
    still not going crazy, beltless and double overhand for the moment. I don't think I like the belt for deads (either that or I wasn't using it properly)

    Split squattage (front rack)
    2x10 with 40kg
    I was gonna do fives but someone told me to do 10.

    Load: 4060, 13835 this week over 4 sessions. Will try to increase this a bit next week.

  • Wasn't gonna train today but went in anyway to watch L try to kill himself! Had to lift in cons

    Clean and jerked 85 for three singles I think. shoulder ok
    deficit snatch deads: few triples at 85, not sure about these
    hang power snatch: bunch of doubles and triples with 60kg
    Back squatz: a few singles at 110kg, felt ****e and weak. Hip didn't like the flat shoes
    some other stuff.

  • Right, it looks like I can do the smug lifts and the shoulder won't be too bad, if I do the rehab and lift within two or three days then I seem to go back to square one as the muscles I'm trying to strengthen are fatigued when I lift, (physio recommended I do them every other day). Gonna concentrate on rehab and squats/pulls and maybe some very light pressing for the next couple of weeks. It's unlikely I'll be able to lift in the Cork open anyway so I'll try to get things sorted for the hercs champs in December and try not be retarded. Hopefully by then I'll be squatting like a chinaman.

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  • Right, damage limitation.
    Power clean, triples
    did a "token" on the last rep at 90 so stopped it there. Would've been fine if I rested enough.

    Back squat (tryin to do it chinaman stylee today)
    3 ladders at 100kg
    didn't bother with the belt because it seems to knock me out of line. Might get rid of the knee sleeves too. Imma start videoing the warmup sets to compare with the work sets next time.

  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    did a "token" on the last rep at 90 so stopped it there.

    Damn. Well it's better than been associated with "clarking" it I suppose.

  • token wrote: »
    Damn. Well it's better than been associated with "clarking" it I suppose.

    Well the weight does get lifted so it can't be all bad.

  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    Well the weight does get lifted so it can't be all bad.

    Tommy said I was going to injure myself if I kept doing it at Edenderry. He said I'd make a great splitter though :pac:

    I'll stop doing it naturally when my legs are stronger. I used to do it on snatches as well back when I was powersnatching more than full snatch. It was ridiculous.

  • Still alive, caught aids or something last week, hillarious levels of fatigue for no apparent reason. Think I'm ok now. Decided to bring in an overhead embargo as doing the rehab stuff along with lifting overhead is causing varying degrees of horribleness in the shoulder capsule. Today:

    Frontal Squatz (zu hause):
    (startin with a low max to ensure the movement would please my communist masters). Cooked me dinner during the rest periods.

    rdl:2x10x70kg 3x70, ham crampage.

    Everything else:
    0 repsx 0 sets

  • Dead Ed wrote: »

    You is gonna die

  • token wrote: »
    You is gonna die

    Numbers can't kill me.

  • workin till 2am yesterday so the gym was unlikely. Front squattage:
    Lame. turned into a bit of a filthy westerner for the last two sets. Went back to physio yesterday to get more stuff to decrock myself. apparently the overhead embargo + extra squatting was a good idea. I'll try to get back to doing some pulls and cleans next week if I have more time.

  • about 100km from the nearest barbell until the morrow. Just did shoulder rehab stuff today. Bastarding things still hurt a fair bit when I wake up.

  • whats the story with your shoulders ed ?
    I know upping my numbers on inverted rows always helps my left shoulder which tends to give me gyp from time to time

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  • gstack wrote: »
    whats the story with your shoulders ed ?
    I know upping my numbers on inverted rows always helps my left shoulder which tends to give me gyp from time to time

    Garrett, how are things?! Shoulders have been a bit pissy for a good while but started to get progressively worse over the last year or so. I think it started off with doing too many crappy internally-rotated ring dips and other stupid **** (for time) about two years back, weightlifting seems to have made it worse because of the positions hit. According to the physio, I know the following things are wrong:

    -Waaaay too much external rotation and general joint laxity on both shoulders
    -impinged supraspinatus on both shoulders (he didn't spot it first time out)
    -overactive upper traps and zero residual tension in the lower traps
    -****ty posture (I'm lazy), scaps are too far apart, I can control them fairly ok but there's no residual tension there either
    -something else inside the shoulder capsule itself, it's not a slap tear but hurts like hell when I lift something overhead the wrong way, hopefully it's not too serious.

