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  • Dragged my decrepit ass training

    Front squat up to 110 for a single (cheap pb), horrible rep felt the lower back folding, dive bombed it and the bar basically kept going forward from the bottom.

    put some wraps on and worked up to a nicer looking 110

    tried 115 with a belt, fail

    worked back up to 110 with the belt.


    power clean
    up to 95

    some back squat singles at 100-110

    snatched the bar for a triple

    ham kurlz, standing and lying
    leg extensions (I was bored)
    incline press: 50x5, tucking like a mofo
    did a bunch of tumbling on the mats then, don't even know where to begin with a backflip though.

    I think that's it. Probably did more stupid stuff I forgot. Front squat was **** but I've been in bed most of the week so whatever. The successful clean at 100 was pretty good, nearly all the fails were due to not pulling into the bar on receipt, had 105 racked solidly on the last try but the legs were on hols. I'll figure out the next month's training tomorrow. Clean+dead stop FS will figure though, as will some positional stuff and a fair bit of single leg stuff and assistance. Need to be more upright on squats too so I think the stance needs to widen a bit.

  • Right, sort of formed a plan as I went along today:

    Clean+ front squat (pause at bottom of fs):
    5 sets at 80kg

    Back squat:
    5 or 6 doubles at 100



    3x30s with 50kg

    Had about half an hour of soft tissue work on the shoulder administered by one of the lads in the club, gent.

    Was waiting around a while so ended up doing a bunch of stupid ****. Unracked 190 and 200kg on the back and then on the front. Was actually unable to breathe! Did a bunch of drop sets on the Ham curl machine too, we'll see how that goes in the morning. I currently have a pot with two kilogrammes of meat and other things in it, hope that mitigates the soreness somehow.

  • Trained in santry today, nice place, elite ****ers everywhere.

    clean: singles at 70-80-85-90-95-100(f)-100
    5 singles at 90

    Snatch pulls (chinaman style) triples: 50-60-70-80-85-90 aggravated shoulder a bit, these are therefore out.

    Frontal schwatz:
    up to 90x3 and 100x1
    Erm. heavy. probably shouldn't have raped my hamstrings the other day.

    Trap bar deadlift (the one that looks like it fell off a JCB): worked up to bar+120kg with the higher handle position for a single. Still suspicious of these

    GHR (I can't see a GHR and not use the bastarding thing) sets of 8 at various positions. Not sure what sort of creature used it last, it was set up all freaky.

  • right, warmed up carefully and snatched up to three singles at 60. Shoulder position improved and I can handle a wider grip. Still need to be very carefuL. Clean and jerked 60 once, shoulder not ready for that. Did clean +fs 3 sets at 85. Clean pulled 100 and 110 for 3, back sqyatted 100 for 3. So weak with wider stance, much better narrow. Trap bar 140x3

    oh, I headbutted the bar again during snatches.

    Some shenanigans

  • You make it look too easy.

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  • If I used enough weight to make it look hard I'd need shoulder surgery :(:(

  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    If I used enough weight to make it look hard I'd need shoulder surgery :(:(

    Well we don't want that, take care of it. I don't think my shoulder will ever be 100%.

  • howtomake wrote: »
    Well we don't want that, take care of it. I don't think my shoulder will ever be 100%.

    I'm treating it like a newborn Dodo for the most part. I'm starting to think the same though. Extensive periods of not lifting haven't helped too much, rehab has kinda helped but the horse had already bolted! I'm just gonna do stuff that doesn't hurt, and continue doing the rehab stuff that doesn't hurt.

  • marilou_dozois-prevost.jpg

  • marilou_dozois-prevost.jpg

    Good lord!

    Right, trained a bit later because I'm lazy.

    clean+paused fs, 2x70, 2x80 (all over the place), 1x85, 3x90. Not too bad, might be able to go to 95 next time, maybe switch to clean doubles when these run out of steam.

