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Rudest celeb you've met?



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    Alan Alda. Nasty POS.

    Also heard Maeve Binchy who was in Lahinch years back and asked directions to a particular house. When my pal said they had no idea where the house was, Binchy apparently said "if you're local you should know". My pal shot back "as a local I'd advise you to stay out of the sea in case you get harpooned". Binchy stood there open mouthed, like a fish out of water.

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    As a student I worked as a cater waiter in the States and I had Alda at my table at a function. Guests would have had their choices taken care of months in the advance planning. When I served Alda his plate he said" I don't want that. What else have you got? I said there's only two options, and he declined the other and demanded a fruit plate that some Jewish guy w as having. He wanted to be he center of attention.

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    Should have just given him m*a*s*hed potato

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    As I cleared that course he did get pasta sauce dribbled down his back......

  • I believe from 2 accounts Meeeriam O’Callaghan is not the most pleasant encounter. She said to one person I know “do you know whom I am?” and the other she had in tears as they went into a poorly lit basement to retrieve something for her and picked up the wrong item.

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    Used to live close to Tommy Tiernan, not necessarily rude but a bit standoffish and dour. You'd swear from his interviews & performances, hes great craic. I understand though d that comedians can be like that in real life though.

    Came across Joanne Mcnally before she became semi famous here, was up her own ass even then, can only imagine now with the influence of Vogue Williams, she's a lot worse.

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    Jason Byrne, up himself twat.

    Keith Duffy, bang on as was Stephen Gateley.

    Ronan Keating, troll.

    Hugh Grant, down to earth.

    Joe Dolan, easy to chat with.

    Steven Spielberg, sound & a laugh.

    Stephen Hendry & Ken Doherty, ignorant twats.

    John Aldridge & Tony Cascarino, great to have a few pints with.

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    Also, my dad would talk to anyone & said the Prince Charles was easy to engage.

    He said that Muhammad Ali was bang on too.

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    Met Chris O'Dowd in the smoking area at a comedy night in Vicar Street, wouldn't say he was rude as such, its that while we were chatting, he was continually distracted by his phone.

    Thinking about it now . . it was probably more a reflection on me being a boring sod.

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    I worked with her a couple of times, and she was very pleasant, very smart and utterly professional.

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    My folks have met him a few times (a TV project thing he is involved in) they always talk about how lovely he is.

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    The only really unpleasant famous person I've ever met was Nell McCafferty. I brought a group of students to an event about 15 years ago where she was speaking. She said "I hate teachers, why is she (me) even here?" I think she thought the kids would go "Wow, you're so cool and subversive Nell!" but they were morto. They were usually a great group but they were sullen and unresponsive when she tried to engage with them during her talk. She was trying to be funny and outrageous but she died on her arse. I was very proud of them.

    I know she's had her struggles and up until then I was a fan of hers. There was something pathetic about her but a rotten bitterness behind it all.

    In general, the A-listers are all charm. The lower you go down the ladder of celebrity the more likely it is you'll encounter a stinker.

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    This one is entirely subjective insofar as you can meet people at the wrong moment at any circumstance and their appearance or their behaviour may not reconcile with your perception of the personality you were expecting to encounter?

    For example I must have a dreadful habit of managing to bump into Van Morrison on the most inappropriate moments possible. The first time I met him I witnessed him stub a cigar on the carpeted floor of a house party on Killiney Hill. I think he was a bit under the weather. I think he must have been under severe pressure when I gestured a hello greeting in a Lift in Dublin airport, he coughed openly, looked over my shoulder and shouted at Michelle to " hurry the phuck up", when I double checked the scenario he extolled " whadda u luckin at ye fenien phuck " or something similar. We shared a plane journey for the next 6 hours on which he snored and farted repeatedly. He was possibly unwell or perhaps fatigued slightly? I have never engaged with him since, it is not his fault, however I can aso remember seeing him gob chewing gum out a balcony window and picking his nose at party we attended in the Rocca's. I must be some sort of hex for him, I am sure he is fine the rest of the time?

