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Where to Buy (including discount codes) & other links

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    I will try to keep this updated. Just ensure if you want to propose a link it's a vendor/resource you have used and know to be reliable. I'm beginning with vendors I have used or am certain to be reliable.

    FoxyEcig - wingback has been banned for posing as a newbie mentioning his site foxyecig. I urge all visitors here to give them zero business for this complete lack of honesty while other vendors here have been up front with us.
    Ecigshop - viks75 was posing as a normal user while being the owner of this site. Sadly another one for the black list.
    e-smoke - strong enough suspicions of shilling in the forum for me to recommend you don't buy from these guys.
    skysvapor - multiple accounts recommending that place near the bus station.

    Vendors/Suppliers (known discount codes in brackets)
    Vaping Ireland Vendors page - This site is now our official home for listing vendors, discount codes, deals and other offers. With Vendors' hands being tied in relation to posting here this is the best solution.

    E-Cigarette Mods - a database of mods. Excellent resource.
    UK Vapers - this is the main forum in the UK with a firendly helpful bunch and a direct line to a lot of suppliers and mod makers.
    The Electronic Cigarette Forum - a massive resource with the only problem being finding the information you want.
    Vapers Network - good resource for all the factual data out there.
    E-Cig Reviews - great review site from a nice English bloke called Scott.
    Grimm Green - another great reviewer this time a nice American bloke.
    Smoke2Vape - another UK guy with video reviews. Hs videos are very good as he works for the BBC and you can tell he knows what he is doing.
    VaporCast - A fun podcast from the US with liquid reviews and chat.