    Basically I now need to:
    -Activate and strengthen everything responsible for keeping the scaps back and down.
    -get some space for the supraspinatus between the acromium and humeral head and do distraction work
    -stop sitting like a slob!
    -stop lifting overhead
    -get a squat

    I'm not sure if those symptoms have anything to do with the pain in the joint but the rehab stuff seems like a reasonable sledgehammer approach for shoulder health. If that doesn't work I'll have to get it looked at more closely.

    Thanks for the I-row suggestion, I'll start doing them with the prehab stuff soon. The band stuff is still hurting the joint a little so I'll wait until that's calmed down to start them up. I'm pretty pissed off I can't do the lifts but I'd rather fix things up than kill myself trying to go from crap to mediocre!

    Right, back in the land of barbells today:
    Frontal squatttage:


    Not too bad, looking reasonably chinese.

    Dumbell Kurlz:
    3x15x13kg (forgot to go to confession after doing these)

    Single leg dead:
    Hamstring started getting tired on these.

    Assistance stuff is boring.

  • Hey Ed all good still training away
    I have a somewhat similar diagnosis on my left shoulder
    I was told to strengthen the external rotators and tidy up my posture which is also terrible

    What do you find most effective for strengthening the external rotators ?

  • Nothing yet because they're still lazy and weak! I've been told to do standing external rotations with a theraband looped around a door handle, so two or three sets of 12 slow reps with the band. I also do two sets with the humerus abducted (put a foam roller under your armpit and do the rotations like that), apparently the first one targets the teres minor and the second the infraspinatus.

    I was given another one where I put the band around the door handle, pull using both hands with the humerus level with the floor, scaps retracted and rotate up so both fists are pointing at the ceiling, This one wasn't too smart and hurt the shoulders (probably should've used a lighter band). I think W's and cuban presses might be a better idea than that particular exercise.

  • Shoulder not as sore in the mornings, it just seems to click a little and the pain stops, not too shabby. My sleep is broken again though, very broken. 10km worth of errands on the bike today but I took it easy and avoided (most) commuter races.

    Front squattage:
    bored off me hole in the gym and just grunted through these, not too bad looking, hams were still a bit tired though. Having some trouble understanding how 10kg can be added to these on the next run through. Technically it should be possible but it seems a bit of an ask </wuss>

    Pendlayz: 60x5 70x5 80x5
    ouches between scaps. Think I might leave the rehab for when I finish training on training days so it doesn't mess with other stuff.

    Sinful elbow flexor prehab (dumbbells):
    3x10xweight I think they were 15kg, not sure.

    Someone left 140 in the rack so walked it out to get a feel, then did 170. That was interesting.

  • Front squattage:
    Weird, they looked to be moving fast enough but I was nearly sick doing these. Actually easier than I thought they'd be.

    Shoulder 'hab:
    2 sets of all that stuff. I think every three days is about right for these. three sets seems like too much.

    Still woozy from squats.

    Edit: some shoulder distraction and 3x10 single leg deads with 24kg krazyball.

  • Shoulder Distraction ?
    Please enlighten me

  • gstack wrote: »
    Shoulder Distraction ?

    He gets Dee to creep up behind him and belt him in the leg to take his mind off his shoulders.

  • gstack wrote: »
    Shoulder Distraction ?
    Please enlighten me

    I wrap the band around a door handle, hold onto it and kind of pull the body away from the door while relaxing the shoulder so it gets pulled out a bit. I hold it at that tension and maybe move a little, can feel a bit of clunking the odd time. It's for the capsule, I'm not sure what it does though, I'd guess it helps with the slide and glide and maybe breaks up some scar tissue. I'm too lazy to find out what actually happens so do not take my word for it!!

    Frontal squattage, in apartment again.
    warmed up with 25 and inside of right knee felt a bit angry, stretched a bunch of stuff and did some more reps. Put the wraps on to keep knees warm but left them loose enough to avoid getting any sneaky kilos. Calmed down eventually...


    Getting a bit tougher now and starting to kick the hips out. I'm too lazy to bother doing anything else this evening. Might try some very light presses.

  • Missed the gym once more so had to squat in the apartment again. Wasn't too happy with the idea of power cleaning 90 in such delicate circumstances so had to make a rack using a pair of plyo boxes and chairs.

    Frontal squatz:

    all sets were hard, upperback started rounding out a bit on the last three sets I think. Gonna do 10x3 on friday then rest for two days before the next run through. The last week looks about as much fun as prison rape.

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  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    Wasn't too happy with the idea of power cleaning 90 in such delicate circumstances so had to make a rack using a pair of plyo boxes and chairs.

    Oof, DIY home set ups, yes I feel your pain...