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Dublin - BusConnects



  • No they stop on the dual carriageway and they'll be replaced by the C spine soon. Question is will there be good pedestrian links between here and the dual carriageway

  • I hope this is to bring in anpr and give the nta powers to fine drivers.

    I've seen modeling work done before which shows that if compliance with existing bus, clearway and cycleway rule increased to 90%. PT journey times are slashed by 10 to 15 mins on most corridors

    Hopefully this means that we can bring in bus gates at Camden St, rathmines and stoneybatter ASAP

  • Sadly, there's no camera enforcement included in this bill.

  • Presumably, it's got to do with stuff like with this:

    Power of An Bord Pleanála to approve scheme or proposed road development that contravenes materially any plan

    45. The Act of 1993 is amended by the insertion of the following section after section 51A:

    “51AA. An Bord Pleanála shall approve a scheme, or a proposed road development, that contravenes materially any development plan or any local area plan (within the meaning of the Act of 2000) only if it considers that one of the following is the case:

    (a) the scheme or proposed road development is of strategic, regional or national importance;

    (b) there are conflicting objectives in the development plan or the objectives are not clearly stated, insofar as the scheme or proposed road development is concerned;

    (c) the scheme or proposed road development should be approved having regard to the transport strategy made under section 12 of the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008, the regional spatial and economic strategy for the area, guidelines under section 28 of the Act of 2000, policy directives under section 29 of the Act of 2000, the statutory obligations of any local authority in the area, and any relevant policy of the Government, the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage or any Minister of the Government;

    (d) the scheme or proposed road development should be approved having regard to the pattern of development, and planning permissions granted, in the area since the making of the development plan.”. 

    That's not the only one in there like that, there's a good few new ways for a road authority to push through infrastructure. By my layman's reading of it, it seems like it'd also take in the issue around the Strand Road cycle trial.

  • The C Spine routes will stick to the N4 - you’d only make the journeys on those routes much longer by diverting into the centre, and unnecessarily so.

    The key point is that the interchange will be located within the centre adjacent to the footbridge over the N4.

    Which is a vast improvement on the hike required at present to the current terminus from the stops on the N4.

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  • Forgive me for I am confused! Which bus routes will use the interchange?

    I'm not asking you to do the research for me, but you might already know.....

    I was up there recently and noticed that the current terminus near Vue cinema is chock a block, no RTI etc. and no bus seems to carry on to the Power City retail place, which is a shame for those on foot/bus who might want to browse the various shops at that end, same applies to the Argos/Halford retail place, nearest stop is the current terminus or out on the Coldcut Road as far as I can make out. But no doubt the interchange will take care of all that.

  • All of this information is very easy to find on the BusConnects website under the link to “new network”.

    This page has links to maps, route information & frequencies, the lot - just scroll down the page.

    All the routes that will terminate at Liffey Valley will use the new interchange as per the maps that are on the BusConnects website.

    The Lucan Road routes (C1 to C4 and 52) will continue to use the main N4 Road stops as will the new W4 orbital route from Tallaght to Blanchardstown.

    The local maps which are contained on that page are here:



  • Link to the N4 will be improved and a pedestrian route provided. Morning peak buses will pull up to a new bus stop close to the existing footbridge for dropoffs to make interchange easier.

    However, the ultimate plan is to relocate N4 stops further away from M50 interchange and provide a new footbridge. Their current location creates a lot of weaving issues on the N4.

    New bus stops will be provided on each side of the road at the LV western entrance, near VUE.

    Design is on page 28 or so of the information brochure.

    Design isn't perfect in some ways, but unfortunately there's a trade off with managing shopping centre traffic movements. CPOing a shopping centre car park isn't a realistic option. Looks like a reasonably fine balance has been struck.

  • Well, the changeover in Dublin West appears to have gone without a hitch. Will need a bit of time to get familiar with the new identifiers though!

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