    Sports professionals are often a let down, as a rule they are mostly charmless. Albeit rarely rude I have found. Niall Quinn is a gentleman. Dessie Farrell stared me out of it in the toilets of the Rathfarnham Orchard when I asked him if the hockey rumours were true? He did say hello first and when I copped who it was it blurped out? To make matters worse I told him Vinnie Murphy was overweight and underpaid... it was late. I didn't look back either but he pointed the finger with a cheeky grin later, sound enough.

    Shane McGowan just kind of cackles though his gums every 2 minutes whilst staring wide eyed into oblivion. He is completely incoherent until he has had about 4 pint bottles and 6 glasses of straight vodka. He is still on it. His minder told me that if he ever stopped it would be bad for his health... If he wasn't who he was there wouldn't be a pub in the country that would have him, he looks like a Zombie. Given that no one can follow a word he is saying the debate on his manners remains ongoing.

    Carl Cox is some dude, constantly on it and shares and cares, Great craic and wouldn't see your hand empty for a drink. One of the Best.

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    I know, he's sound and funny. I really shouldn't have introduced his name to this thread.

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    Usual fare from rich elitist liberal hypocrites

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    Hendry was known to be a pr1ck years ago , aloof cold fish but he’s more affable in recent years

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    Chelsea fans are like that. Mind you Suggs seems to be sounds.

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    Someone I know met Pat Short once, said he was a dry unfunny miserable twat, I always think of that when I see him on the likes of the late late show with his fake laugh, acting like he is mad craic.

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    This is second hand but an older man said he was in a bar in Limerick (I think) some years ago and Richard Harris was drinking there with a fella he knew. He went over to talk to them and he said that Richard stood up and said something like 'Who gve you permission to talk to us?' His reply was along the lines of 'I didn't think you need an appointment to talk to anyone in a pub! and to get over himself he wasn't in London now'

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    Judy Woodruff of PBS in the States and formerly of CNN.Total fcuking Cnut.

    Resting bitch face to boot. Perpetual look as though her dog had just died.

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    Van Morrison and Michelle Rocca, not rude in particular to others but having a domestic in a very public setting with no regard to those about them. It did not reflect well on either of them.

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    I always have found Colin Farrell to be really bland and uninteresting. But then I remember.... that it is all an act with him, he is not really like that at all?

    Mick Lally was a lovely man, he transcended the stage. Farrell doesn't even smoke anymore, he is a quitter. But don't forget, with Farrell, its' all an act.... Joel said he had so much potential, I always thought that phonebooth stuff was a bit odd? But then again you see, it is always an act with our Colin, all the worlds' a stage and all that wink and elbow cheeky delight is just an act!!! I would say he is a very different purse own when he drags himself out of character.

    Let's be having you now. I can't help feeling we are only scratching the surface, put your effing back into it Colly ffs. Nicky Byrne smiles like he means it, try it sometime. Sean Connery was not a real person, he was a celebrity.

    Nick Faldo ignored me in a lift once.... like literally dead pan face forward blank. He even looks like a phucking dickhead, see what I mean Colly?

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    Worked at not for profit where she often visited for meetings. Elitist and entitled behavior. Shocked as I had assumed that as a progressive and liberal she'd have some humility. A colleague of hers from PBS Bill Moyers was the opposite; friendly, thoughtful and gracious. I watched him interact with the office staff and office mail guy and even a Mexican delivery boy and his humility and genuine desire to interact with everyone was something to behold.

    I've me and dealt with Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Hilary Clinton, Carly Simon, Cindy Crawford, Justice Brennan of the USC, even Dick Fuld of Lehman Bros who has an undeserved bad rap. All genuine folk. I guess insecurity beings out the inner jerk.

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    Liberal? The man ran for president as a Republican, and could have won 50 states had he listened to Bruno.

    "People say ‘go with the flow’ but do you know what goes with the flow? Dead fish."

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