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Farm accident careful folks!!



  • ganmo wrote: »
    The year is only 2 days old and there's already been a farm death.

    Yeah seen that. Waterford. Machinery...cattle?

  • Reggie. wrote: »
    Yeah seen that. Waterford. Machinery...cattle?

    Wexford according to Agriland, no info on cause though

  • ganmo wrote: »
    Wexford according to Agriland, no info on cause though

    Terrible accident, farm well kept best or stuff everything maintained and any thing needed doing done.

  • January 16th

    No.2? for the year already.

  • Was watching a program about dementia at the weekend. It was English based, but the main points would be the same as here. They were talking to members of farming families where the husband/father had dementia and was insisting on keeping going with the farm.
    A son said that if you saw his dad driving a machine in the fields you wouldn't know anything was wrong, but he had sticky notes put up all around the cab to remind him what gears to use etc. Also said that the father had nearly run him over several times just not realizing he was there.
    All this lead me to think of some of the farm accidents that have occurred in Irish farms. I wonder how many of them can be put down to a man (or, I suppose, woman) having a certain level of dementia - being able to function but not just totally in control. How many times have we heard of someone in their 70s and 80s being hurt or killed by cattle or machinery. How many of these accidents can be put down to something other than we, as farmers, not being careful?
    In my own experience my father had dementia and I had to put locks/impossible to open catches on gates and shed doors, and I had to be very inventive to keep him from going into the fields on his own. When using a tractor round the yard stacking bales I had to keep watching that he wasn't lurking somewhere only to appear in front of me unexpectedly. I was calving a cow one evening and out he arrived because one of my kids said what I was at. Now the cow was not pleased to see him and I had to move fast to keep him out of the pen and get out safely myself. He got cross with me for not letting him help. It used to worry me a lot that he would spot a cow or think something was wrong and be gone before we would know.
    The farming community sometime appear very careless just because the story behind the accident that is reported in the news doesn't have all the story. I know we can be a bit careless but ???

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  • The contractors around west cork are running a charity gokarting event in Watergrasshill today at 4.00.
    Organised by a lad who was involved in a accident last year who nearly lost his hand in a combine but thanks to the West Cork Rapid Response his hand was saved. Its up on FB going as Battle Of The Contractors. Funds raised are going to Dr Jason Van der Velde and the West Cork Rapid Response. Many stories of farm accidents being attended by this vital service. Dr Jason will be giving demos on what to do in an accident during the event.

  • I'd say alot of accidents with elderly farmers could be dementia related unfortunately , its a brutal disease .
    I know its probably not right to say and appreciate that it could put other people at risk but if a disease like that ever gets hold of me I'd much prefer to be kicked off this world early by a cow than labour on with my brain rotting more every week .
    I reckon dementia sufferers have times of clarity when they realise their poor state and that might get them out more on the farm to get things done before the inevitable long winter indoors that will never end

  • Two more today. One overturned a quad bike and another hit by a tractor.

  • Let me see, its been a few weeks since I looked at the accidents and there have been a few more fatalities Im afraid.

    One man in his seventies in Upper Church Co. Tipperary yesterday, struck by tractor.

    A man (76) from Co. Wexford on 27th April, cattle.
    A man (60) from Kilkenny April 21st, attacked by cows.

    A boy (4) from Fermanagh, april 7th, accident with JCB

    A man (80) from Offaly April 5th, quad bike overturned.
    A man (75) from Tyrone March 28th, bull
    A man (20) from Wexford, March 15th, quad overturned
    A man (70's) from Wexford, March 15th, struck by tractor
    A man (50's) from Roscommon, March 10th, head injuries

    Also notable, a dairy farmer in his 50s airlifted to hospital April 1st after being caught between a wall and a skid steer loader.

    A lot of older men in the list.

  • That list only makes me more convinced about dementia playing a part - I know sufferers can function on certain levels but haven't the ability to get out of trouble when faced with animals or machinery.
    Someone being careless certainly accounts for the little child, but that is 1:9.
    And the 20 year old with the quad was quite likely carelessness too.

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    An investigation is under way after a man in his 50s died in an incident on a farm in Co Waterford.

    It is understood that he was crushed by his tractor on the farm, near Kilrossanty.

  • 3 farm deaths this week in farm safety week. Be careful.

  • I had a close call this evening. We had a few cows escaped the debudding with the last few years and decided we'd get them sorted yesterday when the vet was out, all sorted in 10 minutes and rubber bands left in for any bleeds.

    They were to come off this evening and I put them in the crush to do myself as there wasn't anybody home till much later. I put the first few through the head gate no bother but the third one refused point blank to put the head out the crush gate. I didn't want to leave it on till morning so I got into the crush in front of her and two bars across to stop her pushing forward. She's normally quiet but refused to rest her head.

    Next thing, she put the head down and pushed, bent both bars and up past me in the crush. I was caught between her and the crush and got turned by her as she pushed up and caught against the bars. Then she reversed back and before I could climb out fully, past me again. I ended up tying a gate crossways in the crush and packing the rest in behind her.

    I should have done that first time:rolleyes:

    Fecking black and blue now. It's the unexpected things that catch you out:o

  • Lifting a cow last week with the lifter the chain broke. Very close one.

  • I was in a hardware shop the last day and had the youngest lad with me (7) .He spotted the new "bump caps" . They are a lighter version of the hard hat and just like a baseball cap with plastic inserts to protect the top of your head , they are high viz colour aswell .
    He thought they were cool so I got him one . He has been wearing it around the place since and its brilliant , you can pick him out anywhere if he goes wandering .
    I know ideally you shouldn't have kids around the yard but I like to have them around instead of inside all the time and this hat makes them very visible

  • Heard of a man in limerick lost his life feeding cattle during the week in his 70s rip

  • an uncle of mine rolled over in his tractor when rolling a pit, broken ribs and maybe some damage to his spine.

  • ganmo wrote: »
    an uncle of mine rolled over in his tractor when rolling a pit, broken ribs and maybe some damage to his spine.
    Hopefully any spinal damage is soft tissue damage and not structural. Broken ribs are hateful as they take ages to heal. I have experience of both.

  • There have been four serious farm accidents within a few miles of us in the last couple of weeks.

    A man fell through the roof of a shed that he was repairing.
    A man fell off a extension ladder on the roof of a shed.

    A man was trapped inside the cab of a tractor when a round bale of silage that he was trying to stack fell onto the cab. Thankfully another farmer was on site helping him.
    A man was struck in the legs by parts of a mower that flew off the mower after he got down off the tractor to check how clean the mower was cutting. Apparently the PTO was turned off before he got off the tractor,
    Edit to add - thankfully there were no fatalities.

  • Lots of close calls where the adrenaline shoots through the body just as you realise you're still in one piece.

    Some years back a friend was moving cattle and closing off gaps. Put a run of bailing twine across one gap and wrapped one end around a rusty old nail. Forgot to take it down and later drove his tractor into the gap not seeing the twine. The nail shot out, straight into his eye. Lost his eye. Always thought it a terribly scary accident to have on your own.

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  • I do regularly hear about farming accidents in the media.

  • Jeez Kev that was a serious dose. Hopefully you get clear and suffer no after effects.

  • Am spot on now but id say it was 6 weeks before i was right after it. Also, I bought better gloves lol