    Squat from the back: 80-90-100-105x3

    was gonna do rdls but for some reason I decided to do sumo deads. I have a reason for it somewhere


    much prefer these to regular deads, I can pull with worrying about my back exploding and I'm very weak out that wide.

    30s a hold


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  • marilou_dozois-prevost.jpg

    I don't really look like myself in that picture.

  • She'd look nice in the basement who is she?

  • token wrote: »
    She'd look nice in the basement who is she?

    I've already cleaned out a cage, you can't have her!

  • token wrote: »
    She'd look nice in the basement who is she?

    marilou dozois-prevost


    Dead Ed wrote: »
    I've already cleaned out a cage, you can't have her!

    lol, i have visions her in the cage with buddy. Which are making me slightly uncomfortable.

  • marilou-dozois-prevost-lhalterophilie-sexy-L-7.jpeg


  • marilou-dozois-prevost-lhalterophilie-sexy-L-7.jpeg


    Not for public use.


  • Bahahahahaha, excellent!

  • Cleanz:
    102 (cheap ass pb)
    think I did something with 80

    Snatch pullz: up to 90x3

    up to 90x2, didn't really care at this stage

    Ham Kurlz

    Not great. Cleans are ****e. Basically they were all pulled high enough to power clean and I was too slow and weak under the ****ers.


  • Actually pleased to be able to set a pb when completely knackered. Gonna take things down a notch or two and try to move all pretty for the next while.

    Viewer discretion advised...

  • Dead Ed wrote: »
    102 (cheap ass pb)

    Is there something wrong with 105kg?

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  • token wrote: »
    Is there something wrong with 105kg?

    105 had its chance



  • Lots of height on those cleans. On another day you would have got them.

  • Aye the 105 should be there, I can do 100 reliably enough at the moment. I have no ass or legs!

    rolled out to ecb to train.

    a bunch of singles at 55, little bit sore so just hung out there.

    Power cleaned up to 101 for a 1kg pb

    decided to do the powerclean competition then

    Happy enough there! I can do 104 but my mind wouldn't let me today

  • Err, kinda broke my insides last week, fell off bike onto a pillar thing and landed on me solar plexus. couldn't hold pressure in torso without it messing with the face. No ribs broken though, bruising and whatnot I guess. Wha' evuh.

    Rehab stuffz:
    face pulls (band)
    side lunges +12kg
    single leg deathlift+24kg
    all 3x8

    made some sort of program thing that I should probably follow. Simple enough,

    Lift+squat+assistance+swoleness+Koar+rehab over the course of the week.

  • :eek::(

  • howtomake wrote: »

    Ah it's ok now I think.

    I just happened to use up my intelligence quota for that particular day!

  • Right, insides work again.

    snatch: 3 singles 60, 2 or 3 at 65, wider grip

    Clean+pause FS, 80,90, jerked 60, still ****ed.

    back squat
    100, 5x2 weak

  • did some overhead rotation things again along with I-rows, scap pullups and pushups. Some turned-out ring supports too, weak here.

  • Clean and jerked up to 75 twice, wide grip on jerk, left it there to avoid silliness.

    Cleaned 100, hard to stand it up,
    80x5 doubles, waste of time

    Back squat
    Err, focused on opening the femur angle rather than "getting up". Seems to have worked. Think I know how to squat now.

    Incline press
    8x 40,50,50
    not sure these were a good idea, not sore but seemed fairly useless, tris were the weak point

    DB Kurlz

    Split squatz
    10kg doombells, 3x8
    Gotta make sure I'm doing these things right

    rollouts 3x8

    I-rows (rings, feet on ball, ****in elite) 3x10

    face pulls 3x10 blue theraband

    75% of that was ridiculously boring.

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  • Stuff:
    Ys, 3x8x2.5kg
    scap pullup, pushup and floor slides, 3x8
    pullaparts 3x10

    floor slides were agony two months ago but only a little clunky today so something's working. Still reckon the inclines yesterday were a bit too heavy, felt compelled to press something though. Plan on adding in some getups and possibly cuban presses when things settle down a bit more. Might leave it a few weeks.