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Licencing info

  • 23-12-2022 2:21am
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    Hi, looking to get a licence for a .223, I have a 12G already for vermin control - crows etc. the rifle is for foxes mostly which I personally class as vermin. Will I be able to get a second vermin control licence and will the .223 be ok or will the guards class it as more of a hunting rifle rather than vermin control.


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    Short answer, no it won't be a problem.

    Not so short answer.

    It won't be a vermin control license as no such thing exists, it'll be a second firearms license, however I get the point you're trying to make. That it'll also be for vermin control, and with the shotgun your concern is the Gardai may not give it for that reason?

    You have a shotgun, but a rifle is a different firearm and has different uses, purposes and abilities that a shotgun does not. Same thing applies if you had a shotgun and a 223, and wanted a 22lr. The 22lr has unique qualities that are useful when a 223 and shotgun are not.

    The 223 is quite literally one of the most versatile, popular and common rifles for hunting and vermin control ( those two are not mutually exclusive).

    Lastly there is no law or legal limitations on the number of firearms you can own/license or the frequency with which you can apply.

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    gentleman, thanks

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    No problem. It’s all about how you phrase it! Any issue tell the Garda that a shotgun cannot be used for mammals as per the wildlife act. Therefore you need the rifle for vermin control of mammals.

    It’s so interesting that some people call fox vermin and some not.

    In a dictionary definition vermin are wild animals that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or which carry disease, e.g. rodents.

    Way I think of it is I hunt an animal to eat it. Example of edible food to a reasonable person would be a rabbit, hare, peasant, feral goat, deer (needs a special license and only shot by .220 Swift calibre with 60-grain bullet and above so another good reason for a 3rd gun 😉 ).

    I vermin control to protect my farm and animals on it. Example of vermin I can legally shoot without a special license are rodents, grey squirrels, foxes, crows, mink, stoats.

    All mammals except hares (shot by shotgun or a rifle) should be shot by rifle only. All birds by shotgun only.

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    You're simply wrong and now your spouting ethics when you previously told me they don't count.....

    You remind me of conversations with antis who selectively read & quote legislation in defence of their silly arguments.

    Foxes & rabbits are mammals and can be shot with a shotgun, both legally, ethically & humanely with appropriate ammo.

    You can shoot some birds eg crows & magpies, anything considered vermin, with a rifle, legally, ethically and humanely with appropriate ammo.

    Now, prove me wrong.

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    There’s a number of points that are completely wrong there.

    Mammals can be taken with both rifles and shotguns, legally under the wildlife act.

    Birds can taken with both rifles and shotguns, legally under the wildlife act.

    When with can be used depends on the context of the situation, as well as the specific animal and firearm type/calibre.

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    I think they're bastardizing the rules that apply to game, i.e. game birds are shotgun only and game animals (deer) rifle only. Vermin having no such restrictions associated with them.

    First they came for the socialists...