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Project [~Dark Energy~]

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    Well I said I'd post this up, it's just me sticking some wc gear into a shiny new V2000B :D The specs are as follows:

    PA120.3 - D5 - EK Res 250 - Apogee GTX
    MCR220 - D5 - Ek Res 250 - EK NB block - MCW60 GPU block
    8800GTS 640
    Asus P5K Premium
    2GB Ballistix
    Hitachi Deskstar 320GB x2

    Anyway I've taken lots of pics but not to bore you I said I'd just throw up a couple for now. The project is far from finished but this is basically all I have so far!

    A shot with ambient light, the window's tinted like papu's.

    The Acryan Hexx mesh I used for the rad intake vents.

    Internal shot with the lights on showing the uv plexi back thingy..

    Another showing a bit of the bay cover.

    A close up of the fan and grill.

    I'll throw up some more soon, just have to find the time to work on it a bit more...