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150KTubs - future career in Virgin Radio and other soulful pursuits **Mod: Read OP**



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    Whatever challenge there is currently in rehabilitating his image and combatting online vitriol, getting Ryan Tubridy's bonus released to the press would be impossible to supress. It is only that his brand in Ireland is so toxic (rightly or wrongly) and Noel Kelly's interventions on his behalf so unwelcome, that he needs to go to London. Of course, one of Ryan's big issues is that no one in the UK knows the other Noel Kelly stablemates who were rolled out on the LLS every third week.

    I guess he can prove himself worthy of many multiples of the reported 80K through his performance at Virgin. Going to take a lot of Irish contributions, organic or manufactured.

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    This reads like someone who has inside knowledge. Care to say how you've got this level of insight. Who are you connected with?

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    I'm just connected with reality 😂

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    Told his listeners of his good relationship with Mr Power from the Irish racing circuit and how he was looking for an excuse for the two of them to hang out in London.

    He said: "We’ve known each other a little bit down through the years, we’ve met at the odd horse fair, shall we say, like in Cheltenham or it could have been anywhere in Ireland, and I just feel sometimes when I’m presenting this programme, it’d be nice to have somebody close by every now and again – but I’d like more support: do you want to come and hang out with us more? I am trying to lovebomb you into joining us and sponsoring the show."

    In response, bookie Mr Power said: "You had me at hello, the answer is yes. It’d be a privilege." Paddy Power declined to say how much the sponsorship deal is worth, but a source told the Irish Daily Mail the partnership will last for a year initially.

    The deal has been criticised by addiction counsellors who believe the sponsorship deal is "yet another example of the proliferation and the attempts of normalising gambling, whether it be in the UK or Ireland".

    I'm glad to see that addiction counsellors are coming out against his sponsorship deal. So he's relying on Paddy Power to stay close to him on the programme? Is he going to be a regular guest for him. I honestly didn't think that he could sink any lower after last summer. Where does he think PP gets all his money for sponsorship? A lot of it comes from the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. And he's there, laughing and joking with that leech like it's all just a big game to him. It's absolutely disgusting. He has let down so many people by doing this.

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    The only thing I am really not convinced with is that RTE would want to have anything to do with him again. Yes, they did bring Ray Darcy back and I am a firm believer in you should never say never. But there is so much fallout from the payments scandal that is still affecting RTE. I think Tubridy does want to make it outside of RTE and Ireland (his ego) but whether he has the ability to do that remains to be seen. If the introduction of his show increases Virgin Radio's listenership market share, he would never need to cross RTE's door again as he will be financially rewarded. Again from a technical perspective if he were to be successful with Virgin and wanted to spend more time in Ireland, doing his show from Q102 on a regular basis could be very easily accommodated (even if the show was dropped by Q102) without either listener (Dublin or UK) being any the wiser. I think Wireless and the Tubridy camp have factored all of this into their negotiations. Hence, one of the reasons for the alleged low starting salary. In terms of his show, at the moment I think Virgin Radio are underestimating their core audience by over emphasising the Irish aspect. IMO I think RTE have much more on their plate but again those listenership figures are going to be very important for Wireless and of course Ryan Tubridy.

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    I mentioned this previously on the old thread last summer but there is a very illuminating sub plot to the Paddy Power / Tubs love in which everyone should be aware of....

    The Indo's Declan Lynch wrote a book about a postmaster from Gorey called Tony O'Reilly aka "Tony10" who got in such hock with gambling addiction on the PaddyPower app that he resorted to stealing cash from his place of work and placing bets on horses while on honeymoon to pay for his hotel charges.

    Lynch and O'Reilly fully expected to appear on Tubridy's Late Late Show to discuss the book, as of course would always have been the expectation during Gay Byrne's and Pat Kenny's tenure. Lynch received an email to say they were booked to appear on a certain Friday night and then a day or two later received another email to say due to scheduling issues their item had been pulled. Lynch chased it a bit in the following weeks seeking a re-booking but nothing came of it.

    Given the love of tragic cases and sad personal stories that the Tubridy era Late Late Show fattened on, it's very peculiar that this interview didn't go ahead. Until you remember that PaddyPower was a sponsor of Tubber's radio show and was giving him an all expenses paid trip to Cheltenham, possibly annually, and Ryan and Noel weren't going to risk losing that little free knees up amongst the great and the good of British and Irish racing circles.

    A deplorable and sickening perversion of journalistic integrity. But to be fully expected.

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    Of course, well remembered.

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    I wasn't aware of that. I remember Tubs getting in trouble a few years back for virtually handing over an entire radio programme to promote Paddy Power's grubby business. My main gripe about it is the fact that he called himself the Toyman and was always lamenting how badly treated children are in Ireland. Then he goes off in cahoots with PP, a man whose company is responsible for causing so much misery for families and young children across the country. As he showed last summer, he only has morals when it suits himself. Comes across as an absolute snake in the grass.

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    When you realize that everything that comes out of Tubridy's gob has a twin agenda of A) self promotion / enrichment and aggrandizement and B) virtue signalling, it all makes perfect sense.

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    Watch the figures from RAJAR ( www. rajar . co . uk ) for Virgin and the JNLR for Q102 etc. The figures tend to be quarterly.


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    Will Q102 still broadcast the show even when Tubridy is off?

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    I see that Virgin have invested in Tom Allen British comedian for their Sunday afternoon slot 12.30-16.00. And they've given that a littlepromotion.

    Read this article from Radio Today, which is a decent outfit. It doesn't hype RT at all, just mentions at the end that he started this week.

    Virgin aren't promoting him, & it seems RT is renting the seat from them via PP to promote himself & his brand. A pound to a penny he'll be broadcasting live from Cheltenham this year. It's a win win for Virgin as he'll be showing off his 'celeb contacts' on their platform.

    That may go well if his hubris doesn't get in the way again...& that's unlikely, I'd bet money with PP on that one. 😁

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    The fallout from the Tubridy payments scandal isn't over yet. Kevin Bakhurst mentioned that he would not be talking to Noel Kelly when contracts for his clients are up for renewal. Instead, he would be talking directly with the contractors. The fact that no Irish broadcaster picked up Tubridy after RTE dumped him may have come as a bit of a shock. RTE is also in trouble financially even with the bailout. The 150K is always going to be a problem with RTE even if he pays it back. Approximately 400 people will lose their jobs in RTE. While some of the job losses would have been due to retirements, it will create resentment among those remaining in RTE.

    Tubridy on a fraction of the salary in Virgin is a very powerful argument for Bakhurst when it comes to renegotiating contracts. It also creates a major problem for Tubridy if he wishes to return to Irish broadcasting (rather than being simulcasted from Virgin via Q102 etc). If he was willing to work for a fraction of what RTE paid then why should any Irish broadcaster pay closer to his RTE salary?

    Without the Q102 simulcast, the Virgin job could be seen as an attempt to break into UK commercial radio. With the Q102 simulcast, it seems like part of an attempt to keep him in the Irish market.


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    Universally negative comments on Tubridy, on the Virgin Radio Facebook page.

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    I can’t help but think NK would have a fair legal case against RTE if it’s DG were to single them out as a company he would refuse to do business with. Silly macho posturing from Bakhurst.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,410 ✭✭✭jmcc

    On what grounds? And if Bakhurst decided to treat all contractors equally about their future with RTE?


  • Registered Users Posts: 633 ✭✭✭TheBMG

    What grounds would he gave to exclude him? Legally? You don’t think it’s slightly worrying that the DG can publically proclaim his dislike of an individual and summarily ban him from doing business with the largest broadcaster in the country?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,410 ✭✭✭jmcc

    Yep, legally? Is there any law that says that RTE must do business with a particular company? Bakhurst said that he would talk to the contractors directly and he was talking to Tubridy directly about a new radio contract which involved a repayment of the 150K.


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    Bakhurst said he would not deal with Kelly, that is not to say that others in RTÉ will not work with him. Bakhurst is basically removing himself should a conflict of interest arise again with agents. Bakhurst does not want to be in a position where he promises something he cannot promise. He's looking from the view point of his predecessor and her decision to speak directly to Kelly and to make decisions unilaterally.

    If Bakhurst is smart he will avoid agents, allow his managers to negotiate a deal and then to present the deal to the DG who will then bring that deal to the board. It means that the DG is at arm length to the deal. It should then allow the DG to say, no I don't think this is a good deal, but should the DG bring it to the board then the board has the option of also saying no you need to go back to the negotiating table.

    BTW that is not to say that the management shouldn't fight for the proposal to be brought to the board or that the DG should not fight to save the deal if he thinks that it will not be approved by the board.

    I don't think Bakhurst is massively happy with Kelly but I don't think he is saying that he dislikes anyone or that he is banning anyone.


    Just one more thing .... when did they return that car


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    The whole Paddypower connection was a contrived set up acted out by a ham - Guess who turns up on NK's CMS website - Exploring how to get a few more quid from the Irish public

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    The funny thing is virgin have a years sponsorship deal from paddypower, so if they let him go next week they'll have made a profit.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,232 ✭✭✭hawley

    Even the British listeners are saying that the show is aimed at the Irish market. First week has been a disaster for him.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,760 ✭✭✭Bobson Dugnutt

    Ah yes, that famously accurate barometer of public opinion - Facebook comments. Tubridy would be as well off to pack up his suitcase and get the next Ryanair home.

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    It’s not just RT & NK in bed with Paddy Power. Over the Christmas I caught a bit of the racing on RTE. They did a segment with interviewing members of the Power family out for the day at the races. Nothing wrong with going out in your private life. PP and his family are entitled to do what they like as private individuals but RTE should have known better. It left a really bad taste in my mouth as there were no doubt houses in the country who couldn’t do a normal Christmas this year due to this guys business. I’m pretty sure at this stage that gambling companies will pretty much back anything if it gets them exposure. Shame on Tubbs

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    They might as well interview the guy that introduced heroin to Ireland

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,146 ✭✭✭yagan

    The thing is the industry is a small business, and if there's other local potents genuinely interested in that slot then Ryan very much made done half their spade work with his first week.

    I won't be surprised if he's gone by the end of next week and the station will still bag a year of paddy power sponsorship.

    He has zero leverage with the UK public and he talks too much about Ireland to endear himself to his host nation.

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    Well, this bursts the argument once and for all that RTE have to pay big bucks to keep the "talent". Most of them aren't any better than you'd get on local radio.

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